Intellectuals and Racial Socialism

by Lewis Loflin

Dr. Williams notes the illogic of intellectuals on racial issues which seems to be stupidity, but really isn't surprising because it's pseudo-religious dogma they blindly follow. Most intellectuals that he refers to are Marxists or Marxist' oriented and have conflated race with class. While the old Marxist' "perception" of reality was once "class bound" modern Leftism is now race bound.

The bourgeoisie are now affluent white people or just whites in general while the proletariat are "people of color." The reason they refuse to recognize the success of Asians who in fact are turned down far less on loans and are more affluent on average than whites is being non-white that is not seen as a liability. Keep that in mind with this quote and remember they today refer to race not class:

Worldviews that assist the progressive class of the proletariat (the industrial working class and wage laborers) are good. Worldviews that assist the regressive class of the bourgeoisie (the class of those who own the means of production) are bad. ML evaluates the merit of ethical theories similarly. ML is the worldview that assists the proletariat the most and is therefore the best worldview available. Other worldviews ought to be rejected...

(ML is Marxist-Leninism) Whites can do nothing good and "people of color" can do nothing bad which is why criminal behavior, etc. is NEVER held against "people of color" - doing so to these leftist' intellectuals gives advantage to white oppression.

This constant race baiting by Leftists, Progressives and Socialists who themselves are affluent privileged white people is beginning to backfire.

In areas such as San Francisco and Oakland Immigrants And Hipsters are Attacking Google Tech Workers who are seen as mostly white. Low-achieving welfare class Blacks and Hispanics are resorting to outright racial violence over complaints they are being pushed out of housing. There's even demands Google and other "white" tech firms pay billions in compensation for racism.

The New York Times also gets into the act looking for "hidden racism" under every rock claiming Google and other tech firms are racists because of "lack of diversity". (Meaning they fail to have the proper numbers of Blacks-Hispanics) Google is NOT racist and the reason these low-achieving non-Asian minorities are under represented in STEM jobs is because they aren't qualified.

If one went back to 1933 Germany and substituted Jews for whites modern racial socialism sounds a lot like National Racial Socialism of that time.

They are failures in STEM jobs because they are failures in science and math which is at the core of STEM jobs. Hispanic/Black scores are so bad intellectuals and racial activists are demanding an end to SAT, ACT, and even algebra and math requirements for college - in other words more affirmative dumbing down.

To quote Andrew Hacker in the New York Times July 28, 2012 on California colleges:

California's two university systems, for instance, consider applications only from students who have taken three years of mathematics and in that way exclude many applicants who might excel in fields like art or history. Community college students face an equally prohibitive mathematics wall. A study of two-year schools found that fewer than a quarter of their entrants passed the algebra classes they were required to take.

But there are few jobs in art, history, or Black and Latino studies. They are trash degrees useless in the job market and many of these degree holders are tending bar for a living. To quote Racial Stupidity and Malevolence by Dr. Williams:

Public schools give most black students fraudulent diplomas that certify a 12th-grade achievement level. According to a report by Abigail Thernstrom, "The Racial Gap in Academic Achievement," black students in 12th grade dealt with scientific problems at the level of whites in the sixth grade; they wrote about as well as whites in the eighth grade. The average black high school senior had math skills on a par with a typical white student in the middle of ninth grade. The average 17-year-old black student could only read as well as the typical white child who had not yet reached age 13.

Latinos are little better in schools based on educational nonsense concocted by the same collection of intellectuals ready to yell racism. To demand "people of color" be forced to learn proper English or expecting them to act "white" by learning proper math/science is decried as racism.

The intellectual fixation on multiculturalism and refusal to note differences in leaning ability between Asians/whites on one side Black/Hispanics is made far worse with this kind of intellectual trash.

To intellectuals race is a way to re-map failed Marxism into modern racial socialism - we saw how Hitler's racial socialism worked out.

Intellectuals and Race

by Walter E. Williams

After reading Dr. Thomas Sowell's latest book, Intellectuals and Race, one cannot emerge with much respect for the reasoning powers of intellectuals, particularly academics, on matters of race. There's so much faulty logic and downright dishonesty.

Many intellectuals attribute the behavior patterns of blacks to "a legacy of slavery" or contemporary racial discrimination. But when one observes similar behavior patterns among Britain's lower-class whites, which can't be attributed to "a legacy of slavery" or discrimination, it calls into question the explanations for black behavior.

It's lamented that blacks are "the last hired" and, during an economic downturn, "the first fired," because blacks are terminated before whites.

That's seen as evidence of discrimination by white employers, but white employees are terminated before Asian-American employees. Is that employer discrimination against whites?

Intellectuals accept statistical data as showing discrimination when it reinforces existing preconceptions and reject or ignore it when it doesn't.

It's the same story in the housing market. Newspapers, television commentators, civil rights leaders, academics and politicians see racial discrimination as the cause for black mortgage loan applicants being rejected more frequently than white applicants.

In 2000, black applicants were turned down for prime mortgage loans twice as often as whites; however, white applicants were turned down nearly twice as often as Asian-Americans.

The racial discrimination explanation requires that we believe that white bankers racially discriminate not only against blacks but against whites, as well.

It also requires that we believe that black-owned banks are in cahoots with white-owned banks, because they, too, turn down black mortgage applicants more often than white applicants. The true explanation is not rocket science.

Lenders prefer to lend to people who will pay them back. Average credit scores are higher among whites than blacks and higher among Asian-Americans than whites.

During the early 20th century, there were mass migrations of blacks from the South. Both the black-owned Chicago Defender and the Urban League offered published advice to their less tutored brethren, such as: "Don't use vile language in public places."

"Don't throw garbage in the backyard or alley or keep dirty front yards." "Do not carry on loud conversations in street cars and public places." Jews, Germans and Irish made similar appeals to acculturate their ill-mannered cousins. These efforts produced positive results over the years.

That has changed with today's multiculturalism vision. Efforts to get minority groups to acculturate to the linguistic, dress and other norms of the larger society are seen negatively by multiculturalists as a form of cultural imperialism. Intellectuals and academics call for celebrating diversity.

That means wearing one's trousers low enough to see one's butt, men wearing a head full of pigtails, and using poor language that's sometimes vulgar are part of the liberal's vision of "celebrating diversity."

Then there's the "acting white" charge, when black youngsters who conduct themselves according to the norms of the larger society are criticized and often assaulted by their presumably "acting black" peers.

Sowell concludes that our nation is painting itself into a corner when it comes to thinking about racial problems. Whole cities, of which Detroit is a classic example, have been devastated physically, socially and economically by racial problems which cannot be discussed honestly by elected officials, people in the media or academics, who do not want to become pariahs or, even worse, lose their jobs.

This moral paralysis is paid in blood - mostly the blood of black people preyed upon by criminals, though in recent years, there have been violent mob attacks on white people in shopping malls, on beaches, on public transportation vehicles and in other public places.

These attacks often go unreported, are minimized or are reported without detail, even though the attackers shouted their hatred for white people.

The use of sufficient force to stop these attacks would be called "excessive" in the media and by politicians or "community leaders."

My own conclusion is that black people waged a successful civil rights struggle against gross discrimination. It's white and black liberals, intellectuals, academics and race hustlers who have created our greatest hurdle.

March 19, 2013

Walter E. Williams is the John M. Olin distinguished professor of economics at George Mason University, and a nationally syndicated columnist.

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