Another $1.67 million slated for corporate welfare in Washington County

by Lewis Loflin

The Washington County Virginia Board of Supervisors has voted after secret backroom sessions to pay out $1.67 million to help move a road to underwrite the cost of a private airport.

As the Bristol Herald Courier is reporting on November 26, 2014 the money will be used in to move Route 611 to clear the way for an airport expansion. They say this is needed so they can have a nicer airport to land corporate jets.

The press reports noted the supervisors made no comments when they voted for it. There was no public input or knowledge of the project until voted on, which is typical.

This money-losing airport has been subsidized for decades by local taxpayers and produces essentially nothing for the general public.

Earlier in the year the Board of Supervisors after another closed backroom session awarded a retail development in Abington about $3 million of public money.

This is typical here as they plan to raise other taxes and fees on everyone else. For example they plan to extort an extra $60,000 by raising something called a transient occupancy tax on hotels and to pay for more tourism development.

Tourism development is another favored scam by economic developers that creates a few lucrative jobs for well, the developers. And the developers are often friends and business associates of the Board of Supervisors.