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Welcome to my website. This is my 18th year on the net and this site covers a vast number of subjects that I find interesting mainly relating to applied science-engineering, history, religion, and education. I also advocate "individual liberty and individual freedom" and reject all forms of collectivism. My goal is to invoke thought and I reject any form of correctness - political, theological, etc.

The subjects I'll cover from here on are applied science, earth science, computers and technology, history of religion and general history.

I'm former US Army and here is A picture of my duty station in West Berlin and was a military occupational specialty was 33S intercept systems technician and I held a top-secret SI clearance.

I grew up in Norton, Virginia and graduated high school from John I. Burton High School in 1977. For more on Norton Virginia area see Remote Area Medical 2008. I left King College in Bristol due to financial reasons and graduated with honors from Northeast State Technical Community College in Computer Information Technology and university parallel.

I've been married for over 30 years and my wife is severely disabled and I'm on income restrictions due to her having to be on Medicaid. So we had to learn to live on a limited income and the secret is simply being responsible and getting a job and sticking with it. We both grew up in poverty and I have little sympathy for those today with their cell phones, cars, and air conditioners demanding free stuff.

Yes I'm on Facebook and Skype.

See Changes September 2017

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Because of the irrational madness and nonsense coming from our universities to legions of ignorant people indoctrinated into nonsense I present the following definitions that I follow. I know, I know reason and knowledge are a racist social construct.

1) Definition of racism: holding differing standards or treating people differently due to race, that like gender and species, is a product of biology. Examples of racism today is affirmative action, pretending one's value is based on race and not merit or individual achievement, etc.

There are no such things as trans-racialism, transgenderism, or tran-species. You are not a cat because your mental condition leads you to believe you are.

Racism has nothing to do with criticism of culture, politics, religion, behavior, etc. Islamic politics-religion or Latino Culture, for example, is not a race nor is Hinduism or Christianity. Yelling racism on every issue makes the term a joke.

Noting the high levels of minority violence and criminality is a critique of culture and behavior and for the same reason, the critique of white trash meth heads has NOTHING to do with race.

2) Definition of liberty: "The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views." Collectivist philosophies such as modern liberalism and fundamentalist' religions (Islam in particular) reject liberty.

3) Definition of freedom: "The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint." Or "absence of subjection to the domination of despotic government." Or "the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved." The opposite is statism, socialism, and collectivism.

4) Definition of oppression: "prolonged unjust treatment or control." This has nothing to do with crime control or economic outcome equality, etc. Oppression is lack political freedom or individual liberty both of which don't exist on most college campuses or under Democrat Party racialist socialism enclaves.

5) Definition of reason: "(N) a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event." "(V) The power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic."

6) Definition of fundamentalism: "a strict adherence to some belief (Islam, Judaism, Christianity, etc.) or ideology Leftism, environmentalism), especially in a religious context." Often runs hand-in-hand with authoritarianism.

7) Definition free will: "The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate, the ability to act at one's own discretion." The polar opposite of determinism - I advocate free will - you control your own action unless mentally ill or live under an authoritarian government such as socialist Venezuela or fundamentalist' Iran.

8) Definition determinism: "the doctrine that all events, including human action, are ultimately determined by causes external to the will. Some philosophers have taken determinism to imply that individual human beings have no free will and cannot be held morally responsible for their actions." There is no empirical or scientific basis for this claim and is an aspect of Leftism that posits people can be programmed based on government intervention. Screwups and criminals in particular if members of a protected class are never held responsible for their actions.

9) Definition empiricism: "the theory that all knowledge is derived from sense-experience. Stimulated by the rise of experimental science, it developed in 17th and 18th centuries" in Europe and America. That means one must present physical, verifiable proof not vote, conjecture, authority, or mere opinion. John Locke and David Hume are two of it's early leaders. Science without empiricism is not science. Empiricism has nothing to do with faith, feelings, or popular vote. Leftism rejects empiricism.

10) Definition of rationalism: "a belief or theory that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response."

11) Definition irrationalism: "a system emphasizing intuition, instinct, feeling, or faith rather than reason or holding that the universe is governed by irrational forces." (Merriam-Webster) Another form of this is reading, often abused by religious kooks and political activists (judges in particular), one's beliefs/feelings into a text unrelated to that belief or the words as normally defined and written.

For example, many Christian and even Jewish commonly held beliefs are not supported in the Bible as written. Spare me "guidance" from angels, spirits, etc. Deut. 6:4 says God is one, while the Ten Commandments says worship of anyone or anything physical other than God is blasphemy, and you don't get to change that fact or meaning of the text regardless of later religious authority.

