California and its Illegal Alien Migrant Children

by Lewis Loflin

Ref. Bristol Herald Courier December 14, 2014. Page A4.

In a story on so-called migrant farm children in California details their high cost to American society. These children and their families are imported to drive down wages and displace native born workers while costing the taxpayers millions in subsidies.

The subsidies includes free public education for their low-achieving children most of whom drop out of school. In addition they get taxpayer subsidized housing.

The fact is with no enforcement mechanism to remove this low-achieving peasant population they simply add to the problems of overburdened states such as California. Under new census standards that figures in cost of living, etc. California is shown to have the highest poverty rates in the nation far worse than even West Virginia.

In fact the census figures are now showing states that are awash in Third World peasant immigrants have the highest poverty rates. They are the primary cause of poverty for both themselves and millions of Americans, in particular Blacks, that they push out of the labor force.

The focus of the article is this government-subsidized housing for illegal aliens is now being occupied year-round. Why are we surprised that an imported poverty labor force can't afford California housing prices?

They can no longer hide these facts behind the incomes of a small wealthy class. And this low-achieving imported peasant class creates even more problems including violence. News reports show increasing violence and attacks in areas such as San Francisco as higher paid tech workers compete with imported peasant labor and the welfare class for housing.

But as the article goes on about some girl Claudia that supposedly get straight A's grudgingly admits 90% of these migrant children drop out of school anyway. Due to the Obama amnesty we're going to be stuck with them and their families in an economy that has no place for their lack of skills and low academic achievement rates. And we wonder why there's more and more violence in places like San Francisco?

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It is time to cut off all Third World peasant immigration into the US. We already have millions of farm workers already here and it's about time they get off welfare, stop them from taking other jobs they were never brought in to take, and be forced back on the farms where they're supposed to be.

That they be removed or leave the country once the crops are harvested. That they not be allowed to bring in their children who have no business doing farm work anyway. It's time to stop importing poverty just so a few wealthy farmers in make a profit.

It's another cost of crony capitalism.