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Empty Bristol Mall

Bristol, Virginia Tri-Cities Revealed 2019

by Lewis Loflin

In 2011 Bristol-Tri-Cities was ranked number 5 in the 10 poorest cities in America by

Taxpayer waste $8 million Bristol Virginia Energy Research Center another empty building producing nothing. See Green Energy Boondoggle in Bristol Virginia and Biofuel Scams Wastes Millions in Virginia.

Updates January 2019. What a mess.

Bristol Virginia Voted Most Financially Distressed in 2018

Things just never change in Bristol. Corruption, back room deals in the name of economic development, and incompetence plague the City.

Over the years I have spoken out directly to the City Council warning of this problem. A dozen officials from the former City utility were sent to prison. Several former council members and officials slinked away in the night. Another was booted off the council for daring to ask questions.

SCS Engineers took a look at the Bristol Virginia landfill and concluded, "has never seen a government run landfill under more dire financial circumstances than Bristol's."

Bristol Virginia was declared "the most financially distressed locality in Virginia" in 2018. Auditors blasted Bristol debt. To quote, "I have not seen another circumstance of a city, county, or municipality that has the degree of debt that you have ... in my experience."

The Falls retail development cost over $50 million the last time I checked and continues to be bailed out. Much of it sits empty. Throw in other nonsense over the years like $180,000 incentive package for seafood restaurant or $200,000 incentive package for Mellow Mushroom, etc. You get the idea. But it gets worse.

Now we come the landfill that was the center of this audit. City Manager Randy Eads plays down The Falls fiasco as minor compared to the landfill fiasco. To quote,

"When people think about the City of Bristol, they think the Falls is probably the biggest mistake the city has ever gotten itself into. The landfill decision will cost the city more money than The Falls will ever cost, and right now, it has already cost more than The Falls will ever cost. At this point, the landfill has cost the city $85 million."

How the hell did this happen? Lack of public access and oversight of city government. The abusive use of executive session that keeps the public and press out of meetings concerning how money is handled and spent.

I warned about The Falls but missed the landfill. The City has $50 million in general obligation bond debt over The Falls plus another $30 million in revenue bonds purchased by speculators. Let's throw in $35 million in general obligation bonds for the landfill costing $2.2 million just in debt service.

Bristol Virginia is a poor community of about 17,500 with last count 13 public housing areas. That is $6,000 debt per resident just on The Falls and the landfill. They blame this on low landfill fees on residents and low tipping fees for commercial dumpers.

But it gets worse. The current landfill has a life of 27 years but the City has accrued no funds for state-mandated post-closure costs. Those are estimated at $19 million. That includes $3.1 million due in 2019-20 for a landfill closed in 2002.

They are recommending trash collection fee raises of $7-$21 or more. Just what one of the poorest cities in the state needs.

It isn't just Bristol. Unless Virginia changes laws to allow public and press access to these closed door meetings it will be more of the same.

Now let's get back to climate change and Russia.

Ref. BHC 1-9-2019. Posted 1/28/2019.

The 2011 Blue Ribbon Audit of the Virginia Tobacco Commission revealed 89 percent of their grants have never been accounted for. None of the recommended reforms have been implemented and nothing has changed in 2018. Their conclusion:

Grants Have Provided Benefits But Revitalization Remains Elusive;
TICR Has Made Grants With Limited Potential for Revitalization;
Well-Defined Revitalization Strategy Needed;
More Effective Governance Model Should Be Considered;
Most Awards Not Paired With Relevant Metrics.

From the past to present:

Norton Virignia.

Corruption Surround Bristol Casino Efforts

With Bristol Virginia finances facing possible collapse one idea being floated is a casino resort in the old Bristol Mall. But corruption starts at the top with Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam.

His political action committee "The Way Ahead" took a bribe of $25,000 from "the backers of the Bristol Resort and casino project." The bribes were paid out Dec. 21, 2018. Excuse me campaign contributions.