12) Definition pseudo-religion: "or pseudotheology is a pejorative term applied to a non-mainstream belief system or philosophy which is functionally similar to a religious movement, typically having a founder, principal, text, liturgy, and faith-based beliefs." I'd add mostly secular type beliefs with no clear or multiple "founders." Social Justice is a hodge-podge of irrational and disjointed anti-Western hate that's the pseudo-religion of Leftism. Climate Change aka Climate Justice is another pseudo-religious sub-belief of Leftism.

13) Definition Neo-Luddism: "any modern philosophy that is fearing and distrustful of the changes that will be brought about by technological advances. But it's also a specific political movement, one that's largely environmental in nature..." Another term I use is technophobia. Ref. "A Field Guide to Anti-Technology Movements, Past and Present" by Caroline Gregoire

14) Definition of spiritualism: communication with the dead through a medium. Closely related is divine revelation where a deity, angels, etc. communicate with a prophet or other chosen individual. Also, a belief that spirit and not just matter makes up reality/universe. I classify this under irrationalism and superstition.

15) Definition of environmentalism: multiple definitions. A theory that views environment alone rather than heredity/genetics in human and cultural development. (Leftist dogma.) This is the basis of most social engineering (with determinism) and is not scientific because there's no empirical/scientific proof the claim, in fact the opposite.

Or "Political and ethical movement..." Places non-human entities (rock formations, rivers, Nature, etc.) as having rights equal to or above human welfare, etc. Has undercurrents of Marxism/socialism, religious pantheism, Neo-Luddism, and spiritualism. Tends to be pseudo-religious and authoritarian. See Ecology.

See Ecology.

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White Leadership is racist.

Mistreatment of working class has created Trump

by Lewis Loflin Saturday, April 30, 2016 Bristol Herald Courier

The New York Times published a list of the most powerful people and most of them are white, including leaders in industry, government, media, academia etc. There are very few faces of color.

The Democrats run a racial and racist pandering machine to defeat Bernie Sanders that's OK, but when fired and replaced, white IT workers at Disney and other companies object to "immigrants" they are tagged racist.

Why do the white elite so revile lower-income blue-collar and white workers? Why are we so expendable in this progressive economic and social engineering nightmare? When we dare question it, we're tagged as racists and xenophobes.

Mass immigration has destroyed American labor and is simply another form of crony capitalism, while liberals see it as a way to further engineer replacement voters based on race, so isn't that racist?

According to New York Times columnist Thomas B. Edsall, writing in a piece published Nov. 27, 2011:

"All pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class has been effectively jettisoned in favor of cementing a center-left coalition made up, on the one hand, of voters who have gotten ahead on the basis of educational attainment - professors, artists, designers, editors, human resources managers, lawyers, librarians, social workers, teachers and therapists - and a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic."

That same working-class is reviled by hostile Republicans and their Reaganomics religion. 51 percent of American workers now earn under $30,000. We have a 40 percent real unemployment rate (considering the rate of people over the age of 16 with jobs, compared to the overall 16-and-over population) while reports state "Once Again Foreign-Born Jobs Are Up, U.S.-Born Jobs Down."

That has created Trump.

"We can not command religion, for no man can be
compelled to believe anything against his will."

These words from Theodoric the Great are my motto. My beliefs are stated as follows:

I reject the authority of religious leaders to dictate belief to anyone. Be aware of those with political or social agendas. Study the works of the heretics and put these great works in proper context. Many conclusions about the Bible, etc. are based on reason and the "literal" word - claims of special revelation is simply opinion of the claimant.

I believe in the separation of religion and state. There's no such term as "church" or such terms in the Constitution. The State is to remain neutral which is not the case today. Ongoing efforts to de-Christianize the culture and substituting other secular pseudo-religions (environmentalism is the most common) is not neutrality.

Anyone that thinks environmentalism isn't a religion needs to read Al Gore's Earth in the Balance for proof on that. I bought the book, read it, and can prove it.

To quote Frank Furedi Professor of Sociology at University of Kent, "...the authors of children's books and school officials also use environmentalism as a vehicle for socializing youngsters." This is not a function of schools that today produce millions of dysfunctional and illiterate graduates. If the Religious Right did this there would be screaming in the faculty lounge. What happened to separation of church and state?

Reason keeps us sane, but the spiritual makes us human. I understand people differ and have differing views of reality, but any time society attempts to enforce conformity history shows this leads to tyranny and eventually ruin. Just be aware and be moderate on these issues.

