Drug Arrests Explode Across Kingsport-Bristol

by Lewis Loflin

Kingsport police arrested another 10 drug dealers while still seeking four others according to the Kingsport Times-News. (09/10/2008) Police say several have posted bond and are awaiting an initial appearance in court and four are still at large. They fit a pattern I've noted for years of those arrested in this region with ages ranging from 26 to 54, average age 39. Police note that while blacks make up less than 5% of the population, they account for about 40% of the crime. In this case 5 out of 14 are black or 35%.

In no manner should we blame all black people. For years because of racism or indifference, we allowed crime such as drugs, etc. to fester in black communities. We did nothing, and now it has spread into the white underclass and even into the white middle class. As long as black kids died from drug abuse, nobody cared. It's about time we do care and end political correctness for the welfare of those black children.

Seven black men (six from Wytheville, one from Detroit) were arrested in Wythe County Virginia for the alleged selling of crack cocaine from February 2007 to April 2008. According to officials, "These men were responsible for bringing large amounts of crack cocaine into our area." Each could face a life sentence. Ref BHC July 26, 2008, names withheld by this website.

36 people arrested after probe of Oxycontin, cocaine ring

A Bristol man and a Bluff City woman found in possession of $153,000 worth of prescription painkillers last year are among 36 people arrested Wednesday following a lengthy probe of an Oxycontin and cocaine distribution ring operating in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.

Jonathan Trenton Leonard, 35, 110 Oak Road, and April Shannon Hutson, 40, 207 Old Weaver Pike, No. 9, were stopped for speeding on Kingsport's Interstate 81 on July 1, 2009. Their SUV was searched after a police dog alerted to an odor of drugs. They were arrested and the SUV was seized after the search turned up an unidentified white powder substance, 1,827 oxycodone pills and 1,333 hydrocodone pills.

According to a U.S. Department of Justice news release, the latest arrests of Leonard, Hutson and the others are the a result of a two-year cooperative investigation by authorities in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. The group face charges of conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute cocaine, cocaine base and OxyContin in both jurisdictions.

According to the news release, those arrested Wednesday in addition to Leonard and Hutson were; 7 females ages 23-62; 14 males ages 20-52.

Agencies involved in the investigation include: The investigation of this case was conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Bristol, Tennessee Police Department, Bristol, Virginia Police Department, Sullivan County Sheriff's Department, Washington County, Virginia Sheriff's Department, Virginia State Police, and the 2nd Judicial District Drug Task Force. The investigation was assisted by the Sullivan County District Attorney's Office, and the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Tennessee.

Assistant United States Attorney Zachary T. Lee of the United States Attorney's Office in Abingdon is prosecuting the case.

Ref. January 13th, 2010 Kingsport Times-News

Bristol, Virginia police are searching for 29 people charged with 79 counts of selling drugs. Known as operation "Operation Rx" (August to December of 2008) they also charged 2 people for child abuse. Most of the drugs were prescription drugs, a huge problem in the region. They also got a lot of cocaine. They grabbed $16,500 worth of drugs, guns, and cash.

Of those nailed in this latest mass drug bust in Bristol, VA: Average age 35. At least 12 women, 6 people 40-49 plus one person 53. 7 people 30-39, 9 people 20-29, 6 people 17-19. In the past middle-age drug abusers (these people were selling to support their habit) was 40. In this case, over half were under 30. Ref. February 24, 2009 WJHL TV.

Drugs in the Family

Sullivan County law enforcement busted a 56-year-old mother and her 20-year-old son on drug charges. Besides 4 lbs. of marijuana found in their home in Piney flats, the haul included pills (Xanax and Lortab), two loaded pistols, two rifles, paraphernalia and $1,400 cash. They are being held on a $25,000 bond in Blountville.

Neighbors had the following to say, "What? I can't believe that! They're awesome neighbors, such good neighbors. Everyone is going to be shocked. They're good people, they're friendly, they never cause any trouble. I mean, I thought she was just a struggling single mother who made ends meet with her job at Walmart. I'd help them out with bond if we could, if we had the money."

And another "surprised" neighbor, They're good, quiet people. There's a teenager over there who has friends, but nothing out of the ordinary. They never cause any trouble." Ref. BHC December 13, 2008

Five white Savages charged with beating, robbing elderly Morristown, TN woman

Morristown, Tennessee (WATE and the AP Dec 24, 2008) -- Five white people were charged Tuesday in the home-invasion robbery of a 96-year-old Morristown woman. Three teens and two 21-year-olds forced their way into Selma Harville's home Monday night. The five then allegedly bound her hands and feet, kicked and hit her, then stole her jewelry and other valuables. The suspects were arrested Tuesday night and four held in the Hamblen County Jail. A 16-year-old is in a juvenile center in Knoxville.

Charged are four males and one female ages 16, 19, 18 , 21, 21. Charges included: especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, and aggravated robbery. Three are charged with "criminal responsibility for the conduct of another." The reports didn't mention if drug use was involved, but their pictures suggested that was possible in my opinion.

Crack Makes a Comeback in Bristol for Christmas

On December 23 Bristol, VA SWAT team (why the SWAT team they didn't say) went to arrest a black male from Asheville, NC. at Belle Meadows Apartments. They got their man John Henry McAlpin already wanted on other drug trafficking charges, "which stemmed from a traffic stop last month. During that traffic stop, McAlpin managed to escape." They made the arrest, got $1,500.00 worth of crack cocaine and $1,990 in cash. But is seems the idiots come in twos.

A vehicle that left the apartment just before police paid a visit had come back, parked outside, and had several people in it. Police approached the vehicle and the driver, a white female named Megan C. of Bristol, let them search the vehicle she was driving. They grabbed $150 worth of crack cocaine, she spent Christmas in jail with bond set at $1,500. BHC December 24, 2008

Bristol Crime and Criminals Spread to Washington County

Washington County, Virginia Sheriff Fred Newman announced 127 indictments for theft charges against five men. Four from Bristol, Tenn. ages 26, 21, 18, and 18 and charges include grand larceny and breaking and entering. Each could get 20 years in prison. A fifth man in Abingdon (30-years-old) was also part of this "ring" and faces 20 years for receiving stolen property. Washington County officials say additional charges are pending in Scott County, Va., and Sullivan County, Tenn.

Entire homes had been cleaned out while people were at work, including washers and driers, guns, electronics, etc. Most of the thefts occurred in the Mendota area of Washington County, Virginia (just outside Bristol VA), which is close to the Scott County line. About $10,000 worth of items has been recovered. BHC December 20, 2008.

Six busted for meth in Bristol, Va.

An investigation into the distribution of methamphetamine in Southwest Virginia has led to the arrest of six individuals and the seizure of more than 1 1 /2 pounds of meth on the morning hours of Jan. 7 2009. A warrant was executed at Alison Cary Layman's residence by federal agents and the Virginia State Police, officers seized more than 1 1 /2 pounds of meth, $3,900 in U.S. currency, records relating to the distribution of meth, and numerous other items associated with the distribution of meth.

Arrested were Alison Cary Layman, 28, Arturo Quezada Victoriano, 30, and Andres Galvan Calderas, 32, both of Woodlawn, Va.; and Kristen Nicole Gray, 29, Larry Brandon Shelley, 33, and Nicholas Duane Thompson, 29, all of Bristol, Tenn. Ref. Times-News Jan 10. Again the scourge of Hispanic crime hits Southwest Virginia.

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