Racial Indoctrination in Chicago Schools

Lewis Loflin

The graduation rate in Chicago public schools is a pathetic 52%. (Chicago Tribune July 5, 2006) According to the University of Chicago Chronicle (April 26, 2006) half the black/Hispanic male students (well under half manage to graduate at all even with their low standards) have less than a 2.0 GPA score.

They are mostly functional illiterates. In reality three-fourths of the black/Latino young males are uneducated in Chicago. They school system spends much of its time on racial social engineering.

This failure in leftist/Democratic school systems is the direct cause of the failure in minority communities and not white racism as they claim. "White values" such as education, hard work, and thrift are discouraged as "cultural racism" while students are raised on a toxic cocktail of victimization, Marxist liberation theology, and racial feel-goodism. The result as the Chronicle further notes, "The report also showed that few (Chicago) high schools have been successful in sending students to a range of colleges."

As it turns out illegal alien Rigoberto Padilla, who is at the center of a deportation controversy, attends Harold Washington College, a two-year community college that was founded in 1962 as Loop College. It was renamed for the first black mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington in 1987. They are noted for their taxicab driver certification program. Another noted student was Walid Shoebat a former Palestinian terrorist was right at home with the local Arab Student Organization.

This and other Islamist organizations are given free reign for teaching Islamic culture in public schools, much of it Islamic nationalism opposed to western values and culture. While billed as a cultural program, they admit they cover Muslim prayers. This would never be tolerated from any Christian organization. Yet in this failed school system the Federal government is spending $880,000 to teach Islamic/Arab culture. That's on top of another $1.6 million in state/federal funds. (Chicago Sun Times Nov. 9, 2009)

For more on Shoebat see Pandering to Muslims or Political Correctness at the Bristol Herald Courier?

What about this Rigo? He is a professional racial activist and always has been. His college studies consist of an make work Associate's Degree in Arts with a "Latin American and Latino Emphasis." In his letter to Senator Dick Durban (in regards to his deportation hearing) he claims to be the former president of the Organization of Latin American Students, Casa Aztlan, and Erie Neighborhood House. These are racist Latino organizations.

Casa Aztlan's mission statement also leaves no doubt as to their agenda; "Acknowledging the strengths of Mexican families, Casa Aztlan seeks to sustain the strong cultural identity of the Pilsen community by organizing and educating residents and providing supportive services in order to combat social violence, discrimination and poverty." They are Latino separatist groups preventing the assimilation of Hispanics assuring them of more self-inflicted failure.

Any white group advocating protection of their language and culture would be attacked as racist and their members expelled from any public institution of education. As for "La Casa Erie" their mission is "empowers Latino and diverse low-income communities to reach their fullest potential" and "Our mission is to promote a just and inclusive society by strengthening low-income, primarily Latino families". It's just more racial Marxism.

It's time to get back to "white" models of education stressing reading, writing, and math, all in English.

Also see Why Rigoberto Padilla Should Be Deported His deportation was put on hold until Dec. 10, 2010 under orders from the Obama gang. There has been a bill introduced in Congress in Feb. 2011 to stop his deportation. While they claim he is an honor student (highly dubious) the fact is his membership in racist' organizations plus a drunk driving conviction says he should be deported. banner.

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