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Government Grants Wasted on Horse Poop Projects

by Lewis Loflin

Also see Scott County Virginia Economic Backwater

Thank you Terry Kilgore.

Grant #2057 to the Scott County Regional Horse Association and their Scott County Horse Park Camp Ground will get $115,000. This stupidity says it all. Jobs created is zero. This is another 501(c) and their website is at

The taxpayers have no business funding this nonsense and it's compliments of Delegate Terry G. Kilgore longtime member of the Tobacco Commission. While Terry and pals go horse riding, Scott County remains one of the poorest counties in Virginia and the nation. They're even using prison labor on the construction to make sure the common people don't see a penny of the funds! Total project cost is $204,560.

It's interesting the Virginia Department of Transportation, along with the entire state, are in another budget crisis. I'd remind them of the following. To quote A Tale of Two Trust Funds by John Tierney New York Times May 14, 2005:

Don't be discouraged by this week's report that traffic congestion is worse than ever across America. Relief is on the way from Congress, thanks to one of the designated 3,800 "high-priority projects" in the new highway bill. It's a new transit system guaranteed to free you from bumper-to-bumper traffic, as long as you have a horse.

This addition to the nation's transportation infrastructure is the brainchild of Representative Rick Boucher, a Democrat from the southwestern Virginia mountains that Daniel Boone traversed on the way to Kentucky. Mr. Boucher secured $750,000 of highway money for the "construction of horse trails and assorted facilities" in Jefferson National Forest.

When I expressed doubts to Mr. Boucher that these new horse trails would ease traffic on the roads, he replied, "That's fair to say." He didn't expect any commuters to use them. But he insisted this really wasn't an unusual use of money from the highway trust fund, and he had a point...