By January 5, 2019 the press reports Northam wants to spent $175,000 for a "gambling study". I know where he can get $25,000 for this lobbying, I mean study.

We were promised no public dollars would go into this project. It was lie and I knew it was. They are also lobbying to bring Amtrak to Bristol costing federal taxpayer millions in losses. This is part of the casino effort according to some. The useless Bristol Trainstation still sits empty over decade and $6 million later.

That doesn't include perhaps a half million wasted public dollars on other Amtrak "studies" enriching consultants and producing nothing. It is another fiasco like The Falls retail development and the Bristol landfill.

Gov. Northam wants "feedback" he plans to ignore. It's up in the air officially if Northam opposes expanding gambling in Virginia. The Bristol gambling group opposes the study. They want this to go before voters and if approved start on the project.

Like all of these scams they threaten "other states" moving ahead. Typical corporate blackmail pitting states against each other. It isn't just corruption with Gov. Northam.

According to press report (BHC 1-5-2019) "Clyde Stacy and Jim McGlothlin, chairman of United, are partners in the proposed Casino planned for the Bristol Mall."

The bill to legalize gambling is "being carried" by Sen. Bill Carrico of Galax and Del. Israel O'Quinn of Bristol - both Republicans. Republicans have looted and pilfered millions from the Virginia Tobacco commission. I got into this with O'Quenn over this at a public hearing.

Let's see if a cash gifts from the Virginia Tobacco Commission and State economic development agencies don't materialize.

Those associated with this deal have paid out $550,000 to a number of Democrat and Republican PACs, etc. The press claims these entities paid out over $840,000 in political bribes to both parties.

Democrats that now control the Virginia state corruption mill seemed to have gotten the most money. Several checks were written last year. That includes $50,000 each to the Virginia House Democratic Caucus and Senate Democrat Caucus. Another $50,000 bribe went to something called "The Virginia Way". $30,000 went to the Colonial Leadership Trust PAC.

As of January 2019 the issue is still in the hands of politicians. Bristol residents are supposed to vote on this issue if passed in November. They are promising thousands of jobs averaging $50,000 a year and zillions in tax revenue.

That was the same promise with The Falls. I need say no more.

The Bristol Herald Courier quotes a "study" claiming the Bristol Casino can generate $42.1 million for Virginia and $26.8 million for Bristol by 2027. Didn't I hear that one before...

Update 1-22-2019. The Casino Bill moved out of committee of the Virginia Assembly. Five communities are involved including Bristol, Danville, and Portsmouth. None of them allow a casino without a public referendum.

Gov. Nartham wants delays for more studies. Or more money for his PAC? The bill allows the communities a referendum in November and no license would go out until July 2020.

Posted 1-28-2019.

Ralph Stanley Museum.

Bristol Schools to Teach Cannabis Farming?

Above: the failed Ralph Stanley Museum typical economic development in Southwest Virginia.

I kid you not, marijuana farming in Bristol. The Bristol City School Board voted 5 to 0 for classes teaching students about cannabis. Well, sort of. Let me back up.

The Virginia Board of Pharmacy in 2018 approved Dharma Pharmaceuticals opening five cannabis oil plants in Virginia. That is also supposed to be at the Bristol Mall with the proposed casino.

Cannabis and gambling the future of Bristol! We thought Indian reservations were dumping grounds for this kind of riff-raff


This includes indoor growing of weed and the production cannibiciol and THC-A oil. The Virginia Dept. of Education must approve the five classes under vocational training. The classes are vague such as "health and medical science, food and agriculture, and greenhouse plant production and management."

Also classes in cybersecurity which have nothing to do with growing cannabis. But these classes are already available at local high schools and community colleges.

Much of this seems to be nonsense. To quote one exited board member, "We already have horticulture and floriculture, but this would go even deeper into using hydroponics for growing vegetables and organic foods..."

But that is already available! A 2-pound bag of carrots cost $1.25 at Aldi's so what is growing them a great expense in a greenhouse supposed to accomplish? They admit the school already has classes on cybersecurity, so what is this really about? They claim there are tons of jobs in cyber security. Not in this area or Bristol.

