Democrats Disdain of Voters Hides Religious Crusade

by Lewis Loflin

Ref. Bristol Herald Courier Nov. 25, 2014.

For the purpose of this essay liberal, Progressive, and leftist mean mostly the same thing.

Clive Crook of Bloomberg news presents a revealing view of liberal thinking. While addressing the hostility towards Obama care he partially revealed the real dark side of liberalism.

What he calls "this syndrome of Democratic disdain" has two parts: first liberals have an exaggerated respect for intellectual authority and technical expertise. Second, they have an unduly narrow conception of the values that are implicated in their political choices.

This is far too simplistic - in every sense of the word the Left is on a religious crusade - that religion just happens to be secular, sort of.

Disagree with them on anything and you are a heretic. They are masters at conducting a public inquisition with "deniers" of their revealed truths.

I've tangled in the past with religious fundamentalists and their rigid, unbending dogma and liberals are no different.

Mr. Crook noted that technical expertise is no substitute for wisdom. For example he noted the Democrats disdain for those that dare question the "supposed" settled question of climate change. He admits of course it's not settled. He notes once again that disagreeing with any policy statement liberals resort to personal attacks and intimidation. One is denier or ignorant of science etc.

On such questions political dissent or skepticism is treated as somehow anti-science or unscientific. Mr. Crook still misses the point that this is not about science, but about public policy, power, and control - religion often is. It's about remaking society not cute little fuzzy polar bears whose numbers happen to be growing.

The vast majority of the Democratic Party elite are atheist or agnostic. They for example treat science as a belief system bordering on religious dogma. (Naturalism or Scientism) They believe in almost esoteric terms they know what is right based on their self-proclaimed scientific gnosis and any dissent is anti-science.

One example is the infamous Dr. James Hansen of NASA who calls for criminal prosecution of climate "deniers." Dr. Hansen is also a well-paid political activist of Heinz and Kerry. In fact Mrs. Heinz-Kerry refers to Dr. Hansen's computer models as "esoteric!"

Another political extremist is President Obama's science adviser Dr. John Holdren a paid political activist of the John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Foundation. He along with the Kerrys is another socialist seeing "Green" as way of achieving "environmental justice" by ending capitalism and redistributing wealth.

The author notes that for many Democrats looking at unintended consequences is a blind spot. Because they resort to Scientism in various forms they ignore the very things that make us human.

Their dogma continues to fail only because of resistance of their opponents. As the failures mount up they become more shrill and angry in their attacks. That again is the hallmark of a cult that when a "revealed" truth is proven false or fails it's the scheming of "deniers" or racists or fossil fuel companies or whatever. This sets the stage for extremism such as "people of color" attacking tech workers in San Francisco as racists.

See Immigrants And Hipsters Attack Tech Workers. Here we have liberal, eco-loving tech workers being targeted as white by the people the racist' Left have stirred up to attack capitalism by replacing class by race.

Their personal authority rest on nothing more than they believe they are smarter than you are. They believe they are scientific treating science almost as if it's religious dogma - dogma they alone interpret. Their authority derives from advanced college degrees and much of it esoteric babble or academic garbage.

Progressivism in the past was Christian-based but was often underpinned by social class bigotry. Progressives did a lot of good but went at times to extremes. Progressives in the early 20th century were also warmongers (war socialism) and racists (eugenics) such as Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Progressivism whatever it stood for in the past was a religion in itself and its zealots religious crusaders. Progressivism at least in America while smacking of dictatorship never became the full-blown fascism of say Mussolini's Italy.

Progressivism today is simply a secular Humanist-Marxist remapping of the old arrogant Christian Progressivism of the 19th and early 20th century. It's the same old idea we are better than you are and thus we're going to lead you to "collective salvation" to quote President Obama. Just because it's secular doesn't mean it's any less dangerous than it was in the past.

See Leftists, Progressives and Socialists by Dr. Walter Williams

Christian Progressivism in 2015 is no more Christian than humanistic Judaism is Judaism. Both again are simply re-mappings of atheistic Marxism and its fascist-socialist tendencies dressed up as religion. When Hillary Clinton calls herself "a modern Progressive" and rejects the label "liberal" one better be careful. Progressivism then and now is still a religious crusade and attitudes haven't changed.

The article further states that "liberals tend to give priority to the principles of equality or fairness and the avoidance of harm; most conservatives recognize those values but also give roughly equal weight to liberty loyalty order and sanctity."

We have to understand that the liberal-Progressive understanding of equality is the Marxist' understanding of material equality not equal treatment which many leftists attack as racist - treating people equally is unfair to low-achieving non-Asian minorities and doesn't achieve "social justice". The problem is the author fails to note is the heavy Marxist undertones and influences among liberals/progressives.

That we actually have two forces at work here. First the term liberal is deceptive-they are not liberals they are Progressives. Progressivism through our college systems has been utterly infiltrated by many Marxist ideas while not outright economic Marxism. Science has become poisoned into becoming more of esoteric mystery religion only they can understand.

Progressivism today would be better called Democratic racial socialism due to the fact that leftists have replaced class with race, and adopted what is largely European democratic socialism. Their obsession with for example imperialism is right out of Vladimir Lenin's playbook.

Combine this poisoned far-left racial socialism, science as religion, and the same arrogant religious outlook of past progressives of the past that have abandoned Christianity we have a real problem on our hands.

The danger becomes is treating scientists as some all-knowing priest-caste and assume their personal opinions are science. Progressives pay a lot of lip service to reason and science but their main interest is justifying their political agendas.

They fail to understand that reason and science are merely tools and not to be treated as type of divine revelation or source of "truth." Their refusal to recognize innate human evil means every social program and fix the world scam they come up with will fail from the beginning. Human beings are not automations to be merely programmed.

Their religious zeal combined with ignorance of human frailty is dangerous not only to individual liberty but to human life itself as some have placed even Nature above human beings as being divine within itself.

Most Progressives and liberals are not evil people in the least, but they are often blind followers and their leadership is on a holy war. It's time that we treat them like the dangerous pseudo-religious zealots they really are.