Rabbi Meir Kahane

The Holocaust by Rabbi Meir Kahane

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Written, May 1989.

How the Jewish leadership of our times, and Jews in general have made the Holocaust a religion unto itself, and the raison d'etre of Jewishness! Worse, how the Jews revel in attacking and condemning "the world" for its silence and apathy and refusal to act to save Jews during the Holocaust.

The Vatican, the British, the United States, the Christian world - all are the subject of almost delirious Jewish vituperation. "They" stood by and watched Jews die . . .

And yet what a waste and worse. What a waste, because did anyone expect anything more from the Christian world? If Christians do not do for Christians in Lebanon who are massacred by Moslems, are we shocked and angered that they did nothing for Jews? Who are we condemning? Those from whom we never could have expected action?

Did we really expect them to help Jews? Or the real culprits, the ones from whom we had every right to expect outrage and anger and action and sacrifice on behalf of the Jews threatened with Holocaust - the Jews of the free world!

They, the Jewish Establishment leaders of the free world, who knew as early as 1942 of the extermination and who did nothing, are the real culprits, the silent partners in the Holocaust.

The Jewish organizations - B'nai B'rith, American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, all the rest; the Jewish Federations, the national and local Jewish leaders, the Reform and Conservative temple rabbis - all those, who twenty years later were marching and protesting and being arrested for blacks and civil rights and lettuce and grapes and Vietnam.

All those who were nowhere to be seen or heard when the issue was not human rights but JEWISH LIVES, 12,000 Jewish lives, Jews who were murdered daily. All those who marched in Jackson, Mississippi, and who broke the law in Selma, Alabama, but never blocked the streets of Washington to shout: "Bomb Auschwitz!"

For make no mistake - there was a way to have saved hundreds of thousands of Jews. The Jews who were exterminated in the camps did not arrive there, as if by magic. They had to be transported from all over Europe, by railroad. And the Jews trapped in Hitler's Europe pleaded with the Jewish leaders of the free world: Bomb the railroad lines and the bridges over which the freight trains ride! If you cripple them for a day, you can save thousands; for a week, you can save tens of thousands! Shake the world! Shake the world!

The Jewish Establishment shook nothing. They were obscenely fearful of demonstrating and breaking the law and shaking the world, for they feared anti-Semitism that would affect them. Had the Jewish leaders and Jewish organizations led 100,000 Jews to the White House and sat on the streets blocking traffic, they would have been arrested, and world headlines would have cried out the next day: "Jews arrested, demand bombing of death camps!"

And they would have been bombed. But the Jewish leaders did nothing of the kind. They feared that this would lead to "anti-Semitism" that would threaten them. The Jewish Establishment. The Jewish leaders. They are the ultimate culprits, the criminals of silence. They were the ones who should have, more than any gentile, shaken the world, and they did not. The scarlet letter, the mark of Cain, will never leave them these are our leaders...

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Beyond Words Selected Writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, 1960-1990 Volume 6

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