Politically Incorrect Look at the Toledo Race Riots

Lewis Loflin

The Toledo Blade (October 15, 2005) reported the following:

It started with neo-Nazis, mushroomed into a riot, and left behind a community shaken and wounded. With violence not seen in Toledo since the race riots of the 1960s, crowds sometimes numbering more than 500 yesterday threw rocks, bottles, and bricks at law enforcement officials. Police responded with clouds of tear gas and wooden "knee-knocker" pellets.

At its ugliest, looters struck at least four businesses, including Jim and Lou's bar at 3032 Mulberry St., which they set on fire. (Note that some claim the bar was a police hangout.) There were assaults on bystanders and vandalism with damages in the tens of thousands of dollars, including attacks on emergency and media vehicles.

Police said overtime costs could easily exceed $100,000...One police officer was treated for a head injury after she was hit in the head with a stone. A firefighter paramedic was also treated. Numerous other officers sustained minor injuries when struck by objects. There were no official reports of injuries to citizens, but some people were overcome by tear gas and at least two Blade photographers were assaulted.

The city's image also took a beating, as news helicopters circled overhead and images of looting and burning in Toledo were broadcast across the country. Police Chief Mike Navarre didn't mince words last night about what happened in his city. "You have cars burning and stores being looted and disregard for law enforcement where they can't do their job without taking rocks and bottles," he said. "Officers are going to the hospital because they're getting their heads hit with a rock. I'd call that a riot..."

"It's a sad day for Toledo," said Joe Walter, city safety director.

In another news report one member of the "mob" told the black mayor of Toledo "I ought to shoot you" while another openly carried a gun in his belt. The police chief only stood by. ABC News and the AP reported on October 16, 2005 with headlines: White Supremacists Riot in Toledo, Ohio. Police arrested 114 people on charges including assault, vandalism, failure to obey police, failure to disperse and overnight curfew violations.

All of the above is true, except we have to replace "White Supremacists" with "blacks" as shown by the video from Tru TV's "Most Shocking: Mobs and Riots." The National Socialist Movement or NSM or Neo-Nazis never did march and they were the only law-abiding citizens in this entire mess. The NSM was protesting hate crimes against whites, which police always write off as generic "gang activity" while the rare white on black attack is prosecuted under far more severe "hate crime" laws.

The real issue is the criminal culture that has run amok in minority communities and their constant threats of violence and rioting to wring-out concessions and privileges from government not enjoyed by law-abiding white citizens. It's time to end political correctness and address the real problem of a violent and dysfunctional black/Hispanic culture and the refusal of whites to restore Rule of Law in these communities. Here we look into the so-called Toledo Riots. This race riot had nothing to with the NSM.

Quick background on Toledo, Ohio: Population in 2008 was about 290,000 with a low per-capita income of $18,800. The City racial breakdown is White Non-Hispanic 67.8%; Black 23.5%; and Hispanic 5.5%. (Ref. Data on the racial breakdown of crime in Toledo is lacking, but the violent crime rate in Toledo is nearly twice the national average. To quote

Toledo Crime index

Racial Minorities as Criminals and Victims

Blacks and Hispanics by far commit most of the violent and non-violent crime across the nation. To quote the article Study: Almost Half of Murder Victims Black in the Washington Post August 10, 2007 notes that,

"In 2005, the study found, blacks were victims of an estimated 8,000 homicides and 805,000 other violent crimes, including rape and aggravated assault." As the article further notes: "Black victimization is a real problem, and it's often black on black...That aspect has to be brought into any attempt to address the crime problem, and the community itself must be called into the process."

The article whined on that blacks are "disproportionately victimized by violent crime" and noted on just the murder issue alone that;

"...from 2001 to 2005, more than nine out of 10 black murder victims were killed by other blacks, and three out of four were slain with a gun. Blacks, who make up 13 percent of the population, were victims in 15 percent of nonfatal violent crimes. The new findings underscore the enduring problem of crime that plagues many African American communities, even during a period when the incidence of violent crime dropped or held steady overall..."