Let's see a list of those jobs. I forgot, cannabis farming uses cybersecurity experts!

They claim "cybersecurity, how it directly affects food and agriculture, is a specialization a lot of other areas might not have." What??? When did all the illegal alien Mexicans that do most of the agricultural scut work around here become "experts" in cybersecurity?

We already have greenhouses, pick your own strawberries, etc. What is this really about?

I finally found the real goal - money. "Funding is expected to come through the federal Perkins V Act to improve career and technical education." It's money for the school.

Almost everything they do in this community is getting and spending government money. Period.

As a former vocational instructor I can tell them what they really need here: basic science, math, and reading. The sorry levels of education in this community needs more attention than a stupid cannabis growing business. Or wasting more government grants.

What a joke in a City facing fiscal bankruptcy. Ref. BHC 1-8-2019.

Posted 1-28-2019.

Pork barrel waste in Bristol

Government Agriculture Grants Pork Barrel Waste

$30,000 wasted on private booze distillery. Something called Lost State Distilling was awarded $30,000 in corporate welfare. The money came from Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture.

This will be located at 200 State Street in Bristol, Tennessee. The owners spent $375,000 for the building. The business is supposed to open later in 2019. If it ever does, who knows.

There is no evidence this will be a viable business. They are supposed to make small batch booze. Public officials that loath welfare claim these types of grants "made an economic impact of $25 million..."

In the past these claims are subjective and they refuse to present empirical proof. The grant was based on using local grain, then using the distiller leftovers as local cattle feed.

The keyword is "local". That's a big buzzword for professional grant farming. In the past buzzwords have included "sustainable" to appeal to emotion over common business sense.

Is there a mechanism to assure this is actually used properly? Not in the past.

Once these grants are awarded the public has no access to internal company operations. Tennessee like Virginia keeps this a secret - as was the whole process. It's an example of crony capitalism at best.

A local strawberry hobby farm got a $213,000 U.S.D.A. grant to produce-sell jars of jelly. Nothing has been heard of this since. Now I know why.

GlenMary Gardens got the grant in 2013. This was part of 110 grants to "added value producers." There is no clear definition what that even means.

How does that qualify for $213,000 in public largess?

When the grant was awarded they were "still formulating the exact implementation of the grant". What? They didn't know at the time?

This was supposed to be in conjunction with the defunct Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College in Bristol, Virginia.

Yet the "College" closed January 4, 2015 due to financial issues. They partially operated out of the Bristol Mall that also closed down. It was established by a Richard Erskine in 2005 in the former Piedmont Avenue Post Office Building.

Erskine claimed the U.S. Department of Education owes him $300,000. Yet the school lost its Federal accreditation in April 2013.

Yet to quote the Bristol Herald Courier in 2013:

"The jams are produced at the Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College in Bristol with the help of several local chefs."

Was was the basis of the grant? To quote Michael R., "The grant was designed to create jobs."

This was supposed to be in partnership with a college that lost it's accreditation at nearly the same time???

I don't believe or suggest anything shady or illegal is going here. The grants are awarded for often dumb reasons with predictable results.

Where was government or public oversight? The same for all of these grants.

The point is these type grants are government waste. This has been the story across Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee for decades.

Appalachian Sustainable Development being the worst example of government waste. They got millions in state and federal grants and I'm still waiting for a list of those jobs I requested. Their website is

Example: They received a USDA Farmers Market Promotion Grant in 2010 for $68,906. Among the important efforts they organized was a "Local Food Celebration Supper" in Kingsport, Tennessee and Abingdon, Virginia. I'm sure somebody had something good to eat.

The local press is reporting another $500,000 in 2018 to A.S.D. and other similar nonsense organizations. This amounts to jobs for agency employees not measurable benefit to the general public. Besides $7,750 more largess for A.S.D. this also includes:

$175,000 to the "Mobile Agriculture Education Demonstration Project". More pork barrel waste. Jobs for leftwing college professors.

