Oadis William White III

The Oadis White Serial Murders in Bristol

by Lewis Loflin

The recent conviction of Oadis William White III for the strangulation death of Angela Statzer won't bring to a close this subculture of drugs/crime/death across the region.

Three other young women were thought to have been his victims but no charges were ever filed.

The press gave this basic account of the trail of death left by Oadis White:

In July 2004, three days after moving into a house in Johnson City, White called police and reported that he found a 19-year-old girl dead in his basement. Three years later in Bristol, Tenn., the remains of two other young women were found 10 months and a half-mile apart in the same creek off Weaver Pike. White knew them both and was the caretaker for an abandoned house nearby.

Then, in October 2008, more than two years after she disappeared, Hayden was found in an old, vacant farmhouse several hundred yards deep in a Washington County, Va., field owned by White's late stepfather. She was so badly decomposed it took 10 days and dental records to identify her body.

There were so many bodies turning up and it was so much of a "coincidence" they had to convict White. According to press reports he was a long term criminal.

From age 15 to 25 he was nailed for assault, larceny, forgery, and making threats. In 1981 he and a cohort pistol-whipped and robbed a man for $80. After getting out of prison in 1986 he fathered a child with a 22-year-old. Later on after enticing her to go with him, he threatened her children then raped and sodomized her. He got 11 more years in prison.

After the end of a so-called "marriage" in 2004 White and another man "found" the first body in the basement of the Johnson City house. He was still on probation at the time. By 2005 White was a known drug dealer in Bristol, TN. From then on the bodies just piled up.

March 3, 2010 Angela Statzer's body was found in a wooded area off East Valley Drive in Bristol, VA. In August 2010 Oadis White was indicted in her death and in May 2011 White was convicted of first-degree murder. He got life in prison, where he should have been to begin with. Others are demanding justice in the other murders, but officials don't seem to care.

And that's the whole problem here. Why wasn't there a real investigation with the Ayers murder? The press reports these women were troubled and had problems. We allow this subculture of crime and drugs to persist and then wonder why we find so many lives ruined?

Posted July 2011

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