George Bush on illegal immigration

Illegal Immigration Crime Invades East Tennessee

by Lewis Loflin


Immigration reform will cause even more misery for the working poor as an additional 22 million more guest workers over the next decade will further displace native born low-wage workers and already have in East Tennessee and Tri-Cities. Low-wage black workers have been driven out of the labor force across the nation by immigration and the same thing is happening to poor whites in our region as employers hunt for more cheap-exploitable labor.

In fact this has been recommended to business as a way to lower labor costs in the tourist-retirement related industries this region is promoting. Simply put they want to bring in even cheaper labor to displace the working poor that already dominates our private sector labor market. The working poor are ignored and marginalized already and so the system of social apartheid will continue to flourish.

Mexican criminals attack Trump
According the Yellow press opposing this behavior is racism.

Yellow Press Lies about Mexicans

Also gracing the Bristol Herald Courier the hysterical yellow press claim Trump attacked Mexicans. That was part of yellow journalist' Dana Milbank's ranting and I believe race pimp Leonard Pitts. But what did Trump really say and was it factual? Facts are not racism.

QUOTE: "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

That is not an attack on Mexicans, but on the policies of the Mexican government and factually states what they are doing. This came directly based on information from news reports put out by the same yellow press attacking Trump for violating political incorrectness. He refers to crime and chaos along the border and is factual.

Mexico does send its undesirables. Mexico, like Latin America in general, is a failed culture and borders on a failed state. The culture of its masses of rural peasants, Indians, etc. leaves them the least educated and thus least productive. The problem is so bad the Mexican government has tried to pay their families to keep their kids in school - Mexican culture is antithetical to education. To quote,

Mexico's poor educational achievement is at the heart of why this nation of 100 million has remained stuck economically on the ladder of nations. Unable to compete with better-trained workforces elsewhere, Mexico has largely settled for a niche in low-skilled assembly jobs. Now it is even losing those to China, where low-skilled workers are paid less. Business leaders here are pleading for an education revolution.

A generation ago, Mexico and South Korea ranked near the bottom in academic achievement among the 30 nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, said OECD official Andreas Schleicher. Today, among people age 25 to 34, Mexico ranks last in the same OECD studies, while South Korea has risen to No. 1. South Korea's highly skilled workers produce some of the world's most popular cars and electronics, but Mexico's workforce still relies largely on sweat.

Source: The Washington Post November 24, 2003; Page A01.

13 years later more of the same. Mexico has given up trying to educate these masses of backward peasants in their failed culture. They have even tried paying parents $65 a month to try to get them to keep their kids in school. (Yes Mexico has schools and yes there are smart Mexicans.) Doesn't work, so they encourage them to move north and stick us with that failure. They even print 'how-to" comic books telling them how to break into our country, avoid the border patrol, and what to do if caught:

The Mexican government drew fire from American advocates of tighter borders on Wednesday for publishing a pamphlet that instructs migrants how to safely enter the United States illegally and live there without being detected. Officials here say the small booklet, illustrated in comic­book style, is not intended to encourage illegal immigration, but to reduce the loss of life.

Source: A Mexican Manual for Illegal Migrants Upsets Some in U.S. New York Times January 6, 2005.

So it is factual that the Mexican government is taking an active part in unloading its unwanted population onto the United States. There is no doubt this tidal wave of peasants bring crime and drugs in their midst. Fact: of the worlds 50 most violent cities 43 are in Latin America and 10 of those are in Mexico. There's no way to deny the culture of crime and violence in Mexico that has left tens of thousands dead. But what about rapists among their undesirables Mexico and other Latino nations encourages to come here?

About 60 per cent of all illegal female immigrants are estimated to face some kind of sexual violence The assaults usually go unreported over fears of deportation and reprisals against family. They happen on both sides of the border and have even been at the hands of at least one U.S. Border Patrol agent...

'An estimated six out of 10 migrant women and girls experience sexual violence, allegedly prompting some people smugglers to demand that women receive contraceptive injections ahead of the journey, to avoid them falling pregnant as a result of rape,' Amnesty International reported.

'Migrants in Mexico are facing a major human rights crisis leaving them with virtually no access to justice, fearing reprisals and deportation if they complain of abuses,' according to a researcher for the human rights organization.

Source: Daily Mail April 24, 2014. Also to quote even worse statistics:

According to a stunning Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. by way of Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent, according to an Amnesty International report...Rape can be perpetrated by anyone along the way, including guides, fellow migrants, bandits or government officials, according to Fusion. Sometimes sex is used as a form of payment, when women and girls don't have money to pay bribes.

The assaults are so common that many women and girls take contraceptives beforehand as preventative measures. What's particularly disconcerting is that the fact that these figures may not even represent the full grim picture.

Source: 80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S. Sep 12, 2014 - hardly Trump supporters.

So Trump is 100% correct based on what he actually said, not the lies pushed by the yellow press.

Illegal alien criminals turned loose on I-81 in East Tennessee

ERWIN, Tenn. (AP) -- "Two Latino men being deported from Erwin were, instead, turned loose along Interstate 81. Unicoi County Sheriff Kent Harris told the Johnson City Press that Gregorio Estala Rodriguez and Primitivo Estala Rodriguez had been picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Tuesday and were being taken to a federal center in New Orleans.

