Jeffrey Lawrence Brousseau and William Joseph Cantey

South Carolina Fugitives Face Drug Charges in Kingsport

Being a fugitive from justice and coming to Kingsport is a bad idea. To come to Kingsport and commit further crimes is just plain stupid.

The K.P.D. has arrested two known felons at a local apartment complex on outstanding warrants and some additional felony drug charges.

On January 9, 2014, at approximately 2:00 PM, the Kingsport Police Directed Patrol Unit responded to Model City Apartments, located at 1000 Stonegate Road in Kingsport, in an attempt to locate two individuals, Jeffrey Lawrence Brousseau and William Joseph Cantey, who were wanted on outstanding warrants out of South Carolina.

Both of these individuals were wanted for Violation of Parole, with Mr. Brousseau's original charge being Armed Robbery and Mr. Cantey's original charge being Burglary.

While searching the area, the officers were able to locate both suspects in the back seat of a silver Ford Escort. Mr. Brousseau was found to be in possession of over 2.5 ounces of Marijuana and some drug paraphernalia including a digital scale and a pill crusher. He was also in possession of $103 in cash believed to be proceeds from narcotics transactions and a cell phone believed to be utilized to facilitate these transactions.

A subsequent search of an associated Model City Apartment unit netted a multitude of additional paraphernalia including various drug pipes, blunt wrappers, baggies, and a safe containing various other drug paraphernalia. Mr. Brousseau claimed all of the contraband belonged to him.

Mr. Brousseau was charged with:

1) Fugitive From Justice (Wanted out of South Carolina for Violation of Parole-Original Charge: Armed Robbery)

2) Felony Possession of a Schedule VI Drug for Resale (Over 2.5 Ounces of Marijuana)

3) Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Digital Scales, Pill Crushers, Pipes, Blunts, Baggies, etc.)

Mr. Cantey was charged with:

1) Fugitive From Justice (Wanted out of South Carolina for Violation of Parole-Original Charge: Burglary)

Both suspects were transported to the Kingsport City Jail to await extradition back to South Carolina.

Cartoon lazy Hillbillies.

White People, Crime, and Welfare Myths

Most poor whites like poor blacks end up in poverty for the same reason: behavior. As of 2016 28% of white children were born to single mothers. There is a lazy, shiftless white underclass no different than the lazy, shiftless black underclass.

Not only out of wedlock births, but high levels of substance abuse, violence, sloth, etc. The press loves to play race, but it is class and behavior regardless of race.

In Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee massive drug busts can net as many as 20-50 people in one sweep, 90% white. We have 70-year-olds being busted for drug dealing.


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