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My test circuit.

Electronics & Science

I've had been a part-time adjunct professor at a local community college teaching electricity and electronics. I have 40 years experience in electronics from vacuum tubes to modern solid state and industrial controls. In college I had a year each of physics, chemistry, and biology along with C, C++. Pascal, and assembly.

See the full list over 100 projects.

I'd say my job title would be applied technologist. See Electronics Projects for Students and Hobbyists

Science versus religion

Science and Why I'm an Evolutionist

We are often given a choice of two extremes - either one must have blind faith in some book with dictated nonsense or in atheism. Both are false choices and I'm not buying it.

Science has been a life-long love and I'm very defensive of it. I reject the abuse of science to bolster various political claims and the invasion of money, religion, and politics into research. I define science as strictly the description of the physical operation of the universe as defined by my chemistry professor in college, a devout Christian.

Science is no more about "truth" than the computer gadgets I build on my other website. Those devices do give some indication of their builder-creator, but are hardly objects for worship in themselves.

I've had college level physics, chemistry, and biology, but claim no expertise in these fields. I've read every science text in the school library and have been an amateur geologist since I was a kid. I loved collecting fossils and rocks from the coal-mining sites near Norton, Virginia. Strip mines are great for collecting fossils.

I'm very strict on the scientific method and the proper use of it. To quote, "It is a process for making observations, recording data, and analyzing data that can be duplicated by other scientists...If a theory cannot be tested, it cannot be a scientific theory." That makes me a big skeptic of any claim that refuses to follow it. Without verifiable scientific proof I'm not going to buy into it for the same reason I reject literal Six-Day Creationism.

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Climate change is religion.

Ecology as Environmental Socialism

Definition of environmentalism: multiple definitions. A theory that views environment rather than heredity/genetics in human and cultural development. This is basis of most social engineering (with determinism) and is not scientific because there's no empirical/scientific proof the claim.

Or "Political and ethical movement..." Places non-human entities (rock formations, rivers, Nature, etc.) as having rights equal to or above human welfare, etc. Has undercurrents of Marxism/socialism, religious pantheism, Neo-Luddism, and spiritualism. Tends to be pseudo-religious and authoritarian.

Helen Raleigh calls environmentalism "'New Age' socialism ... created by elitist intelligentsias" believing they must save the stupid masses from themselves. Besides abolishing capitalism they "are bent on enforcing conformity by any means necessary" - an authoritarian state, and "willing to sacrifice' everyone else for the 'greater good'".

The rich and powerful pushing this nonsense, like open borders and mass immigration, are shielded from the destructive side-effects. Their argument is kill capitalism or kill the planet - so socialists have to play up hysteria at every opportunity.

The World Health Organization report shows that the US is the least polluting country in the world and the G7 except Canada and it's small population. This is based on actual pollution such as particulate matter, etc. Reuters, the AP, etc. refuse to report the facts and spreads lies - CO2 is NOT a pollutant and is used in greenhouses to accelerate plant growth.

Fighting to keep religion and politics out of science. Scientific method only!

Science 101

Ref. 11/17/2008 "Water vapor confirmed as major player in climate change"

10% of the earth's water is water vapor. Plants use water for photosynthesis which releases water into the atmosphere. Plants produce water vapor as does the oceans and surface water evaporation. More vegetation more water vapor more LOCAL climate variation, more water more plants, etc. The process is known as transpiration.

Water vapor can be as high as 4% of the atmosphere or 40,000 PPM. Formula = N% X 10,000

CO2 is 400 PPM depending on temperature. Warm water holds less CO2 than cold water. The atmosphere is 0.04% CO2.

Ratio of water vapor to CO2 is 100 to 1.

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Social Justice

Leftism & Racial Socialism

So make no mistake I reject Environmentalism when it involves any form of spiritualism or enters politics. The other belief system I have zero tolerance of is Leftism.

'Leftism' is a term coined by Dennis Prager. He writes,

You cannot understand the Left if you do not understand that Leftism is a religion. It is not God-based (some left-wing Christians' and Jews' claims notwithstanding), but otherwise it has every characteristic of a religion. The most blatant of those characteristics is dogma. People who believe in Leftism have as many dogmas as the most fundamentalist Christian ... dogma - a belief system that transcends reason...

Environmentalism or Climate Justice has poisoned and undermined earth science and science in general.

Leftism or Progressivism or neo-Marxism is racist to the core. Identity politics has devolved to racial hate and envy.

