Christian Identity Dogma a Religion of Hate

by unknown

Also see History of Christian Identity Hate Mythology

For nearly 50 years, the venomous racist theology of Identity has penetrated through the ranks of Klansmen, neo-Nazis, the Posse Comitatus and racist Skinheads. Now it reaches beyond traditional white supremacists to an expanding network of anti-government extremists.

Today, the fanatical anti-Semitic sect fuels the so-called Patriot Movement with paranoid theories of government conspiracies and Biblical justifications for violence.

Identity members subscribe to the "Israel Message." They believe that white people are the true Israelites and that Jews and people of color are subhuman "children of Satan, " who, along with the government, are to be destroyed in an apocalyptic battle.

Their hatred of the federal government is their priority. The single most dangerous element in the current militia movement is the expanding network of Identity followers. For them, this is a holy war.

Identity's apocalyptic theology is rooted in British-Israelism, a curiosity of mid-Victorian England that maintained that the Anglo-Saxons were the true lost tribe of Israel. In America these beliefs were transformed into a fiercely anti-Semitic, racist theology by a small group of extreme right-wing leaders including Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet and Col. William Potter Gale.

The American Identity doctrine maintains that whites will be pitted against evil non-white satanic forces in an apocalyptic battle. Identity professes that Adam was a white man, the product of a second creation. In Identity's system, God's first creation produced people of color, "the beasts of the field," or "mud people."

Jews, according to Identity, are literally the children of Satan, the descendants of a union between Eve and the serpent. These individuals mated with the "beasts" to produce the Edomites, mongrel people who are the embodiment of Satan and the source of all the world's evil.

Identity is a post-millennial religion, meaning that in order for the Second Coming to occur, God's law on Earth must first be established through a great battle; Armageddon.

In this battle, the forces of good, (the white "Israelites") will be pitted against the armies of Satan, represented by the Jewish-controlled federal government. Identity followers will wage an all-out war against ZOG (the Zionist Occupied Government), "race traitors" and anyone else who stands in their way.

Because their theology envisions an "end-time" battle in the near future, Identity adherents advocate keeping a well-stocked arsenal and survival gear readily accessible. All are fiercely anti-gun control. Some now live in armed compounds, or "covenant communities" such as Elohim City in Oklahoma and Ephraim's Forum in Arizona.

Identity followers believe that America is the New Jerusalem and that God gave the U.S. Constitution to their ancestors, the white Christian Founding Fathers. They believe the authentic Constitution consists of only the first Ten Amendments of the Constitution (the Bill of Rights) and the Articles of Confederation.

Under their ideology only white Christian men are "true sovereign citizens" of the Republic. Other Americans are merely Fourteenth Amendment "state citizens," the illegal creation of an illegitimate "de facto" government. The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, extends citizenship rights to all persons born or naturalized in the United States and guarantees equal protection of laws to all persons.

Identity believers contend that modern American government is illegitimate, a view they share with non-Identity Patriots and tax protesters. Identity followers believe the Internal Revenue Service, civil rights legislation and abortion rights are unlawful. Their vision of a violent battle against the forces of an illegitimate American government makes the widening Identity network an increasing threat.

Identity's racist "Israel Message," with its anti-democratic interpretation of the Constitution and its theories of an "international Jewish banking" conspiracy, has steadily spread throughout the United States, England, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Adherents have actively promoted Identity's anti-Semitic paranoia and hatred through a variety of methods including books, newsletters, audio cassettes, videos, short-wave and AM radio, satellite and cable television, the Internet, camp meetings, far Right Patriot rallies and church congregations. Identity followers have also promoted the sect through a series of strategic alliances with other extremists.

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