Chad Horton and Brandy R. Landwerth

Kingsport Couple Arrested for Meth Manufacturing in Backseat of Car

How can anyone be this stupid? Making meth in the back seat of a car in a public place? It seems this poison has caused some people brain damage.

4-28-2014 Kingsport: Officers found a couple sitting in a car in a gas station in the Sullivan Gardens Parkway. 39-year-old Chad Horton and 36-year-old Brandy Landwerth were arrested when police found chemicals and equipment to manufacture meth in the vehicle. Chad Horton was later charged with identity theft and was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Ref. Kingsport Police

On April 27, 2014 at approximately 3:00 AM, Kingsport Police Patrol Officers observed a gold Buick Century in the parking lot of Zoomerz, located at 2306 Sullivan Gardens Parkway in Kingsport. The vehicle was occupied by a driver, identified as Brandy R. Landwerth, and a passenger, who initially identified himself to officers as Dustin Horton.

Upon searching the vehicle, a wallet containing the male passenger's Tennessee Driver License was located. The license identified this individual as Chad W. Horton. Mr. Horton acknowledged that he had originally given the name of his brother (Dustin) in an attempt to deceive the officers.

A further search of the vehicle yielded a methamphetamine manufacture operation in the back seat floorboard. Several ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine as well as two "one-pot" meth labs were collected into evidence.

K.P.D. Vice Detectives responded to process the evidence and continue the investigation. Further inquiry revealed that Mr. Horton was wanted on an outstanding Sullivan County warrant for Violation of Probation, which explained his earlier deceit. Both Mr. Horton and Ms. Landwerth were arrested and charged with:

1) Initiation of a Process Intended to Result in the Manufacture of Methamphetamine

2) Promotion of Methamphetamine Manufacture

3) Possession of Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia

Mr. Horton was also charged with Identity Theft and arrested on the outstanding warrant.

Cartoon lazy Hillbillies.

White People, Crime, and Welfare Myths

Most poor whites like poor blacks end up in poverty for the same reason: behavior. As of 2016 28% of white children were born to single mothers. There is a lazy, shiftless white underclass no different than the lazy, shiftless black underclass.

Not only out of wedlock births, but high levels of substance abuse, violence, sloth, etc. The press loves to play race, but it is class and behavior regardless of race.

In Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee massive drug busts can net as many as 20-50 people in one sweep, 90% white. We have 70-year-olds being busted for drug dealing.


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