Truth versus media.

Political Agendas, Press Censorship, Lots of Arrests in Tri-Cities

by Lewis Loflin

I appreciate the Herald Courier dual editorial from Mr. Pitts and Mr. Miller on January 12, 2012. Now we know that lack of gun control in Bristol and the Tea Party in Abingdon are behind the Tucson shootings. Let's focus on another tragic killing.

16-year-old Derrion Albert was beaten to death by a gang of black thugs. The killing, caught on video, was beamed across the nation. He was one of 34 students killed in the Chicago School system in 2009 while another 290 were wounded in shootings. All victims and shooters were minorities, another fact the press never reported on.

This same school system is where half the minority students dropout and the half that do graduate are functional illiterates, was operated by present Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. So was the Tea Party responsible for Chicago killings or the minority community itself or Mr. Duncan? Chicago has among the toughest gun control laws in the nation. Guess gun control didn't work.

We hear hysterical banter about how American school system ranks 20 something behind other school systems such as Finland and Taiwan. When we break the scores apart by race, white Americans score at the top with Finland, Asian Americans with Taiwan. Black/Hispanics score right down with Latin America and Africa. Could it be that multiculturalism maintaining third-world "values" plays into the problem? Uncomfortable as these facts are, avoiding them won't help the next Derrion.

Like the Tucson shootings the left-wing press refuses to face facts and prefers twisting its reporting to fit a political agenda. Unless the press begins to fulfill its traditional role of providing facts instead of this kind backdoor attack the Herald Courier just did, then there is no hope of tackling real problems. I just can't wait for the next screed on global warming. Brrrrrr!

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