$14,,595 to the "Demonstration Greenhouse and Aquaculture Project." Note they have wasted millions on this in the past such as fish farming in Appalachia. This is a jobs program for college professors.

$15,000 for "Agriculture Based Professional Development Training". This is a jobs program for bureaucrats.

$225,000 for "Agricultural Workforce Development and Training". This is some scam about from farm to "food insecure students in public schools." Why not go down to Aldi's and buy a 2 pound bag of carrots for $1.25? That's easily 180,000 pounds of carrots.

Go the the Dollar Tree buy a 2-pound bag of brown rice for $1. That's 450,000 pounds of brown rice. Or 225,000 to 450,000 pounds of dried beans. This is another jobs program for bureaucrats. It will produce nothing.

$62,176 for "Local Food Access, Southwest Virginia Food Hub". Try going to Aldi's and buy veggies. Go to Dollar Tree. Another jobs program for bureaucrats.

Ref. Bristol Herald Courier Jan. 15, 2018. Nothing has come of any of this. Send me a list of those jobs outside the grant recipients.

GlenMary Gardens still exists as of January 2019. They are advertised as "a small pick your own strawberry farm and roadside stand." Where are all those jobs we were promised?

I called the owner. He says they are closed 5 months out of the year and all employees were let go. To the owner's credit at least he is still in business part of the year.

But the result was zero jobs for $213,000 and less jobs if we count the closing of Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College.

Those grants are a sham and need to be ended. If people need food then buy it in bulk and distribute it. But that runs counter to Republican crony capitalism.

Ref. GlenMary Gardens gets $213,000 Federal Grant. Apr. 30, 2013 Bristol Herald Courier.

Ref. Southwest Culinary Institute, Cafeteria Close Amid Financial Issues. January 4, 2015, Bristol Herald Courier.

Ref. Lost State Distilling Receives $30K Agricultural Grant. Bristol Herald Courier January 25, 2019.

Posted 1-28-2019.

Scientific method.

Climate Change and the Yellow Vest Revolt for Bristol?

Why as a Bristol resident should we be concerned with climate change hysteria? For the last 50 years it has been ecological collapse any day. The proposed solutions would do zero about climate anything. It would further destroy what little of rural America globalism hasn't already destroyed.

Bristol and much of America outside most large urban areas would be further devastated by onerous regulations and restrictions being used to achieve desired political ends.

Christophe Guilluy writes of the Yellow Vest riots in France and the same thing applies to "Peripheral" Virginia:

"'Peripheral France' is about the geographic distribution of the working classes across France. Fifteen years ago, I noticed that the majority of working-class people actually live very far away from the major globalised cities - far from Paris, Lyon and Toulouse, and also very far from London and New York.

Technically, our globalised economic model performs well. It produces a lot of wealth. But it doesn’t need the majority of the population to function. It has no real need for the manual workers, labourers and even small-business owners outside of the big cities. Paris creates enough wealth for the whole of France, and London does the same in Britain. But you cannot build a society around this. The gilets jaunes is a revolt of the working classes who live in these places...

They tend to be people in work, but who don't earn very much...Some of them are very poor if they are unemployed. Others were once middle-class. What they all have in common is that they live in areas where there is hardly any work left. They know that even if they have a job today, they could lose it tomorrow and they won't find anything else."

The Bexit vote in Britain and Trump are both symptoms of working class revolts against mass immigration and globalism. Yes it does hit Bristol as scores of companies have dumped its workers for Mexico and China. Then we import illegal aliens to take much of what is left.

Think of the 500 jobs lost in 2018 at Bristol Compressors. The jobs available are low-end retail and service jobs that can't replace the jobs lost. The Chamber of Commerce is pushing to encourage "immigrants" to move into the area to take these low-end jobs.

