Majority of Poor Americans are White

by Lewis Loflin

Who is in poverty?

One in four blacks, one in four Native Americans and one in five Hispanics are classified as poor. By contrast, only 1 in 10 whites and 1 in 10 Asians are poor. The authors note that whites make up most of the nation's poor, but that is because there are more whites in the total population.


Population 328 million (Est.) 2019 US Census:

White 76.5% includes Arabs/Muslins, etc. that are not white.
~251 million white X 10% = 25.1 million whites in poverty.
Black 13.4%. ~42 million X 25% = 10.5 million in poverty.
Asian 5.9%. ~19.4 million X 10% = 1.94 million in poverty.
Hispanic 18.3% ~60 million X 20% = 12 million in poverty.

Total 24.44 million non-whites in poverty.

There are more non-Hispanic whites in poverty than Blacks, all Hispanics, and Asians combined! Yet The New York Times admits most high-scoring students in poverty are White or Asian (90% plus).

They in fact outscore middle and upper class Blacks and most Hispanics. Yet they are ignored in efforts to boost performance of lower-achieving non-whites.

Poor whites are locked out of many elite colleges in favor of lower scoring non-whites and non-citizens (with big money) to promote diversity racism.

The New York Times derides going by mere income with merit in college admissions is racist because it favors poor Whites over rich, lower scoring, non-whites benefiting under affirmative action racism.

Muslims Shouldn't Be Count as White

In many states including Virginia and Tennessee Hispanics are counted as white inflating the white crime and hiding Hispanic crime rates.

A similar problem exist with Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa. It hides their crime rates and low academic achievement rates.

Michigan is one example where large Muslim communities in the Detroit region drive the white average through the floor.

This is illustrated by failing Muslim schools in Dearborn Michigan. Dearborn identifies as 89% white but is little better than the failing third-world school system of nearby Detroit.

The Detroit metropolitan area is home to the largest concentration of Arab Americans (403,445).

Source: Public education crisis felt in Dearborn schools 01/05/2017

Dearborn is no stranger to such issues in public education. Like neighboring Detroit, a city plagued by the failure of its public school system, Dearborn faces risks as a school district a sliver away from priority status, referring to the lowest achieving 5 percent of all public schools in the state.

But their schools do adhere to Islamic culture and that is the problem. The press proudly proclaims of failing school systems: "Dearborn Schools leading the way in accommodating immigrants"

Ref. 9/19/2016.

Social justice (or climate justice) is just Marxism. To quote,

CRITICAL THEORY is rooted in Marxism, and SOCIAL JUSTICE, as social justice warrior Joan Alway admits above, is application of Critical Theory "affecting revolutionary social change." That revolution may be labeled liberation, cultural transformation, or Christian Social Justice, but it begins with Progressives "deconstructing" traditional Western values and culture by redistributing wealth and power. Traditional Marxists tried and failed to accomplish redistribution by establishing class equality. Twenty-first century Progressives are attempting to accomplish it by establishing "identity" equality: sexual, gender, racial equality. These Progressive efforts are evident everywhere in American culture.

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