Emily Haddock
Emily Haddock

The Murder of 12-Year-Old Emily Haddock: Ignored in the Press

Lewis Loflin

Vass, North Carolina (pop. about 750) is in the south-central part of the state. According to local press reports on Sept. 21, 2007 Emily Haddock was home from school with strep throat. When her grandfather came to check on her, she was lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

According to police reports she was shot twice, once in the mouth and once in the back of her head. Later autopsy reports it was two .22 caliber bullets. The bullets were fired from a stolen handgun and a gang of five young feral black males were arrested for the murder.

Unlike the The Murder of Derrion Albert in Chicago, this tragedy got no national press coverage. Derrion was black and murdered by fellow blacks; Emily was white murdered by blacks. A clear double-standard. Derrion was the poster boy for violence against inner city youth, Emily was nothing to the liberal press with a race agenda.

Update: The trials end in a travesty. See Emily Haddock Killers Get Plea Bargain

According to The Pilot,

A few hours before Emily was shot with a small caliber gun, police say someone was spotted trying to break into John Lyczkowski's house about a mile up the road. The person was trying to kick in the door and pry open the window with a screwdriver, officials said. Lyczkowski said he and his family couldn't believe it when they heard what happened to Emily. "It was overwhelming to me and my wife. We were both hurt, because an innocent child was involved," he said.

There's no evidence this gang of thieves went in to kill Emily. Five young black men have been arrested and charged with murder. Van Roger Smith, 16, Sherrod Nicholas Harrison, 19, Michael Graham Currie, 18, Perry Ross Schiro, 19 and Ryan Jermar White, 18 broke into Emily's house reportedly to rob it. At this point nobody knows what happened, but from what I read of the coroners report she was shot in face shattering here jaw and tongue. She probably fell to the floor (I pray she was unconscious at least) then finished off with a shot to the back of the head. That part is speculation from me. The state is seeking the death penalty for Currie and Harrison.

From the report:

SUMMARY AND INTERPRETATION: This was an 11 [sic] year old girl who was found deceased in her residence, apparently shot during a break-in. Autopsy revealed two gunshot wounds. One involving the face entering in the lower lip, fracturing the mandible and damaging the tongue. The other entered in the left superior parietal area of the head, damaged skull and brain before exiting through the cheek. These wounds were, in my opinion, the cause of her death.

She was not raped as claimed by several racist' websites nor was there any conspiracy to cover up anything.

Perry Schiro
Perry Schiro

Perry Schiro has felony convictions for possession of stolen goods and possession of a controlled substance. Both of those convictions came in April. He also has several misdemeanor convictions for assault. Schiro, along with Harrison and Currie, could face the death penalty if convicted.

Smith, because of his age, is ineligible for the death penalty...the gun used in Haddock's murder had been found in the trunk of Schiro's car, and investigators said they had found information appearing to link him with other suspects in the case -- other evidence indicates that neither Schiro nor White was among those who broke into the Haddock home when she was killed Sept. 21."

Later Perry Ross Schiro was arrested for the attack of Jason Michael Phillips while Phillips was conducting his duties in one of the cell blocks, according to a press release. During the attack, Phillips suffered a fracture and lacerations to the right side of his face.

Schiro, has been charged with felony assault on a law enforcement officer inflicting serious injury. His bail on that charge has been set at $50,000. Schiro has been in jail since his arrest in September 2007 on the murder charge. The gun used in Haddock's murder had been found in the trunk of Schiro's car.

Emily Haddock Killers
The killers of Emily Haddock

Other reports (not The Pilot) on the five accused killers we get the usual:

Three of the suspects were given suspended sentences for other earlier crimes and were free on probation at the time of the murder and two were repeat probation violators. At the time of the murder, Mr. Harrison was serving a concurrent 36-month suspended sentence, which he received in February 2006 for four burglary convictions.

Mr. Currie is serving a concurrent suspended sentence for six crimes: Trespassing, simple assault, possession of stolen goods, unauthorized use of conveyance, breaking and entering and larceny. Mr. Schiro is serving a concurrent suspended sentence for five crimes: Assault, two counts of simple assault, possession of Schedule VI drug and possession of stolen goods.

To quote The Pilot May 15, 2009,

First-degree death penalty trials for the accused killers of Emily Haddock were set Thursday for the first trial session next year. Superior Court Judge Paul G. Gessner could not set an exact date for the trial to begin...Sherrod Nicholas Harrison, 19, and Michael Graham Currie, 18, both of Cameron, face first-degree murder charges in the case. Ryan Jermar White, 18, of Sanford, Van Roger Smith Jr., 16, and Perry Ross Schiro, 19, both of Cameron, have also been charged in the case, but none of them are facing the death penalty.

Other details;

Emily Elizabeth Haddock was home sick from school when, according to the charges, the three teens broke into her home at 6988 Marks Road and shot her several times with a small-caliber handgun. Deputies called it a "brutal shooting." "There were no cars in the driveway," he (police) said. "Then they go in and, boom, there she is. They still didn't have to shoot her.

It's just a senseless, terrible situation." Deputies are not yet sure which of the three suspects pulled the trigger. They did recover a .22-caliber pistol believed to be the murder weapon...forensic investigation on the firearm will be used to determine which of the suspects fired the gun.

The gun had been stolen from a Harnett County home the night before the murder. Harnett County officers recovered the firearm in the trunk of a car they stopped in the Carolina Hills area of Harnett County on Monday afternoon.

Police said that deputies searched the vehicle when they saw that it had stolen tags. They charged Parry Ross Schiro, 19, of Cameron, with possession of the stolen firearm as well as several other offenses. Police wouldn't say what other evidence led investigators to these three teens, saying only that they followed several leads.

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If they had been in prison where they should have been then this would have been prevented. I'm sure liberals will blame white racism or bad upbringing for this too. Now it will be 2010 before this gang goes before a jury. Emily went to church too and was loved by her family.

The community of Vass isn't Southside Chicago and two years later the case is almost unknown even though far more brutal than the Darron Albert case. Where has the press been on this one? Google Emily Haddock and almost nothing appears on her outside racist' blogs such as Stromfront.org. I had a fit even finding a reputable news source for this story. I only found out about it myself from a video clip on YouTube.

Is this a race issue? Yes it is because the press makes it a race issue. The national press blacked-out this story along with the Christian/Newsom murders in Knoxville earlier in the year. The victims were all white, the killers all black.

If the races had been reversed in both cases it would be national headlines, in particular if the killers had a tattoo or something to tie them to racist' hate groups. Or just being white killers would create a feeding frenzy in the left-wing press. Where are Emily Haddock's civil rights?

See Killers of 12-Year-Old Emily Haddock Get Plea Bargain

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