The elite on both sides of the Atlantic are fixated on open borders, non-citizens, and using "climate change" as a means to world governance. Don't believe me? To quote the Bristol Herald Courier A8 December 24, 2018:

"Without the United States, does the decades long effort to UNITE THE GLOBE in fighting climate change..."

Working class and rural regions of Virginia are already marginalized and struggling. Nearly all the wealth in Virginia is Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Hampton Roads. (All still have sizable non-white under classes of low-skill blacks and "immigrants".

Not only is most of the wealth concentrated large urban centers, the policies they promote creates additional rural poverty. In Hamblen County (Morristown) Tennessee at the fringes of Tri-Cities is swamped with illegal alien Hispanics. They take most of the jobs at local poultry plants, etc driving wages through the floor and displacing poor native-born workers.

Need I go into crime and exploding welfare and education costs shifted onto local taxpayers?

Same problem in the Shenandoah Valley as "immigrants" have driven native born, rural, poor Americans out of the meat packing industry. Wages have fallen 50% adjusted for inflation since 1970 in Virginia meat packing plants.

I'm a racist for bringing up these facts so be it. Climate change social engineering is more of the same. It doesn't hurt the urban wealthy but further impoverishes the rural white "deplorables" they have no use for. It was climate change taxes that triggered the French working class riots.

Typical again is the Bristol Herald Courier. Owned by Warren Buffett as nearly every newspaper in Virginia they mimic the "New York Times" and "Washington Post" with headlines like, "High heat: 2018 was the 4th warmest on record." (January 25, 2019)

The article was propaganda not science. Typical for the press was word-twisting and omission of facts. The claim "2018 was the 4th warmest on record" was a lie. We are in what is called the Holocene period that began 11,700 years ago when the Ice Age ended. It has been far warmer several times since then than today.

In 2012 they "adjusted" all historical climate data prior to 1980 through computer modeling. Actual thermometer readings were wrong they claim, so they "fixed" them. Then recently "fixed" the 2012 "fix" again. This so violates the scientific method I don't know where to begin. I don't accept this.

They say, "While the earth was a tad bit cooler (in 2018)..." it was considerably cooler in 2018. To further quote,

"last years temperature 58.93 degrees. That's 1.39 degrees warmer than the average from from 1951 to 1980 and about 2.09 degrees warmer than pre-industrial times."

Besides the controversy over adjusting down pre-1980 temperature data the statement is correct, but still false. 1951 to 1980 was a cooling period far below the 1930s and early 1800s. That's when "scientists" were alarmed over a coming ice age in the 1970s due to pollution reflecting sunlight.

As for pre-industrial times that was the Little Ice Age that ran from the 1300s to around 1800. Without the data "adjustments" after 2012 and with the average measured from 1800 to 1980 that claim would be false.

They did note while trying to play it down the effects of El Nino and La Nina during this time. That can cause the exact warming they are hyping up.

There is not a thing going on today that couldn't be linked to mainly natural causes or hasn't already occurred during the Holocene.

There is a mass cultural divide tearing nations apart with Donald Trump and Brexit other examples. And the elite reactions on both side of the Atlantic are identical. To quote Guilluy:

"Not only does peripheral France (or Virginia) fare badly in the modern economy, it is also culturally misunderstood by the elite. The yellow-vest movement is a truly 21st-century movement in that it is cultural as well as political. Cultural validation is extremely important in our era.

One illustration of this cultural divide is that most modern, progressive social movements and protests are quickly endorsed by celebrities, actors, the media and the intellectuals. But none of them approve of the gilets jaunes. (Or Trump voters or Brexit voters.) Their emergence has caused a kind of psychological shock to the cultural establishment. It is exactly the same shock that the British elites experienced with the Brexit vote and that they are still experiencing now, three years later.

The Brexit vote had a lot to do with culture, too, I think. It was more than just the question of leaving the EU. Many voters wanted to remind the political class that they exist. That's what French people are using the gilets jaunes for - to say we exist. We are seeing the same phenomenon in populist revolts across the world."