Using the above data at 805,000 violent crimes and blacks were only 15% of the victims, then the total violent crimes were 5.37 million in which 85% victims were non-black. Thus non-blacks suffer 4.55 million violent crimes at the hands of mainly blacks and Hispanics. In a New York Times article Race-Based Crime Statistics To Be Released by the City (May 19, 2001) we note that in related to the issue of racial profiling:

Of the crime victims, 40 percent were black, 31 percent were Hispanic, 19 percent were white and 9 percent Asian. Of the suspects identified by victims, 60 percent were black, 28 percent were Hispanic, 8 percent were white and almost 3 percent were Asian. Of those stopped on the street by the police and searched, 49 percent were black, 32 percent were Hispanic, 16 percent were white and 2 percent were Asian. Of those arrested, 55 percent were black, 31 percent Hispanic, 9 percent white and 3 percent Asian.

Thus blacks are under-profiled while whites are over-profiled. Of violent crime in New York, almost 90% of the identified criminals were blacks and Hispanics. While the numbers are astounding enough, we need to weed out the political correctness and look at reality. The problem isn't that blacks are just victims (and they are), but they along with Hispanics are perpetrators of most of the violent and crime in general.

In the case of Toledo which is still about 70% white, the vast majority of the victims of cross-racial crime are whites at the hands of blacks, while blacks are victims of black violence, not white racism. While police and politicians are obsessed by white racism, they are wholly impotent on minority crime. When the police step up enforcement, the community claims racism.

Questionable Motives of the NSM

The National Socialist Movement (NSM or NSM88) is an American neo-Nazi party founded in 1974. The group claims to be the largest and most active neo-Nazi organization in the United States. Wiki claims in 2007 many members left to join the National Socialist Order of America, which was led by 2008 presidential candidate John Taylor Bowles. The NSOA was behind a controversial march in 1977 in Skokie, Illinois in Jewish neighborhoods.

Their current leader is Jeff Schoep. The party also sponsors a youth activism wing called the Viking Youth Corps. The NSM was blamed for the 2005 Toledo Riots, which they acted in a completely lawful manner.

On their website ( Commander Jeff Schoep denounces violence and threatens to expel anyone engaging in any criminal acts. To quote Jeff, "Acts of violence or terrorism against America, or its Citizens is unacceptable, and not tolerated within the ranks of the National Socialist Movement." But is this because they really renounce violence, or that open violence will hurt their cause? Muslims will often denounce terrorism, but not the causes the terrorist fight for. Both are out to protect their image.

Much of the NSM site is oriented towards Jew hatred, not rights for white people. They ally themselves with non-white Arab Muslims in their hatred of Israel, but have no problem when the same Arab Muslims that joined with and financed Chechen Muslims when they raped and murdered almost 200 white, Christian Russian children at a Beslan Russia school. One of their flyers perpetrates the lie Ben Franklin was an anti-Semite. See Beslan Child Slaughter.

They claim to be for white civil rights, but as socialists they would strip most citizens including whites of their individual rights. They differ from the Progressives of the Left only on the issue of race. Read their 25 points where they demand Marxist liberation theology style land reform and national healthcare.

But their other demands are ominous. For example point number three says, "We demand land and territory (colonies) to feed our people and to settle surplus population." (Known as 'lebensraum' in German.) What do they propose, invade Mexico and settle the country with whites while exterminating the Mexicans? This is what the German Nazis did with white, Christian Poland.

It's obvious they follow the ideology of Adolf Hitler, but leave his face off the website. They do not renounce Hitler in the same way their Muslim allies won't renounce terrorist causes, which is ironic with them marching in Polish American neighborhoods claiming to protect Polish Americans in Toledo.

Hitler was directly responsible for the deaths (depending on where we put Poland's borders) of six million Polish citizens. Of this only 240,000 were military causalities while 3 million were Jews and another 2.8 million were white, Christian, anti-communist Poles. The Poles were slated for eventual extermination and/or enslavement by German Nazis as their nation became "lebensraum" for German colonists. (Yes the Holocaust happened so get over it.) They do mention Hitler on an external link was a fan of Irish folk music.

While racist multiculturalism, diversity racism, and mass illegal immigration, racist gangs, etc. are legitimate issues, Nazism isn't about rights for white people as they claim and never has been. White rights and resistance to anti-white bigotry under the guise of diversity racism has nothing to do with hatred of non-whites. These racist policies are often implemented by wealthy elite whites that exploit say illegal aliens and blacks for their own economic and/or political gain.

