A 911 Call for a Cheeseburger Leads to Two Arrests

by Lewis Loflin

35-year-old Terry A. Nunley got a little hungry. So he called 911 and said, "I'm hungry and want a cheeseburger and fries." Police arrived and asked Nunley if he made the call and he admitted did. He'd been hitting the bottle and was placed under arrest for abusing 911 and public intoxication. That was only the beginning of the fun for police that night.

While cuffing Nunley a woman came out of the building. (She) "came stumbling down the stairs of the apartment and walked up to me," claimed one of the officers. The woman was also sauced and wearing only a pair of pants. As the story went on, "The female looked up at me and realized I was a police officer and took off running back to the apartment," according to the officer who, "advised her she was under arrest and to stop, but she continued and tried to slam the door."

A female officer used her foot to prevent the door from shutting and chased the woman into the building along with backup that just arrived after placing Nunley in the squad car. They found her in an upstairs bedroom where she took of her pants and crawled into bed. She claimed she was asleep, but was ordered to get dressed. She was under arrest.

29-year-old Amanda Gail Riner continued to ignore the police as they tried cuff the naked women. She was given a choice of going to jail naked or she could get dressed. According to police, "Riner put on a pair of pants and then jerked them off and jumped back into the bed."

They already had one wrist cuffed, so they cuffed the other and wrapped her in the blanket. She continued to resist arrest and was hit with pepper spray. Even then she refused to walk and simply dropped to the floor. The police used the blanket to drag her down the stairs. She managed to put her feet on the stair spindles in an effort to keep from going to jail. Back to the blanket method for the police.

They finally got her into the squad car and an officer went and retrieved her cloths. She is charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and indecent exposure. Extract Kingsport Times-News March 4th, 2011

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