Neo-Nazis are Coming to Knoxville

Lewis Loflin

Neo-Nazis are planning a march or rally in Knoxville to protest illegal immigration. I've gotten a number of e-mails from them before with plenty vitriol for my positions, but why do seem they to be growing? In the following weeks I'll be documenting several aspects of this group, their absurd positions on some issues, and inconsistency on others.

Why Knoxville? This was the site of the recent racial killings of a young white couple by a gang of five blacks. East Tennessee is being flooded with thousands of illegal aliens taking jobs and operating an exploding crime wave while I.C.E. and local government refuse to enforce the law.

Any whites that even question or try to protest are framed as racists and face police SWAT teams and snipers. The government seems to be operating a war against lower income whites at many levels in the name of "diversity".

Poor whites pay the economic price and live with the job losses, crime, and ruined public schools this produces. The rich and affluent whites, most liberal Protestants, don't suffer this in their gated communities and private schools.

They often benefit economically from cheap labor. So is the National Socialist Movement (NSM) simply trying to use this abusive system to make headlines? Is their real purpose to help whites retain their civil rights, or merely a forum for digging at Jews few of their members have even met? It seems to be the latter. We shall see on August 14th.

For more on their antics see A Politically Incorrect Look at the 2005 Toledo Race Riots

Update September 2010. WATE News in Knoxville noted the following of the peaceful march:

A rally in downtown Knoxville put the area at a standstill for several hours Saturday. Members of the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi party, held an illegal immigration rally on the steps of the Old Courthouse on Main Street. An even bigger group showed up to protest the rally.

Security was tight as both sides voiced their opinions. Downtown Knoxville seemed more like a war zone, with law enforcement officers and their guns, dogs, even a helicopter. The Knoxville Police Department, along with several other agencies, made sure Saturday's rally stayed peaceful...

At 3 p.m., around 50 members of the National Socialist Movement arrived. They marched down Gay Street and assembled in front of the Old Courthouse.

"We need to put race and nation first, and secure our border and stop giving away our jobs to countries that hate us," shouted one of the movement members as they marched down the street.

Main Street served as a separation between the two crowds. In between them were several hundred law enforcement officers.

"There is nothing hateful about what we do," said Jeff Schoep, the commander for the National Socialist Movement. "We are a white civil rights organization. We are here for white interests and as American patriots first and foremost."

From their website:

NSM to sponsor Stand In The South Against Illegal Immigration

Event: Aug. 14th in Knoxville, TN. at 3pm.

The National Socialist Movement is organizing a mass demonstration in Knoxville Tennessee for August 14, 2010. This event is another in the series of highly successful events that the Party has hosted in recent months as we continue to throw a spotlight on the issue of illegal immigration and the tremendous economic and social burden imposed on the American taxpayer by a Federal Government that has become ideologically at odds with the American citizenry.

From the successful events in Phoenix to Los Angeles to Las Vegas we are now continuing our National tour by moving the forum to our next stop deep in the heart of the South.

The problem of illegal immigration is not just a border state issue and the South is experiencing the same issues that have already become a crisis in the Southwest. This rally is to show support for the people of Arizona in their efforts to deal with a problem that the Federal Government is simply unwilling to address.

We must show support for enforcement at the State and local level and send a clear signal that we will not tolerate the doctrine of turning a blind eye to what amounts to a foreign invasion of our Nation. Continuous pressure must be brought to bear, and we demand that all states enact laws similar to the Arizona law."

"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is but a word game used by the politicians for amnesty. Anything that allows these criminals to remain here will not be tolerated and returning them to their nation of origin is the only response we will tolerate.

The timing of this event is critical with the mid-term elections just a few short months away. The pro Amnesty forces are working around the clock to pressure Congress into a blanket amnesty. We are truly living in a defining moment in American history, one that will be remembered as important as any in the series of events that led to the American Revolution.

Failure to act now would be akin to the Patriots at Concord and Lexington simply turning around and going home. Failure to act will leave your children in a position of being the minority in this nation faced with nearly insurmountable odds of ever regaining control of the government, the economy and the military. How do you explain to your children that you had the chance to ensure their future but you did NOTHING?

We urge all Patriotic Americans to join us on the steps of the Old Courthouse located at 300 Main Street in downtown Knoxville at 3 p.m. on Saturday August 14 and let the enemies of our people know that we will no longer be silent. We urge members of all other organizations to put aside differences for just one day and come out and show a united front.

All forces opposed to amnesty are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. We have the support of a number of organizations,conservative groups, and other White Pride groups are welcome.

Tea Party patriots and those that have not seen the NSM in person are encouraged to come and see firsthand what our people and our message really are. Among the featured speakers will be Commander Jeff Schoep and members of the Officer Corps. More guest speakers to be announced.

If you or a member of your organization would like to address the crowd please contact the event organizer. This event is proudly sponsored by the Tennessee Unit of the National Socialist Movement. We are looking for a venue now to host an after action party with details to be announced. It is past time to show the Globalists that we will not sit by as our nation is consumed.


Those interested in participating should contact the event organizers at: or or by phone # 757-409-2913

In Solidarity these groups will also be participating in this event: More to be announced

1. Brotherhood of Klans: Guest speaker Imperial Wizard Jeremy Parker
2. United Knights TN. KKK

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."
National Socialist Movement website: banner.

Female victims of black violence.


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