The National Socialist Movement is about socialism and hating Jews, not protecting the rights of poor and working-class whites that the white elite considers expendable. To quote Bill White of Roanoke, whom seemed to be behind this and loves giving press interviews:

"I wouldn't be out here buying and fixing up houses if I had some agenda against the black community," he said. "I don't have anything against black people. The Jews, I despise. They hate me. I hate them. They can kiss my ass."

Note that Mr. White is now in jail.
See Leonard Pitts, the Christian/Newsom Killings, and William White

Extracts from News Reports

October 15, 2005: Violence in North Toledo after Nazi march canceled; mayor declares curfew

Mayor Jack Ford (who is black) declared a state of emergency this afternoon following a violent (black gang) uprising in North Toledo.

According to the Toledo Blade Mayor Ford said those rioting were mainly male gang members in their 20s: "We went to talk to them. Most of them were gang members in full colors. Their anger was based on some long-standing things but also that we had allowed the [National Socialists] walk to occur in the first place."

According to the leftwing and anti-white racist Southern Poverty Law Center (Intelligence Report, Spring 2006, Issue Number 121 Making A Splash) wrote of the this "mob":

In the days leading up to the Nazi march, police learned the word on the street was that rival gangs in Toledo had declared a temporary truce and formed an alliance to take on the NSM...

By late morning, a grand total of 14 uniformed NSM members were huddled under police guard at Woodrow Wilson Park, the march's pre-announced rallying point. They hoisted a banner that read, "White People Unite! Fight for Your Race!" Across the street, about 200 anti-Nazi protesters chanted, "Enough! Enough! We're going to fuck you Nazis up!"

A quarter mile away, a mob of another 300 to 400 protesters rapidly accumulated near a major intersection along the route of the march, which had been publicized the day before. The anti-Nazis in both locations were mostly local blacks and Hispanics, some wearing gang colors. There were also several dozen white youths with bandanas across their faces. These were outside agitators, mostly (leftist) militants from a group called Anti-Racist Action. Bottles and rocks began flying before the Nazis could leave the park...

What was revealed is that the City of Toledo had begun a program to fight black gangs and drug dealing, but the black community felt this was racial profiling. While public officials constantly deny gang and crime activity publicly, even the leftist SPLC notes,

In years past, the Toledo, Ohio, neighborhood of Polish Village was heavily populated with Polish-American factory workers who lived comfortably on middle-class wages. But when auto and glass plant jobs fell off, many longtime residents moved away and were replaced by blacks and Hispanics who now live alongside poor whites in small, run-down houses. Unemployment and gang activity are high in Polish Village. Racial tensions sporadically flare into violence...

Why are racial tensions high? Because of black gangs and criminals. Is this criminal behavior due to poverty? No it isn't because the many poor whites that far outnumber poor blacks simply don't engage in the levels of crime and racial intimidation blacks and other protected minorities engage in. Nationally, even if we consider the NSM a gang, whites make up less than 10% of gang members.


Intimidated Residents

Tom Szych cleared the last of the broken glass from his roof on Sunday. Szych's home was one of the homes targeted by vandals during Saturday's disturbance on the streets of north Toledo. "When I got the phone call and voice mail, I thought they were just joking around," said Szych.

When Szych returned from his day-long concealed weapons class, he found out news of a trashed home was no joke. "Every window in the front was broken out. Rocks, glass, beer bottles. It's upsetting," said Szych. Will his family continue to live on Bronson Street? "I'm not moving. This is my home. This is my street. I've lived here all my life."

Szych has said he has no connection to the National Socialist Movement and says he did not ask the Nazi group to march in Toledo. Szych says he plans to sue NSM, saying they should pay for the damage to his house.

Ref. WTOL. 2005-11-17.

From The Toledo Blade October 06, 2005 article Neo-Nazis planning march in North Toledo:

Police said the problem in North Toledo apparently began over a dispute between Bronson Avenue resident Thomas Szych, who is white, and his neighbor, who is black, about a fence. Mr. Szych was named in the socialist movement's press release because of his problems with gang members. Mr. Szych received a threatening flyer that indicated it was from the Dexter gang and he said he has had vandalism to his property.

