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Arab people dislike our nation because of our Middle East policy

Bristol herald Courier February 27, 2003

To the editor:

Like Ms. Billie Brown in her Feb. 11 letter to the editor, I will continue to pray for Mr. Bush for all the good it will do America, since the man, like most of our citizens, is under the delusion that Sept. 11 occurred because Arab people dislike our nation because we are prosperous and democratic.

Nothing could be further from the truth than that drivel that came from the president's mouth after the terrorist incident. The reason that Arab people dislike our nation is solely because of our foreign policy in the Middle East which, since 1948 has been one-sided in support of the Zionist state in Palestine which evicted the former dwellers there with terrorist measures and has oppressed the remaining Palestinians by the use of American money and weapons, supplied by the American taxpayer.

Some Arabs, seeing the injustice of this, decided to make "innocent Americans" pay for the evil that their government has helped perpetrate for 53 years.

That, in a nutshell, is why Sept. 11, 2001 occurred and why Mr. Bush wants to invade Iraq and control it. It is for the benefit of our "friend" Israel, so that it can retain its hegemony over not only Palestine, but also over the rest of the Middle East, with its nuclear weapons and crack army and not face any real opposition except that from a secular Iraq, that stands in the way of the Zionists' dreams of a "Greater Israel" that would replace what today is the state if Iraq. This is also the deluded dream of Bush's pro-Israeli advisors, such as Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc.

David A. Whitt
Bristol, VA.

Bristol Herald Courier March 14, 2003

To the editor:

David Whitt's comments on Israel (Herald Courier Feb. 27) are absurd. Here are the facts:

Two million Christian/others enslaved/murdered by Islamic fascists in Sudan, 100,000 murdered in Algeria, 50,000 Kurds nerve-gassed by Saddam, and one million dead in the Iran/Iraq war. After Egyptian born/raised terrorist Arafat was expelled from Jordan in 1970 to Lebanon, he and fellow Islamic thugs proceeded to wipe out the Christians. With the help from Syria, over 100,000 Lebanese were killed.

Egypt's large Christian (Coptic) community is being destroyed. Islamic fascist thugs in India, Nigeria and Russia, murder thousands. Israel has nothing to do with any of this and didn't invade Kuwait. Pakistan/Iran aren't even Arab. When Egypt/Jordan occupied the West Bank/Gaza in 1949, Jews/others were murdered. Jerusalem's Christian community fell by 61 percent under Jordanian occupation.

When Israel liberated the territory in 1967 (without any American help), we now have religious freedom. Thousands of Arabs sided with Israel, which has three Arab generals. Arabs vote in Israel. While the 650,000 Palestinians left under orders from their leaders in 1948, 650,000 Palestinians were expelled from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War and 850,000 Jews were driven out of surrounding Islamic states.

The UN multiculturalism cesspool ignores all of this.

The UN leftist cesspool, Jew bashers and Islamic fascists hate America for what we represent. Our secular culture of freedom, reason, capitalism, individualism and individual rights, the rule of law, and secular government is hated because they want an authoritarian society where thought and behavior are controlled by true believers.

That is why America is great, and that's why they hate us. Making Israel another Czechoslovakia won't change that. President Bush and our troops have my full support as does Israel, India and any other democracy fighting terrorist thugs.

Lewis Loflin Bristol, VA.