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Welcome to my website. This is my 14th year on the net and this site covers a vast number of subjects that I find interesting mainly relating to applied science-engineering, history, and religion. I don't expect agreement with my views or what I present - but expect visitors to consider what is presented and do further research.

I'm former US Army and here is A picture of my duty station in West Berlin and was a 33S and made E5 in four years.

I grew up and graduated high school in Norton, Virginia from John I. Burton High School in 1977. For more on Norton Virginia area see Remote Area Medical 2008. I left King College in Bristol due to financial reasons and graduated with honors from Northeast State Technical Community College in Computer Information Technology and university parallel.

I've been married for 30 years and my wife is severely disabled and I'm on income restrictions due to her having to be on Medicaid. So we had to learn to live on a limited income and the secret is simply being responsible and getting a job and sticking with it. We both grew up in poverty and I have little sympathy for those today with their cell phones, cars, and air conditioners. We'll help anyone that will help themselves - if one doesn't know how simply ask.

Yes I'm on Facebook and Skype.

I've been a part-time adjunct professor at a local community college teaching electricity and electronics. My electronics website reflects what I've taught or been asked to look into by visitors. I have 40 years experience in electronics from vacuum tubes to modern solid state and industrial controls. In college I had a year each of physics, chemistry, and biology along with C, C++. Pascal, and assembly.

I taught myself the coding for Arduino, PICAXE, Raspberry Pi, Microchip PIC, Debian and Slackware Linux, CSS etc which I approach in a way to give my students a basis for their own projects. Every page on this website was hand-coded by me. My education philosophy is learn the basics, find working examples, then use what works as a foundation for further learning. Modify and try new ideas. I'd say my job title would be applied technologist.

"We can not command religion, for no man can be
compelled to believe anything against his will."

These words from Theodoric the Great are my motto. My beliefs are stated as follows:

I believe in God sustainer and creator of the universe and all that is in it.

All men and women are created equal in the "eyes" of our creator. All people regardless of race, sex, etc. are be treated equally and not divided into differing groups seeking special privileges or falling prey to those seeking to divide us.

That we are to be judged by God (and thus society) based only by individual merit, character, and conduct.

All people are "in the image of God" in the sense that we are conscience beings. We exist above nature for that very reason.

God is unitary or One and has no sons, relatives etc. God is neither male nor female as we understand it, but perhaps has "sides" of both.

God transcends Creation and is beyond time and space from the material universe we inhabit. Thus God doesn't inhabit matter nor is matter in God. I reject all forms of New Age nonsense such as pantheism or panentheism. Conflating God with matter is defacto atheism regardless of how good it feels.

The soul is immortal and the next life will be contingent on our conduct in this one. (Classical Deism, Judaism, etc.)

God alone as creator and sustainer of the universe is to be worshipped alone. Worshipping matter is nonsense.

God does not perform magic tricks or suspends the laws of physics - God has no reason to guiding the universe as is.

God is present and active in the universe, but is non-controlling. Humans have free will and the ability to choose their own path within limitations of the world we live in.

I reject wholesale concepts such as Original Sin, eternal damnation, any form of Satan or a Devil, prophecy, etc. The idea little children killed by abortion or die as infants are going to burn in Hell for not converting to Christ is repugnant and irrational.

The idea humanity is collectively condemned for the alleged actions of two people is repugnant and I reject it. We are responsible for our own actions - not that of others.

While I believe divine revelation is more than possible, these claims are unreliable and unprovable. Reason must overrule blind faith or else one can get sucked into cults and extremism. I reject all forms of religious fundamentalism and dogmatic secularism.

Reason like all things human is limited and prone to error. The Bible, Torah, etc. should be studied and considered with an open mind and treated with respect - I believe they contain "truth" and can counter the extremism of dogmatic secularism. In other words faith can moderate reason and reason can moderate faith.

I reject the authority of religious leaders to dictate belief to anyone. Be aware of those with political or social agendas. Study the works of the heretics and put these great works in proper context. Many conclusions about the Bible, etc. in fact don't exist as written and are opinion of later writers.