Chief Navarre said Mr. Szych, his brother, and his father have made many complaints and reports about gang activity in the neighborhood. Officials aren't receiving complaints and reports from other residents, he said. Mr. Szych said the police response to his complaints has been poor. Chief Navarre said police have devoted a large amount of resources to Mr. Szych's concerns. "The officers following up on the complaints find them to be exaggerated," the chief said.

(Both the SPLC and police have made Thomas Szych out to be a racist.)

Mr. Szych, who bought a handgun for protection but had it taken for safekeeping by police after he allegedly waved it at (black) youths (painting gang graffiti on his fence), said he is not a part of the socialist movement and did not ask for the group's help.

NSM said other "local residents contacted the group, but would not identify them...Chief Navarre said authorities will work with the FBI and other officials to gather information about the socialist group and its activities."

Racist Gang Attack

Toledo Blade October 16, 2005 North Toledo man feels used by Nazis, says crime is high (extracts):

Over on Bronson Avenue, John Szych had just spent 40 minutes telling a Blade reporter that he held the neo-Nazis in contempt for the way he and his son, Thomas Szych, felt they had been used by them.

Yes, the Szychs had an ongoing feud with reputed gang members in North Toledo. But Mr. Szych was emphatic that he in no way encouraged the neo-Nazis to intervene and gather here on their behalf.

Around 11:55 a.m., everyone in the neighborhood heard the same thing: A loud boom. Police had just fired the first of what eventually would become a countless number of tear gas canisters deployed on Mulberry Street to break up hostile mobs.

The senior Mr. Szych was standing in the front yard of his Bronson Avenue home telling a friend he should have trusted his gut instincts and gotten out of the neighborhood when he had the chance. That's what his son had done. "It's too late," Mr. Szych told the person on the other end of the phone line. "I'm trapped." Seconds later, Mr. Szych ran for cover inside his house when he saw a mob approaching.

"I've got a gun."

Rocks, bricks, and chunks of mortar went crashing through windows. "I ain't takin' this," he fumed, making a beeline for a back room where he said he had been storing a handgun. He returned to the porch, which by then had been trashed by the mob, and fired six warning shots. "You want more?" he yelled. Mr. Szych returned to the back room of his house and reloaded his weapon. Police, at that point, had not been seen on Bronson.

Mr. Szych called somebody else, presumably 9-1-1. He relayed information about the vandalism to the person on the other end of that line, informing them that they'd better get officers to his house immediately. "I've got a gun and I'm not afraid to use it," he stammered. Within a couple of minutes, four or five police officers dressed in riot gear showed up on Mr. Szych's property. They left less than five minutes later, after the mobs ran elsewhere, to assist other officers. "See what I mean?" Mr. Szych barked as he walked over the broken glass on his porch. "I didn't do a damned thing to deserve that."

Not Alone

Yet Mr. Szych wasn't alone in claiming that his neighborhood has been plagued by crime. Three or four neighbors came over while Mr. Szych was being interviewed, backing up what he said about past violence. Those who gathered on Mr. Szych's lawn prior to yesterday's riots claimed the problems go beyond reputed gang activity. They said there has been prostitution, break-ins, graffiti involving racial slurs, and daylight beatings and robberies of women.

"People make it sound like it's a clean-cut neighborhood in Perrysburg and it's not," said a man who identified himself as a neighbor but declined to give his name. "People want to make it out like it's a few people and it's not," he added.

Mr. Szych said the neo-Nazis came to Toledo only because city officials, including police, have not done enough to keep their neighborhood safe. "That leaves the opportunity for a bunch of idiots to come to town," he said. "I don't need them to defend my rights."

...He said neo-Nazis "have no right to be here." "I just want to be left alone in peace," Mr. Szych said. Sadly, he said, few people cared about the reputed violence until the Nazis announced plans to gather there. "Now, everyone wants to know," he said. Mr. Szych said he's scared about what might happen now.

Strained Relations with Toledo Police

Ref. Michael Brooks at

I spoke with a number of residents and police officers who indicated that there is room for improvement in relations between residents and police, although it would be an overstatement to compare North Toledo with a city that has a more notorious reputation, such as Los Angeles.

