12 Step Recovery for the United Kingdom

by Ronin

1. Admit you have a problem. 2000 people is the equivalent to a brigade of trouble. It is simply stupid to allow this number to increase.

2. Identify the problem. Photograph, fingerprint and take a DNA sample from all UK Muslims. This is not as hard as it sounds. Set up stations at all Mosques. If there really are "moderates" they should jump at the chance to prove their own innocence should another attack occur. The prosecution of guilty parties will only be quicker and easier with the existence of such a database.

3. Limit the Problem. Pass laws allowing for the deportation of family members of known terrorists. It is inconceivable people could plan such attacks in secret. Someone inside the family would know or suspect. By not coming forward they are facilitating the attacks.

4. Limit the access in and out of the UK. Although at first glance this seems harsh it is necessary to limit Muslim travel. They are getting training somewhere and I'd bet many UK Muslims are taking short Jihad vacations into Afghanistan or Iraq.

5. Collect genealogy of the Muslims. Why? They are known to cover for family member's accused of terrorism. Identify them and charge them as accessories. Like all tribal societies you will quickly find family loyalty runs deep.

With known connections the tracking of people, fund transfers and even radical thought should be easier to track. This step is necessary to gather evidence quickly. With thousands of radicals identified you have to streamline the processes to identify, capture and prosecute these criminals.

6. Close any Mosque identified with radical members. I would actually go one further and tear the Mosque down. Seizure of properties could help defer the costs associated with monitoring thousands of terrorists.

7. Identify and monitor Muslim owned businesses and review their books. Terrorism is not free and you can bet the Christians are not knowingly funding these groups. Surely a law-abiding business would welcome the opportunity to help maintain their good name and help identify those inside their communities which want to harm them and their people.

8. Stop listening to Muslim organizations on how to fight this problem, listen instead to your law enforcement and military officials. If they currently do not have the legal authorities to fight this problem inside the UK then it is time for new laws.

9. Prosecute all terrorists with extreme punishment, make the punishment fit the crime.

10. Captured terrorists should not have access to any religious texts. The Koran got them into this mess it should not provide them with a security blanket or a tool to radicalize and indoctrinate other prisoners.

11. Streamline your legal process. Capture, conviction and incarceration should be a short smooth process. Special anti terrorism laws and penalties would allow UK officials to drop the numbers from 2000 known to 2000 captured convicted and imprisoned. Then you can get to work on those who facilitate and encourage them.

12. Publicly admit you may have to outlaw the practice of Islam through the UK if the above steps do not work.

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Excerpts from Will Durant's The Age of Faith Pages 162-186 Pub. 1950