Raymond B. Mims  Bradley J. Hirst

Two Kingsport Men Arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Drug Charges

What sounds like a bad detective story had the potential to kill a family. Two local men pay a third man $20,000 to buy pot - he loses the money and they want to kill his family as revenge. Police managed to stop it.

On April 28, 2014, Kingsport Police Detectives arrested Raymond B. Mims and Bradley J. Hirst after learning of their involvement in a drug related conspiracy to commit murder.

Mr. Mims had entrusted Mr. Hirst and another individual (name will not be released) with $20,000, with instructions to travel to Houston, Texas and purchase 50 pounds of marijuana to be brought back to Kingsport for distribution. At some point during the trip, Mr. Hirst and the other individual became separated while the other individual was solely in possession of the money. The other individual claimed that he was robbed of the money and returned to Kingsport empty handed.

Mr. Hirst told Mr. Mims that the other individual had stolen the money, so Mr. Hirst and Mr. Mims conspired to kill the other individual, his wife, and their 8 year old daughter. K.P.D. Detectives intervened before their plans could be carried out. They were both charged with Conspiracy to Commit 1st Degree Murder and Criminal Conspiracy to Possess over 10 lbs. of Marijuana for Resale. They were confined in the Kingsport City Jail pending arraignment.

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