Jones said that problems with Toledo's officers are more subtle. "You can't even have three people on your front lawn without the police coming up and hassling you," he said. "They think every person in the neighborhood is a drug dealer."

Bishop said that the phenomenon of being stopped for "driving while black" is normal procedure in the racially-mixed neighborhood. "Everybody knows it happens, but the police would never admit the truth," he said. "You just learn to deal with it, but some people carry an attitude about it."

A TPD command officer, who declined to be named, said that some units have a reputation for being particularly tough. "The bike patrol is used in this neighborhood a lot because they can sneak up on people, especially people they suspect of being drug dealers," this source said. "They also tend to be the officers who want to bust people for every little thing, instead of using common sense and choosing their battles wisely."

One of the triggers in the October 15 riot seems to have been the early arrests of protesters by Toledo bike cops. The original crowd of 150 people on Stickney Avenue was angered by the arrest of a black man suspected of rock-throwing. The violence that sparked the police to fire teargas, wooden "knee-knocker" pellet guns, and percussion grenades into the crowd was also preceded by the arrest of another African American man.

Another area of concern for some Toledoans is the case of Michael Franklin Green, an activist who was arrested in May for gun possession. Green, who is African American, was initially charged with two felonies, while similar gun cases involving white defendants saw only misdemeanor charges. Amid negative publicity, Green's cases were later reduced to misdemeanors, but many in the African American community saw the case as evidence that there are double standards in Toledo for blacks and whites.

In Szych's case, however, no such charges have ever been filed. This has angered many people in the community. "That man can pull a gun and threaten two kids in the alley, but nothing happens to him," said a black neighbor who declined to be named. "And you wonder why people are angry?" (Note the police couldn't make the charges stick according to other reports.)

The NSM View and Bill White

The following from 12-17-2009. NSM leader Bill White from Roanoke, Virginia:

Bill White's view of the Toledo, Ohio Race Riot:

The best known NSM event I was involved in was the North Toledo riots of 2005. I organized and led the abortive march through North Toledo -- meaning, I arrived in town the night before, led the dozen man "security team" into the area to secure the park before anyone else arrived, and coordinated everything from the phone while Mark Martin led everyone in shouting slogans. Photos of Martin are often mistaken for me.

The riots in North Toledo were started by the police running away from a group of about sixty counter demonstrators with rocks. Everything else written about the rioting has been whitewash or leftist fantasy. Thirty three of our members made it into the march area. Others tried to enter, but the police blockaded the rear entrance to the area and forced everyone to drive through the angry mob that had formed. The mob tried to attack our supporters, who were being denied entrance, the police tried to intervene, the mob threw rocks at the police, the police panicked, threw down their weapons and ran, and the mob began looting.

Once the local blacks realized that looting was going on, hundreds who had not been protesting came out of their homes to join in the stealing. We were forced out of the area by a phalanx of riot police, and thus left. The black mayor then ordered the police not to suppress the rioting, but to let it spend itself, and the result was burned buildings and general chaos. If you view the news coverage closely, that comes out, but it has been so buried by the system that it really takes a scholar to get beyond the fantasy that has been conjured around the riots.

The Curious Mr. White
Ref. Michael Brooks at

William A. White was born in 1977 and grew up in Rockville, MA. In a 1999 interview with the Washington Times, he embraced anarchism after reading Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto as a teenager. For a period of time he was a writer for Pravda. From the Overthrow website, here is an excerpt of White's resignation letter:

Effective immediately please recognize my resignation as corporate officer for Pravda in the USA. I expect my name to be struck from all relevant material. As is clear from the letter I've just sent you . I am discontinuing my column with Pravda.
White has alternately described himself a "national socialist," "radical traditionalist," "libertarian socialist," and as a "third-positionist agitator;" he has also been a spokesperson for the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.

There is everything in that last group name but the word Reform, although White has worked on the campaigns of Reform Party candidates in the past, too. In a 2004 interview with the Roanoke News, White claimed he does not hate blacks:
"I wouldn't be out here buying and fixing up houses if I had some agenda against the black community," he said. "I don't have anything against black people. The Jews, I despise. They hate me. I hate them. They can kiss my ass." banner.

Female victims of black violence.


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