Pam Basu
Dr. Pam Basu

Carjacking Murder of Doctor Pam Basu

A review of this book:

This book provides a bird's eye account of the tragic death of an innocent victim who was simply attempting to save her child from two savage predators. James Lilley is a master at the craft of highlighting the technical aspects of investigating a multi-scene crime with the sympathetic touch of a person who realizes the human tragedy suffered by the Basu family and all those who assisted in bringing the killers to justice. A must read!!

March 20, 2012: New Book, Fatal Destiny - The Carjacking Murder of Doctor Pam Basu, Reveals Newly Released Facts on the Vicious Murder that Defined Carjacking.

On October 25, 1992, President George H. W. Bush spoke angrily about a brutal crime before the International Association of Chiefs of Police. It was the same day he signed into law the statue that defined the term carjacking and made it a federal offense.

The savage murder of Pamela Basu, in a quiet community in Maryland, drew worldwide attention and sparked fear and horror in people of all walks of life. On a beautiful morning, with much to celebrate, Dr. Basu was dragged mercilessly to her death by two thugs as she tried with all her energy to save her baby. The case was, and continues to be, reported by news sources such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX News, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, London Times and Washington Post.

Jim Lilley's new book, Fatal Destiny: The Carjacking Murder of Doctor Pam Basu, provides the first public accounting of the crime, from the events leading up to the homicide through the vicious act itself and its aftermath. This book provides the only authorized public release of crime scene and other evidentiary photographs.

An award-winning author and retired police sergeant, Lilley's personal experience with the investigation, arrest and trial provides a rare perspective on the crimes. It offers the reader details and accounts from police officers, forensics experts, and prosecutors who lived the event. Most significantly, the book delves into the survival and recovery of a loving family and includes the first and only interview with the victim's husband, Steve.

The timing of the release of Lilley's book is significant. Almost 20 years later, the Basu carjacking remains front-page news as attorneys representing the suspects continue to purse appeals and challenge legislation and court opinion. The news media has termed the Basu carjacking "the crime that won't go away." The crime continues to be cited in legal documents and court rulings, and has been recognized as a primary case in West's Encyclopedia of American Law.

"Few authors have achieved the depth and detail that Jim Lilley conveys in Fatal Destiny," said Dr. Sheldon Greenberg, a former police officer and Associate Dean and Director of the Division of Public Safety Leadership at Johns Hopkins University. "The book makes you simultaneously sad, frustrated, and incensed over the senseless act and the inconceivable harm it caused to an innocent family. Everyone, from the average person on the street to the most experienced police officer and attorney, will find this a captivating story and learn from this book."

Fatal Destiny: The Carjacking Murder of Doctor Pam Basu is available through in Kindle and Paperback formats.

Note the two killers are black. What else is new?

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