Jewish-atheist-socialist Bernie Sanders and Islamic anti-Semite and racist Linda Sarsour.

A Liberal's Message to Non-Liberal Liberals

by Lewis Loflin

(Above) Jewish-atheist-socialist Bernie Sanders joins with Islamic anti-Semite and racist Linda Sarsour. (20 July, 2017) (AP/Mary Altafler)

No real liberal would ever support religious fanatics or the imposition of religious fundamentalism on society. Yet Linda Sarsour supports Sharia Law defined as:

"A legal framework to regulate public and private aspects of life based upon specific Islamic teachings, Sharia is a strict system which views non-Muslims as second-class citizens, sanctions inequality between men and women and prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for crimes."

She is supposed to be a feminist, yet has refused to support Iranian women being jailed for taking off their burkas - she claims a burka is liberation. She has conflated Islam, a religion, with race.

"This is classic Islamist tactics right out of the Muslim Brotherhood playbook," the author and physician Dr. Qanta Ahmed wrote as does her call for "jihad" against the U.S. government. Her family has links to Hamas. Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood as are many Muslim organizations in America.

No true liberal would ever have anything to do with racist and anti-Semites that say, "I'm talking to Chuck Schumer (a Jew). I'm tired of white men negotiating on the backs of people of color and communities like ours..."

Chuck Schumer who is a Jew supports a number of racists and anti-Semites like Keith Ellison in his party for reasons that befuddle me. Bernie Sanders communist or socialist it's hard to tell spews much of the same anti-Israel, anti-white and anti-Jewish racism as Sarsour.

His identity is socialism, period. So he has no problem joining with Jew haters like Sansour.

We need to identify what these people really are and it is not liberal. While it seems the Democrat Party is confused or contradictory, thinking that is a mistake.

Someone asked, "Why do liberals think they have the right to force their views on everybody?"

Todd I. claims to be a Fiscally conservative, socially liberal moderate. He goes into a tirade on Christians and evades the question. It is not worth repeating.

He is another confused Democrat. He missed the entire point of the question. Democrats attack, bully and name call, trying to get them to define what they mean is useless.

I am a liberal. Liberalism today isn't liberal. Liberalism is not the belief of the Democrat Party today. Their views run from communist, neo-Marxist, fascist, racial socialism, Progressive, Islamist etc.

For your information a revile the Republican Party.

Democrats are not a real political party, but a coalition of racial bigots, malcontents, self-proclaimed or manufactured victims, the sexually confused, and spoiled children mad at some part or other of the system. They are united only in their hatred of Western Culture, capitalism, and individualism.

If their coalition really gained total power they would be killing each other in no time - when they get trough with the rest of us.

Hillary calls herself a "modern Progressive" which I can't figure out what that means.

Progressives in the past have been racist, supported eugenics. They had allied themselves at times with Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mussolini. Hillary is not Hitler.

Progressives only renounced Hitler and Mussolini when they went to war, but not over their policies at first.

Progressives like Woodrow Wilson imprisoned over 100,000 Americans for disagreeing with his efforts to get us into World War I. FDR imprisoned Japanese Americans because he was a racist.

Progressives dabbled in the past with eugenics and population control. Today under environmentalism (a non-science) they suggest large scale human genocide. All to save the planet - abortion is about population control. They reduce human welfare below that of Nature.

Progressives such as Margaret Sanger believed blacks were inferior and founded Planed Parenthood to foster population control.

Modern Progressives too often look to Cuba and Venezuela as role models. Bernie Sanders favors Venezuela and Cuba. Hillary Europe.

Is Bernie Sanders a Progressive, communist, or socialist? As far as the regressive Left is concerned it is an open question. Social justice is more Marxism lite.

Perhaps Bernie can define the difference for us. When asked about Venezuela he stormed off.

They are "secular" in their hostility to Christianity, but not Islam. Separation of church-state applies only to Christians - Islam is treated as a race or ethnicity to be fostered on the public in the name of diversity.

They engage in earth-centered religion. Nature centered spiritualism, Eastern mysticism, pantheism, and New Age nonsense. Even social justice is a substitute religion.

This religion has no church other than Nature, so that religion is good and state separation doesn't apply.

They defend Islamic fundamentalist violence, abuse of women, etc. Their defence borders on delusional some even blaming the Orlando Nightclub attack that killed 49 on Christians opposed to gay marriage, not the Muslim in the name of Islam that pulled the trigger.

If Islam came to power they would be the first to die. They will go all the way to the gallows repeating "religion of peace".

The Muslim Brotherhood infects college campuses like a plague. The origins of the Brotherhood in the 1920s-30s is Nazism and Sunni Islam.

Regressive liberals, Progressives or whatever behave like Nazis. They are fanatical over inserting race and identity into every discussion. They consider human worth based not on merit or the individual, but on group or racial identity. So did Hitler.

The founder of fascism was Mussolini. He was an atheist and heretical communist. Fascism is non-Soviet socialism. Mussolini was a friend with Lenin.

Like all "leftwing" ideologies they reject the concepts of Natural rights and individual rights.

They believe in group rights that force individuals to conform to the group - or else.

They believe power resides only with the state, in particular if they can control it. Like all religious fanatics they claim to have the sole truth to a better world.

Everybody must be forced to take part for "collective salvation". So says the racial Marxist Barak Obama. When given a Christian overcoat it's called liberation theology - Rev. Wright.

Modern Democrats only keep the voting process. Their more extreme fellow travelers rejected or overthrew democracy. But the authoritarian tendencies are still there.

Many make the mistake of associating "conservatives" with Christian religious fundamentalism as simply another slur. Islamic fundamentalism is just fine to them - it is about diversity.

Liberals completely evade the question on why "liberals" are authoritarians and tyrants. They believe they are superior to the rest of us, the world sucks and they want to fix it. You are why it sucks it you don't go along.

You get in their way you will get squashed like the racist, denier, and human vermin they think you are. Antifa the Democrat Party storm troopers are the 1920s German communist thugs. They refuse to renounce them.

Racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan enjoys broad support in the Democrat Party. So do Muslim Brotherhood affiliates - again diversity is good.

Both are fascist in every sense of the word. Democrats refuse to renounce their fellow travelers. Number two Democrat Keith Ellison came through Nation of Islam. He like Sarsour is a racist and anti-Semite. Obama's Chicago office was crawling with them.

It should be no surprise that Martin Heidegger the "greatest philosopher" of the 20th. Century is an enormous influence on modern Progressives - he was also a Nazi.

So "liberals" are better called "modern progressives". They are not communist, socialist, or fascist or Nazi. They are changing and shifting combination of them.

They all share the view of collectivism and are authoritarian. They can't allow the heresy of individual liberty or capitalism.

Don't kid yourself - they mean just what they say. Reason be damned when dealing with crazies.