James Douglas Black, Chris Allen Jones and Tabitha Whitlock.
James Douglas Black, Chris Allen Jones and Tabitha Whitlock.

Three Whites Accused of Double Murder over Drugs, Money

March 16, 2012: Three possibly four people are facing murder charges over the murder of a white couple that just moved to Newport, Tennessee.

The two men James Douglas Black, 49 and Christopher Allen Jones, 30 appeared in a Greene County courtroom charges with first degree murder. Tabatha Whitlock, 32, has also been arrested are charged with first degree murder in the deaths of Courtney Thompson and Terrance Stewart.

The bodies were found under a bridge on Highway 321 in Greene County on March 11. The murders are believed to have taken place in Cocke County.

All three defendants are being charged under a first degree murder subsection that is commonly and legally known as "felony murder." according to the Greenville Sun. Judge Kenneth Bailey Jr. set a bond of $250,000 on each charge for the men, for a total of $500,000 each.

Robbery is the probable motive in the killings. Thompson was wanted in Cocke County for a drug-related offense, according to Third Judicial District Attorney General C. Berkeley Bell. "It's possible there was a robbery," he said. "She was allegedly seen with a large sum of money [on Saturday]." Other reports relate this was over drugs and money. As one law enforcement official comment on local TV, "Every crime lately seems related to drugs."

From the Knoxville News Sentinel:

A Greene County grand jury indicted four people this week on double-murder charges in what authorities call a year-old deadly drug robbery near the Greene-Cocke county line. James Douglas Black, 50, Chris Allen Jones, 31, Tabitha Whitlock, 32, and Teresa Jane Miller, 46, each face charges of first-degree and felony murder in the March 11, 2012, deaths of Courtney Thompson and Terrance Stewart. Authorities found the bodies of Thompson, 20, and Stewart, 21, in their car under a bridge on the Nolichucky River within a mile of the Cocke-Greene county line.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, March 11, 2012, victims Courtney Thompson and Terrence Stewart were both shot in the head and killed in Ms. Thompson’s blue Honda on Newport Highway. The bodies were discarded under a nearby bridge, and the Honda was abandoned in a Perkins restaurant parking lot. For his role in these crimes, a Greene County grand jury indicted the Defendant for two counts of first degree premeditated murder and four counts of first degree felony murder...

They were convicted. See the court ruling james_black.pdf. Again this was over drug dealing.

Cartoon lazy Hillbillies.

White People, Crime, and Welfare Myths

Most poor whites like poor blacks end up in poverty for the same reason: behavior. As of 2016 28% of white children were born to single mothers. There is a lazy, shiftless white underclass no different than the lazy, shiftless black underclass.

Not only out of wedlock births, but high levels of substance abuse, violence, sloth, etc. The press loves to play race, but it is class and behavior regardless of race.

In Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee massive drug busts can net as many as 20-50 people in one sweep, 90% white. We have 70-year-olds being busted for drug dealing.


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