Derrion Albert

Murder of Derrion Albert by Black Thugs

by Lewis Loflin

The press has went into extensive feeding frenzy about how good a kid Derrion Albert was. He was murdered when he wondered into a gang fight after leaving school in Southside Chicago. This story got so much national attention within the United States that President Obama sent U.S.

Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to Chicago to discuss youth violence with Mayor Richard M. Daley. (AP 10-7-2009) Secretary Duncan was also interviewed by Anderson Cooper on the cable news channel CNN regarding violence in Chicago.

The story made it to the New York Times (10/28/2009) and according to them "34 public school students were killed last school year...(and)...At least 290 students were injured last year in shootings..."

Quoting Albert's grandfather, Joseph Walker who told CNN:

"He was in Bible class this Tuesday night. Church on Sunday. I have no trouble out of my grandson whatsoever. This thing that happened to him is so horrific that we just don't know what we're going to do. We lost a really dear friend in my grandson. He was a blessed child. I don't know where all this anger come from these people today. That's just too much anger for someone to have in their heart. All I can do is I'm going to pray for these people, I'm going to pray for forgiveness."

I agree with Mr. Walker on his grandson and the fact he didn't have to die and was a good kid. But the fact was it was four black savages that killed Darrion. The other dead last year were minorities mainly at the hands of fellow minorities. They did it to themselves.

The video shows a community in chaos and it was all at the hands of blacks. The big question is in a liberal Democratic controlled community why is this allowed to go on?

"Silvonus Shannon, 19; Eugene Riley, 18; Eugene Bailey, 17; and Eric Carson, 16, were charged with first-degree murder on Monday and held without bail. The police said the video helped them identify the suspects." (NYT) I'll leave it to the reader on the details. (See bottom of page.)

When I Googled "Derrion Albert" I got over 550,000 hits. I got CNN, the Chicago Tribune, Fox, AOL News, etc. Derrion Albert even got a page on Wikipedia! One mainstream news organization after another covered his life history in great detail.

If he had a hamster I'm sure they would interview the critter as well. The horror suffered by this church-going black kid, honor student, and computer enthusiast thrilled the liberal press that focused on mainly him while glossing over what led to his death: black criminals and black violence, all self-inflicted.

Details of the Derrion Albert Killing

Prosecutors described how the street fight escalated from a dispute between two factions at Albert's high school to a beating that left the honor student dead. Albert was an "innocent bystander" who ended up in the middle of a street fight between two factions of students at his school, Christian Fenger Academy High school, on Chicago's South Side.

When school let out at 2:50 p.m. Albert was on his way to the bus stop when two groups of students converged on the street. The two factions from the Altgeld Gardens housing development and one in an area known as "The Ville," began fighting after a shooting earlier that day that police called gang-related.

Albert was approached by Eric Carson and another unknown person, both members of the "The Ville" faction, Simonton said. Carson struck Albert in the head with a piece of a wooden railroad tie, and the second person punched him in the face.

To quote: "He (Albert) gained consciousness and moved a few feet away, but as he was trying to get up, he was attacked by a second group...That group, made up of five members from the opposing faction, then took their shots at Albert. He was struck in the head by Riley with the piece of railroad tie, a rectangular piece of wood used as a base for railroad tracks. Once Albert was on the ground again, Shannon was seen 'stomping on his head repeatedly'."

Albert was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Shannon and Riley do not have criminal records while Carson is on probation for a 2008 robbery conviction. Find this article at: September 29, 2009 (CNN)

News Alert: Another 30 People Shot by Blacks in Chicago

See Black Shooting Spree in Chicago. But who really cares how many little black kids get shot? Let's return to our continuing vigil of Trayvon Martin's hamster to get its feelings on white racism. Sarcasm aside, I wish no child would face this kind of violence, but it's not right for liberals to hunt for white racism under every rock they can find while ignoring the bodies of little minority children beside the rocks. banner.

Female victims of black violence.


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