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Happy shopping in Venezuela.
Socialist abundance and equality in Venezuela.

Bernie Sanders & Venezuela

Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro calls Bernie Sanders his "revolutionary friend." He pays his soldiers with toilet paper while citizens do without even basic necessities such as toilet paper. Bernie Sanders declares, "These days the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in such places Ecuador, Venezuela, and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal..."

All three countries are economic basket cases. Even rich in resources Argentina which is 90% white has a lower standard of living than Bulgaria, Mexico, and even Gabon according to an essay in the Financial Times. Even stories in the New York Times tells how even doctors fleeing the socialist hell of Venezuela make more money as cooks in Brazil.

These countries differ from Cuba in an important way - they are not isolated islands that can be turned into prisons to keep their people in. Even the "poor" of Venezuela are fleeing the country - or trying to. Most countries refuse to take them and deal with illegal aliens in ways the United States refuses to do.

I keep asking just how does socialism in practice differ from communism? I get endless excuses. Evidence says it doesn't in the end.

Bradford Richardson in the Washington Times (Nov. 4, 2017) notes that "millennials" would "prefer to live in a socialist, communist, or fascist nation rather than a capitalist one". 44% wanted socialism, another 14% outright communism and fascism. (Fascism is a form of socialism.)

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics defines fascism "as an economic system is socialism with a capitalist veneer." While not outright government ownership, government controls through taxation, regulation, etc. and most important through public-private partnerships. They dictate what one can produce or sell, and dictate the price or set price controls.

The question becomes then, who controls the government? There's no actual agreement on where the economy becomes socialist versus capitalist so they use the vague term "mixed" economy.

This kind of governance by business aligned with government I call corporatism or corporate socialism or just crony capitalism.

The Atlantic (May 25, 2017) says of Bernie's comrade in Venezuela which is true of Latin America in general:

It's hard to pick the Venezuelan president's greatest flaw. Which is more serious: his cruel indifference to the suffering of his people, or his brutal autocratic behavior? Which is more outrageous: his immense ignorance or the fact that he dances on television while his henchmen murder defenseless young protesters in the streets? The list of Nicolas Maduro's failings is long, and Venezuelans know it; over 80 percent of them oppose him. And it's not just Venezuelans. The rest of the world has also discovered-at last!-his despotic, corrupt, and inept character.

And yet ... Maduro doesn't really matter. He is simply a useful idiot, the puppet of those who really control Venezuela: the Cubans, the drug traffickers, and Hugo Chavez's political heirs. Those three groups effectively function as criminal cartels, and have co-opted the armed forces into their service; this is how it is possible that every day we see men in uniform willing to massacre their own people in order to keep Venezuela’s criminal oligarchy in power.

And we are importing this mess into our country and anyone that addresses this culture is attacked as racist. The problem is culture not race.

More Welfare for the Rich, Welfare for Everybody

The home mortgage interest deduction costs $70 billion a year or $700 billion over 10 years.

The state and local tax deduction (SALT) will cost $96 billion in 2017 and estimated the cost of $1.3 trillion from 2017-2026. Ref. Tax Policy Center.

These two tax breaks nearly all going to the wealthy and affluent will cost $2 trillion over the next 10 years, most of it in the affluent Blue States into the pockets of rich people. The Los Angeles Times (Nov. 9, 2017) calls the loss of this taxpayer kickback a "blow to California." Thus high-cost welfare states such as California, New York, and New Jersey are subsidized by other states - while having the highest real poverty rates. (See below.)

Largest Federal kickbacks, welfare, and tax giveaways for 2016:

Employer paid healthcare: $143.8 billion;
Lower tax rates dividends: $134.6 billion;
Deferral of income from of foreign controlled companies: $108.9 billion;
Contributions to retirement plans: $82.7 billion;
Mortgage interest deduction: $77 billion;
Earned income tax credit: $73.3 billion;
State/local tax deduction: $65.1 billion;
Contributions, earnings from pension plans: $57.4 billion;
Credit for children under age 17: $56 billion;
Subsidies for insurance exchanges: $53.5 billion.

Total: $779 billion. Source: PEW 2016.

Budget deficit 2016: $548 billion.

In fact, we could easily have a balanced budget by just ending a few wasteful public programs such as these. Let's add in wasteful ethanol and green energy subsidies that benefit mainly the rich.