Harris said the agents called the jail later and said superiors had told them to release the men because the center in New Orleans was temporarily closed after Hurricane Gustav blew though the city. Harris said Gregorio Rodriguez had pleaded guilty to drug and weapons charges and Primitivo Rodriguez pleaded guilty to not having a driver's license or car insurance. The newspaper reported it's efforts to obtain comment from ICE were unsuccessful." Ref. AP Sep. 5, 2008.

New immigration laws in Tennessee could be changing the way some jails do business. Under the new law, jailers must confirm whether or not someone is an illegal immigrant when they are booked into the detention center.

Then, jailers must notify federal immigration agencies if the person charged is in the country illegally. Local law enforcement, including Unicoi and Washington counties, say they're prepared to cooperate with federal immigration employees.

In fact, according to Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal, this is nothing new to his department. He says they've been enforcing this law for the past several years, working with immigration officials.

In Unicoi County, jailer George Berry doesn't see anything wrong with the new law, he says, because it doesn't target any specific group of people. Instead if you're brought into jail, they must confirm your residency and they have been doing that for more than 6 years. "Don't break the law," he said, "and you don't have anything to worry about."

This is the first piece of new immigration law passed in the State of Tennessee, and Representative Tony Shipley says even though this is a small piece of the puzzle, it does get the ball rolling for future immigration laws in the state. January 03, 2011

Tennessee Passes New Immigration Law, Follows Arizona's Footsteps

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen (D) signed a bill yesterday that creates provisions similar to, but less harsh than, those of SB 1070, including requiring city and county jails in the state to report any person who may be in violation of immigration laws to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

A decision that follows recent state and local crackdowns on undocumented immigration - particularly Arizona's SB 1070 and a Nebraska town's vote to limit job and housing opportunities to undocumented immigrants - Bredesen's vote for Tennessee's House bill 670 isn't surprising.

Tennessee also has a history of laws cracking down on undocumented immigrants. In 2007, lawmakers proposed over 40 changes to state law that targeted undocumented immigrants. That same year, Bredesen signed a bill that allows the state to deny, suspend or revoke the employers' business licenses if they knowingly employ undocumented immigrants. Earlier this month, Bredesen allowed a resolution that applauded Arizona on their new immigration to pass without his signature. BHC June 29th, 2010

December 31, 2010

A new law taking effect New Year's Day targets illegal immigration. It requires jailers to report individuals who don't have legal documentation to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Homeland Security Department.

Hispanic Crime Wave

Illegal Alien Nailed for ID Theft in Johnson City

On July 5, 2011, officers of the Johnson City Police Department arrested Cuautemoc Castro Martinez, 32 yoa, 1001 East Watauga Avenue, Johnson City, Tennessee. Mr. Martinez was charged with Identity Theft. The arrest was the result of an investigation where Mr. Jesus Gomez, Nampa, Idaho filed a report with the Johnson City Police Department that his name and personal identifiers were being used in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The investigation found Mr. Cuautemoc Martinez had used the information to obtain employment and created false income tax returns for Mr. Gomez. Mr. Martinez is currently being held in the Washington County Detention Center in lieu of a $10,000.00 bond. He is scheduled to appear in the Washington County General Sessions Court on July 6, 2011 for an arraignment. Ref. Johnson City Police

Corrupt firms aid smugglers of immigrants

(AP) PHOENIX - Smugglers who bring illegal immigrants into the U.S. are getting crucial help from seemingly legitimate businesses that supply them with cars, lodging, plane tickets and other services, knowing full well what's going on. Investigators say the number of these corrupt businesses is small, but they play a significant role in helping illegal immigrants reach the country's interior.

The accomplices have included landlords and rental agents who provide homes for smugglers to hide immigrants; taxi drivers near the border who bring immigrants to the closest cities; used-car dealerships that let smugglers register vehicles under false names; and travel agencies that sell blocks of plane tickets for immigrants. "At every stage along the way, a process has been taken over, corrupted, in order to facilitate the transportation" of illegal immigrants, said Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, whose office has prosecuted such cases.

Authorities are unable to estimate the number of businesses helping smugglers but say the biggest concentration is in Arizona, the busiest illegal gateway into the country. Immigrant smuggling in Arizona is believed to be a $1.7 billion-a-year business. Businesses also are cooperating with smugglers in San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso, Texas. Immigration agents said some of these accomplices are criminal operations through and through. But others are bona fide businesses willing to break the law now and then for the extra bucks.

Authorities have prosecuted only a modest number of businesses, saying smuggling operations are often family-run and difficult to infiltrate with informants or undercover officers. Also, recorded conversations are needed to prove that businesses knew they were breaking the law. The businesses "are willfully blind to what on the face should be obvious," said Alonzo Pena, chief of investigations for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona.

November 22, 2007 Copyright 2007 AP

The first several articles presented addresses the issue of left-wing bias in news reporting, etc.

Why do racism charges not apply to Iman Keith Ellison whom Weekly Standard (10/9) calls "Louis Farrakhan's First Congressman?" He came to Islam and still supports the Nation of Islam, a racist, anti-Semitic cult. They refer to black people as "original humans" and white people as sub-human. They advocate the mass murder of Jews (excuse me, Zionists.) Why is anti-white racism condoned?

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