I believe in the separation of religion and state. There's no such term as "church" or such terms in the Constitution. The State is to remain neutral which is not the case today. Ongoing efforts to de-Christianize the culture and substituting other secular pseudo-religions (environmentalism is the most common) is not neutrality.

Anyone that thinks environmentalism isn't a religion needs to read Al Gore's Earth in the Balance for proof on that. I bought the book, read it, and can prove it.

To quote Frank Furedi Professor of Sociology at University of Kent, "...the authors of children's books and school officials also use environmentalism as a vehicle for socializing youngsters." This is not a function of schools that today produce millions of dysfunctional and illiterate graduates. If the Religious Right did this there would be screaming in the faculty lounge. What happened to separation of church and state?

Reason keeps us sane, but the spiritual makes us human. I understand people differ and have differing views of reality, but any time society attempts to enforce conformity history shows this leads to tyranny and eventually ruin. Just be aware and be moderate on these issues.

So make no mistake I reject Environmentalism when it involves any form of spiritualism or enters politics. The other belief system I have zero tolerance of is Leftism.

'Leftism' is a term coined by Dennis Prager. He writes,

You cannot understand the Left if you do not understand that Leftism is a religion. It is not God-based (some left-wing Christians' and Jews' claims notwithstanding), but otherwise it has every characteristic of a religion. The most blatant of those characteristics is dogma. People who believe in Leftism have as many dogmas as the most fundamentalist Christian ... dogma - a belief system that transcends reason...

Influences on me:


Gnosticism an Overview by Lewis Loflin. Gnosticism was the New Age religion of ancient times. Predating Christianity, it infiltrated Judaism producing what would become Christianity through the Apostle Paul. Gnostic ideas are highly sought after by modern News Age practitioners.

Platonism and Christianity The Fathers of the early church sought to explain the striking resemblance between the doctrines of Plato and those of Christianity.

Related historical events leading to Christianity. Don't forget the New Testament was all written in Greek for good reasons.

Science versus religion

Science and Why I'm an Evolutionist

We are often given a choice of two extremes - either one must have blind faith in some book with dictated nonsense or in atheism. Both are false choices and I'm not buying it.

Science has been a life-long love and I'm very defensive of it. I reject the abuse of science to bolster various political claims and the invasion of money, religion, and politics into research. I define science as strictly the description of the physical operation of the universe as defined by my chemistry professor in college, a devout Christian.

Science is no more about "truth" than the computer gadgets I build on my other website. Those divices do give some indication of their builder-creator, but are hardly objects for worship in themselves.

I've had college level physics, chemistry, and biology, but claim no expertise in these fields. I've read every science text in the school library and have been an amateur geologist since I was a kid. I loved collecting fossils and rocks from the coal-mining sites near Norton, Virginia. Strip mines are great for collecting fossils.

I'm very strict on the scientific method and the proper use of it. To quote, "It is a process for making observations, recording data, and analyzing data that can be duplicated by other scientists...If a theory cannot be tested, it cannot be a scientific theory." That makes me a big skeptic of any claim that refuses to follow it. Without verifiable scientific proof I'm not going to buy into it for the same reason I reject literal Six-Day Creationism.

I am an evolutionist and always have been. Literal Six-Day Creationism as espoused by many well-meaning Christians is simply scientific nonsense. The fact is there is no conflict between a belief in God and science. There is a conflict with certain Christian' interpretations of the Jewish Torah or Old Testament.

I never had any conflict because I've never been a Christian and that has nothing to do with evolution. Christians create atheists and I'm sick of religious fundamentalists and dogmatic Humanists tearing the system apart to promote their own political agendas.

My view is simple in that God has no place in the science classroom because science isn't about God, but the mechanical workings of the universe and that God transcends the universe.

A proper understanding of science and its limitations (and it's very limited) can't deny the fact there's a clear order to the universe, not a random jumble of atoms and molecules. The fossil record clearly shows purpose and design.