Washington State for example electricity is 8 cents per kWh, but the State pays for a solar panel on the roof of a private home 58 cents per kWh. The owner now pays -7 cents per kWh. plus a Federal check of $6,000 for a 4 kW setup. Total cost for solar welfare tax in 2010 was 88 cents per kWh. Ref. James Conca, Forbes, May 30, 2017.

He has many times my income and my electricity costs well over $1000 a year. When people get these obscene subsidies or the power company is forced to buy this over-priced feel-goodism, my power bill goes up. Washington State taxpayers and ratepayers subsidize or pay a backdoor tax to benefit another affluent person who could buy into this nonsense.

Nuclear gets around 5 cents and coal-natural gas 2 cents. Renewable energy is driving up needless costs and making power production less reliable - and is, in fact, another tax on the public and wealth transfer to the wealthy. In Texas alone the renewable energy subsidy "tax" from 2006-2016 cost all citizens including the poor $13 billion. Source: The Hill Sep. 8, 2017.

The above is many times what we spend on public housing ($61.5 billion much of that pork) and food stamps (SNAP $70.9 billion) and most Federal social programs plus NASA combined.

The latest scam to reduce corporate tax rates to 20% won't help the economy because there's no enforcement mechanism or requirements to do the things that create jobs. Too often money goes into speculation, mergers, or stock buy-backs. Dealing with trade policy and mass immigration is the only real way to get wages up for those that really need it.

Will we get more corporate welfare totaling sometimes millions per job? This has been done in Bristol for years and we get scut-wage retail jobs. Wisconsin recently awarded $3 billion to Foxconn to locate flat screen plant in the state that will take 20 years just to break even - if they stay 20 years. In addition as foreign-owned will most likely escape other/all state/federal taxes.

Where the hell are Trump and the Republicans and Democrats on this? This is the greatest corporate welfare scam ever for a foreign-owned company.

Forbes says, "The U.S. corporate tax system is...creating a substantial economic benefit for foreign ownership - rather than U.S. ownership - of a multinational business." Ref. Lowell Yoder Oct. 9, 2012. Foreigners are awash in corporate welfare at every level. Reuters notes most foreign companies pay no U.S. taxes. The GAO says 72% of foreign and 57% of U.S. companies paid ZERO income taxes at least one year from 1998 to 2005. notes from 2008-2015 using companies that had no losses at any time during this period:

258 corporations paid not 35% but an effective rate of 21.2%.

8 including G.E, Priceline, PG&E, etc. paid ZERO INCOME TAXES. 48 paid an effective rate of 10% and half paid more to foreign governments then they did to the U.S. (Which was deducted from U.S. taxes!)

Public welfare for business should be treated as income and taxed at the Federal level at 90% even if foreign owned.

The entire claim about corporate tax rates and giving them more tax breaks is a scam - President Trump. How about getting back to borders and cleaning up this costly immigration system?

It is true over half the population doesn't pay Federal income taxes, but that is deceptive. The company moving to Wisconsin is getting $3 billion from state residents through their State/local property/income taxes or lost services elsewhere, this company will dodge taxes on that $3 billion, or at worse pay 20% under the Trump tax scam, likely ZERO again.

How many foreign workers will they bring in?

Working people pay tons of taxes through depressed wages caused by government open border policies knocking the bottom out of the labor market, while paying more in state/local taxes for welfare programs to support low-wage workers, single mothers, etc. and yes most immigrants legal and illegal.

Wage depression like Wisconsin corporate welfare scam for Foxconn is another tax and massive backdoor transfer of wealth to the top while shifting the cost onto the public. Studies show mass immigration causes a loss of $300 billion in welfare, etc. (paid for by the public) and over $500 billion in lost/transferred wages from working people to business. The New York Times reported the outright cost of corporate welfare taxes to state citizens is almost $90 billion a year with Texas leading the way.

Yes, government-engineered depressed wages to shift wealth around is a tax just as the Obama Care Mandate is a cruel tax forcing one party to pay the cost of another even if the wealth transfer is through a private sector health insurer - who gets further benefit from taxpayers.

According to the US Census' Supplemental Poverty Measure that deducts the cost of living and adds transfer payments to income, the highest poverty states are California 23.8%; Washington DC / Northern Virginia 22.7%; Nevada 19.8%; Florida 19.5%; Arizona 18.8%; Georgia 18.2%; New York 18.1%.