These revolts are decried as racist and fascist by our ruling elite and their press propagandists.

For the elite ecology and climate change is a religion for rich urbanites. Nature is sacred and must be preserved at all cost. It makes them feel good while costing them nothing. Small town and rural America that already lacks good jobs can't afford crushing carbon taxes and $8 a gallon gas.

Nor can we afford to move. To further quote Christophe Guilluy when asked How have the working-classes come to be excluded?

"All the growth and dynamism is in the major cities, but people cannot just move there. The cities are inaccessible, particularly thanks to mounting housing costs. The big cities today are like medieval citadels. It is like we are going back to the city-states of the Middle Ages..."

This might not be so absurd. Virginia right now is debating tolls on I-81 that goes through Bristol. I-81 in reality is a rural interstate passing though no major urban centers except perhaps Roanoke. It is the main access road for many local residents.

While they claim to need $2.2 billion for upgrades, they wasted between $1-$2 billion on the useless Coalfields Expressway running through the most empty part of Southwest Virginia. The road is pure pork and does nothing to address poverty in the Virginia coalfields.

The fact is Virginia is now a Blue State controlled by radical Urban Democrats. They will turn Virginia into a California style hell. California has the highest poverty rates in the nation.

Decades of mismanagement, fraud, and waste by Republicans at the Tobacco Commission, etc. has left rural Southwest Virginia at the mercy of an urban party hostile to poor white people.

Ref. 'The gilets jaunes are unstoppable' Christophe Guilluy on the cultural divide driving the yellow vests. Spiked 11th January 2019.

Posted 1-28-2019.

Clear Creek Country Club Bristol Virignia.

Tolls on I-81 What It Means for Bristol

I-81 actually begins at I-40 near Knoxville but runs around 325 miles from Bristol to Winchester. Information can be found at I-81 is described as "the economic engine of Southwest Virginia." The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board adopted this $2.2 billion dollar plan I think in December 2018.

They claim I-81 carries 12 million trucks. Tolls are supported by Republicans and Democrat Gov. Northam alike. Lots of juicy government contracting with this. The problem is taxing the truck traffic versus taxing local commuters.

The press notes a number of negatives from higher shipping costs to pushing traffic onto smaller rural roads. I've driven many of those roads and it's not easy.

One suggestion is increased sales and gas taxes like those used in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. The cost of living in those areas is terrible as it is and will do the same to Southwest Virginia.

The Bristol Herald Courier suggests using casino money to pay for roads. Another "study" claims the Bristol Casino can generate $42.1 million for Virginia and $26.8 million for Bristol by 2027.

We've heard about these "studies" before and they seldom work out as promised.

The real controversy is to who we shift the cost onto. Ref. BHC 1-9-2019.

Posted 1-28-2019.

While no surprise to me, the Community was rocked when on August 1st Bristol Compressors announced they will close. Their last 470 workers will be fired in the next 60 days. This comes after Bristol Compressors received between $5-$6 million in incentives, corporate welfare, and tax breaks.

News reports says the equipment and patents are being sold to a company in Taiwan. See Bristol Compressors Closes Cost Taxpayers Millions

U.S.D.A. Coming to Bristol Good or Bad? Lobbying efforts by local government to locate two U.S.D.A. offices to Bristol have kicked into high gear. They hope to lure the agency to relocate 2 offices and 600 Federal jobs to Bristol to the empty Alpha building.

Ballad Health to Downgrade Bristol, Kingsport Hospitals

Sullivan County Tennessee is "standing" against the decision to downgrade the trauma center designations for Bristol Regional and Holston Valley Medical Centers to level 3. This will leave only Johnson City as the sole regional level 1 trauma center. In addition Kingsport will lose a pediatric trauma center.

The Sullivan County Commission has passed a resolution against the changes. Local officials claim this will cost lives. Ballad Health has a near monopoly in Tri-Cities. Ref. BHC 11-16-2018.