The scientific method has not produced a shred of proof life began by random chance nor does it prove humans are just some cosmic accident in an empty and purposeless galaxy. There are clearly forces beyond mere science at play here and if these dogmatic Humanists are so accepting of "dark matter" then God is just as acceptable, in fact more so.

The Evolution Wars Rage On in Bristol VA/TN by Lewis Loflin Thus evolution is the work of God and the method by which God made a habitable world for us to live in. One mentor I had growing up in an Appalachian coal town was a physicist on the development team that designed the atomic power plants (radioisotope thermoelectric generator or RTG) used on the Voyager 1 and 2 deep space probes that went to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

They were launched in the late 1970s. These amazing devices are powered by heat produced by the decay of plutonium-238 (half-life 87.74 years and not the plutonium 239 isotope used in nuclear weapons) and provided about 470 W at 30 volts DC. This is called the Seebeck effect using an array of thermocouples. Both probes are still operating today and have left the solar system!

Many of the early scientists were believers in God, so what's the problem? He was a devout Christian. To claim science as a basis of atheism is inserting religious-political nonsense into the subject - and I won't tolerate it.

Environmentalist stuck in ice

Here in Bristol January is once again dominated by record cold. Entire states are being declared disaster areas as arctic temperatures break record after record. But there are some of us that are saying we told you so. It's about religion and social agendas and not science.

Science Under Attack

While many picture religious fundamentalists as being the enemy of science, there are secular enemies out there in dogmatic Humanism and pantheistic environmentalism. Both abuse science to achieve often mutual social and political goals.

What New Age Religion? This is one of my top-ranked webpages with Google. It explores what I consider irrational nonsense that floods modern American society and a discussion of its origins and impact.

It's a syncretism of secular philosophies and Eastern religion. Environmentalism is closely related to New Age religion in it's pantheistic tendencies. New Age religion acts much like a virus invading and destroying other beliefs from the inside.

The Ages of Gaia Exposed My critique of James Lovelock and his book The Ages of Gaia. Highly influential in modern Green theology, it's a look at how pantheistic nonsense invades science.

What is paganism? Paganism should be separated clearly from environmentalism and New Age religion. This was written by a pagan, not an irrational New Age mystic.

Why Calling Environmentalists "Pagans" is Wrong I have no problem with rational pagans.

The problem is that democracy is not freedom. Democracy is simply majoritarianism, which is inherently incompatible with real freedom. Our founding fathers clearly understood this, as evidenced not only by our republican constitutional system...Simply put, freedom is the absence of government coercion.

Ron Paul

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Fun with nonprofits:

To quote a visitor to this website:

I think it is safe to say, that with the election of Barack Obama as president, that there is no way that a tiny elite of rich powerful Jews controls the world. The conspiracy theories that say a tiny elite of rich powerful Jews controls the world are undeniably flat wrong. If there was such a powerful group they would have never let him become president. The Jewish conspiracy theory is completely busted.


The Wall Street Journal reports (April 22, 2002) that some colleges are recruiting Jewish students to give them higher status in terms of SAT scores. The Journal also reports that highest three groups in SATs are Unitarians, Jews, and Quakers.


I support Israel for the same reasons I support democratic Hindu India over Islamist Pakistan. Nor will I waste my time trying reason with irrational people obsessed with conspiracy theories. Jews don't seek converts, they don't rule the world or me, and I don't consider them or anyone else some special chosen anything. Jewish contributions to society are far out of proportion to their numbers. Their secret to success is the same for Unitarians, mainline Protestants, and Asian immigrants; hard work, education, and thrift.

Jews are not a race or even an ethnic group anymore than Catholics are, but a religion. A Jew is one that practices Judaism as defined by at least a belief in one G-d that reveres Moses and Torah. An atheist born of two Jewish parents is an atheist, and one who converts to Christianity is a Christian, not a Jew.

Let's not get into these absurd "neo-con" and Freemasonry conspiracy theories used inter-changeably with Jews. There is no known organizations of neo-cons and is often a leftist slur. As far as Freemasonry, many of the founding ideals of America come from them. George Washington and 27 signers of the Constitution were Freemasons.