West Virginia and I'd say Southwest Virginia as well is around 12%. Why is this? Mass immigration (over 90% of immigrant Hispanic families regardless of legal status collect welfare) and black victims of mass immigration being pushed out of the labor force, plus population driven inflation:

The Census Bureau "at the urging of the National Academy of Science and others, in 2010 began calculating a Supplemental Poverty Measure as a way to create a more nuanced picture of poverty in America...the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) - that uses a wider range of factors than the official federal measure to determine poverty status." 28.2% of Hispanics and 25.4% of Blacks live in poverty. (PEW, USA Today)

If the Democrat Racialist Socialism Party could put aside inciting anti-white racial hatred and address these issues we would be better off. We already have too much wealth redistribution and it's time the get back to a truly free market and personal responsibility - with perhaps a small safety net. End all public subsidies and tax breaks, tax all income from whatever source from EVERYBODY, and simply lower the rates.

The role of government should be limited to health, safety, and national defense and what is written in the Constitution. End all social and statist economic engineering.

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Diversity Racism Attack on Reason

Leftwing "diversity" and "multiculturalism" are racist' creeds derived from Nazi philosophers such Martin Heidegger and Paul de Man. See Nazi Roots of Multiculturalism.

Tammy Bruce on Tucker Carlson Dec. 13, 2016 gets exactly what the 2016 election was about and it wasn't Russia or racism:

"The Left in the last 8 years we have learned they are fascists...the election is a message of us rejecting political correctness and the culture of intimidation...Americans are saying enough is enough with the culture of intimidation. Enough of attacking individuals because of their faith especially coming from the gay community. As a gay women I find it outrageous that we are attacking people simply because of who they a gay person, as an American, it's about individual liberty and personal freedom and that is what this election was about. I hope Americans are standing up against bullies...we have to stand up against the American Left."
The problem is that democracy is not freedom. Democracy is simply majoritarianism, which is inherently incompatible with real freedom. Our founding fathers clearly understood this, as evidenced not only by our republican constitutional system...Simply put, freedom is the absence of government coercion.

Ron Paul

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Climate change on trial.

This is a Classical Deism Website

I have a lot of religious-historical material written from a classical deist perspective. I take a non-hostile view of other beliefs UNLESS they become primarily political and threaten our individual rights.

What could be more fundamental to science than the assumption that the explorability and thereby the cognizability of reality arises due to its bearing the handwriting of its author? God speaks the language of his creation, and our spirit, which is likewise his creation, is able to perceive it, to hear it, to comprehend it.

Christoph Cardinal Schonborn

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Keith Ellison DNC head?

Islam Mostly Ideology

Islam is more a political ideology dressed in some religion borrowed mostly from Judaism. I don't think the actual figure of Mohammed really existed as the stories and myths about him were written centuries later - the same problem with Christianity and Judaism.

The violence we see today is Islamic fundamentalism and in combination with Nazism the Muslim Brotherhood. This doesn't mean every Muslim is a terrorist, but I see little evidence within the community to renounce this problem - too many are silent.

This is made worse by the Islamiist' alliance with Leftism to destroy Western Culture. Yet one rational Muslim said the following:

How many scientists, astronauts, biologists etc. do we find from our Muslim background? General senses and statistics tell us about 95% scientists and astronauts are from the White and Christian backgrounds and about 4.9 % from other backgrounds. Aren't these innovative people making the world smaller and smaller with their wits? I think I am absolutely right on it. Where can I find Muslims amongst those creative people? Are we Muslims still proud of being nothing?

The modern equipments, automotives, appliances etc. we are now using such as computers, internet, Windows and other software, telephones, TVs, radios, clocks, A/Cs, freezes, aeroplanes, cars, trains; taking allopathic medicines, having modern treatments; wearing comfortable stuffs like shirt-pant, underwear, eyewear, durable shoes, and many more stuffs for our daily needs. Can we survive well now without those useful stuffs and technology in this century? Can anyone show me the strong evidence that any of those things are invented by Muslims? Are we Muslims in any discovery or progressive work? I do not think so. Are we still proud of this failure?

I rest my case.

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Rabbi Meir Kahane


To quote a visitor to this website:

I think it is safe to say, that with the election of Barack Obama as president, that there is no way that a tiny elite of rich powerful Jews controls the world. The conspiracy theories that say a tiny elite of rich powerful Jews controls the world are undeniably flat wrong. If there was such a powerful group they would have never let him become president. The Jewish conspiracy theory is completely busted.


The Wall Street Journal reports (April 22, 2002) that some colleges are recruiting Jewish students to give them higher status in terms of SAT scores. The Journal also reports that highest three groups in SATs are Unitarians, Jews, and Quakers.

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Christmas Scene

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