Bristol Virginia-Tennessee Tri-Cities Crime Roundup

complied by Lewis Loflin

According to my local sheriff 90 percent of the crime in this area is related to drugs. This means everything from home meth labs to outside gangs from large urban areas coming into the area to supply the demand. We have few options for treatment with the determined effort by many communities to keep out treatment centers. There is little hope for solving the problem anytime soon.

Drug Crimes Explode Across the Tri-Cities Region

Amanda Holder (w/f) of Johnson City is warming a jail cell at the Washington County Detention Center on a $20,000 bond. By stealing another person's identity her visit to an ER cost the victim a $1100 medical bill. She is charged with identity theft and drug fraud.

In March and April 2014 massive drug roundups and arrests blanketed Southwest Virginia:

Wise County 50 arrests;
Dickenson County 40 arrests;
Buchanan County 40 arrests.

Posted April 16, 2015:

Latest Round of Metal Thefts Includes Batteries and Aluminum Wheels

Local press reports a string of thefts of batteries and aluminum wheels are only the latest reports of metal theft by likely drug addicts. Nine cases resulted in at least the theft of 39 batteries and 13 aluminum wheels from two businesses. At one business thieves destroyed the power meter to shut down the surveillance cameras.

Most can be sold for between $10 and $15. Earlier thefts included metal grates from a carwash in Bristol whose owner replaced them with plastic.

Another favorite target from earlier thefts was catalytic converters cut right off of cars at a dealer on the Volunteer Parkway in Bristol. Copper is another popular item where thieves will break into a home or business and tear and cut the metal right out of power boxes.

In this case police are looking for two males but failed to give any details. Like the strings of pharmacy and other robberies that have exploded across the area I'll bet anything this is drug related. Ref. WCYB 15 May, 2014.

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