California Proves Merit Based Immigration for Hispanics

by Lewis Loflin

Hispanics, a useless term, far under-perform badly in academics. In California where most black students can hardly read has become a Hispanic state or will be.

The Orange County Register (10/14/2019) states that "California’s education establishment continues to fail students and families".

The failure is racial demographics and the refusal at all levels to address it.

They use code words such "low-income" (non-whites mostly Hispanic) and high-income (whites, certain Asians) to claim:

Only 39% of low-income 7th graders are at grade level, compared to 71% of their more affluent peers.

In 11th grade – the only grade tested in high school – barely one-fifth of low-income students are at grade level, compared to about half of their more affluent peers.

Less than 13% of the state's 511,000 tested English learners are at grade level in ELA or Math.

The state's African American students made absolutely no progress in closing the performance gap, with only 1 in 5 at grade level in math.

California school racial demographics is the real problem. They have been reduced to 22.4% white, ~12% Asian, Black 5.3%, and 55% Hispanic.

Two-thirds of the teachers are white and two-thirds of those are female. Source^.

Yet liberals are fixated on reducing the number of white teachers to achieve more "diversity" and not crushing failure caused by diversity.

California mirrors the miserable low rates of Latin America.

Trying to deal with diversity (non-white) mass failure means lowering standards across the whole system. This hurts even higher achieving students trapped in diversity crippled public schools.

It is really too late to save California with merit based immigration short of removing millions of illegal aliens from the country. Won't happen.

What is PISA?

SOURCE: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), 2018.

PISA test scores are allotted in roughly the same fashion as for the SAT.

Immigration should be restricted along the OECD average.

As of 2010, 50.5 million or 16.3% of Americans identified as Hispanic or Latino. Of those, 26.7 million, or 53%, also self-identified as white.


So out of 60 million "Hispanics" at least 20 million are as white as I am. A rich "White" Hispanic receives special treatment over poor non-Spanish whites in Appalachia. On average Hispanic nations even if mostly white far under perform on test scores - even in Spanish.

U.S. Hispanics outscore all Latin America nations but not European Spain. U.S. Whites far outscore OECD average edging out even Finland, Japan, and Korea! U.S. Hispanics score far below OECD average. American Blacks fall into the bottom third but score better than all Latino nations except Chile.

U.S. whites score 33 points above OECD average, Hispanics 18 points below. But even "white" Hispanic nations fall below U.S. Hispanics.

Hispanic is an overly broad and meaningless term. Argentineans are not Guatemalan Indians or mestizos. Those mostly white or identify as white should be counted as white.

Education system Mean Reading Math Science
U.S. Asians 549 556 539 551
U.S. Whites 521 531 503 529
United States 495 505 478 502
U.S. two or more races 492 501 474 502
OECD average 488 487 489 489
Spain NA NA 481 483
U.S. Hispanics 470 481 452 478
Chile 438 452 417 444
U.S. blacks 436 448 419 440
Uruguay 424 427 418 426
Mexico¹ 416 420 409 419
Costa Rica¹ 415 426 402 416
Colombia¹ 405 412 391 413
Peru¹ 402 401 400 404
Brazil¹ 400 413 384 404
Argentina 395 402 379 404
Panama¹ 365 377 353 365
Dominican Republic¹ 334 342 325 336

Social justice (or climate justice) is just Marxism. To quote,

CRITICAL THEORY is rooted in Marxism, and SOCIAL JUSTICE, as social justice warrior Joan Alway admits above, is application of Critical Theory "affecting revolutionary social change." That revolution may be labeled liberation, cultural transformation, or Christian Social Justice, but it begins with Progressives "deconstructing" traditional Western values and culture by redistributing wealth and power. Traditional Marxists tried and failed to accomplish redistribution by establishing class equality. Twenty-first century Progressives are attempting to accomplish it by establishing "identity" equality: sexual, gender, racial equality. These Progressive efforts are evident everywhere in American culture.

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