Hobby Lobby is open at The Falls, a $80 million taxpayer funded shopping center. Leaving the City of Bristol Virginia millions in debt they lost between $500,000 to $750,000 on The Falls in 2018 depends on who one asks. This comes as Bristol struggles to keep teachers and police on the payroll.

More than a dozen stores, etc. have backed out of locating at The Falls. The entire fiasco was cooked up behind closed doors with zero public input - most of those behind this scam soon left the local government.

BVU-Optinet has finally been sold after a year of bickering to Sunset Digital for $50 million. The fiber-optic system was mainly funded with public money on the promise of zillions of new high tech jobs - didn't happen.

The $50 million will pay off Optinet debt much of it to the electricity side of Bristol Virginia Utilities. I warned they were robbing the electric company to fund Optinet.

According to press reports (BHC July 28, 2018) $8 million to the Tobacco Commission. $21.9 million for the purchase of Optinet, $13.9 million to pay back the electric company, another $2.49 million to the water company.

They borrowed millions from the electric and water divisions who then went out and borrowed elsewhere to cover their infrastructure needs. This helped hide the true cost from the public. 10 officials and contractors at Bristol Virginia Utilities were sent to Federal prison on numerous charges.

They got away with this massive fraud for over a decade (I kept warning about this) because the public has no access to the inner workings of public agencies of all kinds.

Update July 2017: I warned about Nulife Glass and predicted it was a scam. In June they fired the few people they hired and left Bristol with between 20-30 million pounds of CRT glass - glass loaded with lead. Press reports claim Bristol is trying to sue the company but likely will get stuck with disposal. They sold a $1.3 million building for less than $200,000 and half of that was payed for by grants.

This is directly across the street from the empty Bristol Virginia Mall and on three sides are residential neighborhoods that objected to this nonsense.


The Bristol Herald Courier attempts to paint a false narrative of a gender pay gap in Abingdon, Virginia. This is in fact a skills and occupation pay gap. See There's No Gender Pay Gap in Abingdon, Virginia

Above is quick navigation of websites.

Update: It has been just announced a company will create 40 jobs in Lebanon, Virginia (Russell County) to manufacture belts, etc. for the mining industry. They will locate in the empty Teleflex building. Due to Donald Trump reigning in the destructive EPA-Obama war on affordable energy and blue collar jobs coal production has surged 25% from January-July 2017. These are the kinds of jobs we really need not green energy nonsense. July 27, 2017.

Bristol Southwest Virginia Article Archive

Quoting futurist Ed Barlow before the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce:

"Seniors create low-wage service jobs. They tend to withdraw from working, and they generally don't create new wealth. A retirement community strategy has long-term negative economic consequences unless there is a diverse economic base of other employees around it...A significant component of your economic future in Sullivan County is recruiting Hispanics, making sure they get highly educated and integrated into the community."

See Bristol Herald Courier Now a Victim

What is Fake News?

Allcott and Gentzkow define "fake news" to be "news articles that are intentionally and verifiably false, and could mislead readers." They attempt to exclude disreputable media practices and bias from the definition. 62 percent of US adults get news on social media, while 65% distrust the mainstream media and that concerns me. Print media influence in the 2016 election was down to 8%.

I define "fake news" as articles designed to create false, biased, narratives with partial facts filtered through a Progressive filter, censor pertinent facts by omission, block discussion through editorial censorship, that is ideologically slanted, and designed not to give facts, but stoke emotion and sway public opinion. This skirts the fringes of propaganda and yellow journalism.

Ref. Journal of Economic Perspectives Volume 31, Number 2 Spring 2017 Pages 211-236, Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election by Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow

Sources of 2016 Election News:
Radio: 6.2%
Print: 8%
Social Media: 13.8%

Gallup polls reveal a continuing decline of "trust and confidence" in the mass media "when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately, and fairly."

Trust in Mainstream media: Democrats 52%, Republicans ~18%, overall ~35%. 65% of the public doesn't trust the mainstream media. 62 percent of US adults get news on social media.

Religious Traditions