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Why Judaism Is The Key To Deism

by David Mendes

The Torah disagrees with the secular history of religion as evolving from animism to monotheism. On the contrary man is defined as such when in evolution he became conscious of justice (not just intelligent) and at that time he began to adore truth, i.e. monotheist Iahweh. Only afterwards were religions formed, and they were formed to fight monotheist truth.

So a tradition of truth started at the same time as mankind and was passed on by men like Seth, Enoch, Noah, Melkisedek, who valued honesty and adored Iahweh, the truth.

Then, empires having been established, untruth spread and honesty became rare. Abraham felt that truth could only subsist if protected within one devout nation. And he left civilization, where he lived well, to dwell in tents the rest of his life, as a shepherd.

Abraham's descendents formed such a nation which, for the benefit of mankind and for almost four millennia, have kept the ideal of 'liberty, equality, fraternity', long before the Enlightenment. That is the reason why religions and philosophies have been hostile to Jews and slander them.

Iahweh said to Abraham: 'Those that bless you I will bless, those that curse you I will execrate. Through you all families in earth will be blessed'. Genesis 12:3

And that is also the reason why Deism has not been able to advance: being inside the imperialist system and without the Jewish tradition of truth it lacked the necessary strength.

Dispersed and persecuted, the task of the Jews has not been easy and the process has engendered a number of flaws. Many have been assimilated or secularized and forgot the doctrine.

Ought we to defend Judaism against the Jews? That is what the Christians said and the result was ugly. However, our support and criticism are no doubt important.

Most of the Old Testament is not about the virtues of the Jews, rather about their weaknesses and recurrent falls to idolatry. Iahweh constantly reprimanded them, which was due to them being a nation dedicated to the truth.

But even at the worst times there has always been a hardcore, a few people good enough to carry on the doctrine, those whom the Tanakh thankfully calls 'the remnant'. Iahweh said: "If I find in the city of Sodom ten good men, I will pardon the whole place for their sake." Genesis 18:26,32

Only through truth can humankind enjoy happy fulfillment. But only half truths have been attained so far. The great leap is to be taken when Deism and Judaism will come together, which will take effort from both sides.

Religion is the archenemy of mankind. It is lead by Christianity and Islam, both enemies of Judaism but pretending to follow the Torah. Even if Israel today seems secularized, it is essential for the world, and if it falls we all shall fall. The forces of evil would increase and make the world a far worse place than it is now.

The word 'God' is today very ambiguous and badly connoted. Why not replace it with 'Iahweh'? Iahweh is the truth. Jeremiah 10:10


Note Mr. Mendes and Mr. Sacks don't necessarily express my view. Lewis Loflin.

Guest writer David Mendes:

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