Black flash attacking white people.

Five Black Football Players Attack White Student in Wise

by Lewis Loflin

"That's the funny thing. It didn't feel like a robbery ... except for them beating the hell out of me."

Mr. Riner is a junior from Abingdon, Virginia studying psychology at the University of Virginia at Wise. Described by the press as a "wiry fellow" he lives in a rental house with four cats. He would join the thousands of victims of violent black crime in a mostly all white community known for low crime rates. The attack occurred in February 2011.

According to press reports Brycelyn Miller is charged with breaking and entering, assault and battery, and conspiracy to burglary. Paul Kearney Jr., 18, of New Kent, VA., Byron Lawrence, 18, of Conyers, GA., Robert Jones, 19, of Lebanon, VA., and Victor Lawson, 20, of Newport News, VA. is each charged with attempted robbery, while Kearney and Jones also are charged with assault and Lawrence is charged with malicious wounding.

One of the gang stayed in the car, while the other four attacked Riner. He heard a ring at the front door and went to answer it. When he stuck his head out the door Bryce Miller, 19, of Woodbridge, Va., swung a baseball bat that the five assailants forgot earlier in the night to bring and had to go back to get it.

The bat "connected just behind Riner's left temple, ripping away some hair and leaving an 1-inch gash." The victim described "near-continuous jolts to his head, arms, chest, back, stomach and legs." He said, "That's the funny thing. It didn't feel like a robbery ... except for them beating the hell out of me."

In a video interview on the attack he described how his only concern was his girl friend Jessica. He ordered her to stay in the bedroom as he fought the violent gang that was determined to injure/kill him for reasons the press claims is a mystery to this day. He grabbed one of the thugs and pulled him in close to act as shield.

Jessica also fought back and tried to help as at least four black men had driven him back into the house. She pulled one man off and got a good look at his face. At this point the furious resistance of the couple must have rattled the cowardly thugs. They were used to people laying down and submitting to whatever they decided to dish out. Not in this case.

They broke and ran from the house, but Riner wasn't through yet. With the thought of "license plate" and bleeding from the attack he pursued the gang and got a partial license plate number. He later required seven stitches to his scalp. Jessica meanwhile had found a phone and called police. A short time later the gang was nabbed and it turns out they were football players at the same college.

What the news reports never said and couldn't be confirmed until I got a look at their pictures is the five football players were all black. No big surprise other than this just doesn't occur in Wise County with a very small minority population. (I grew up there.) The circumstances make any robbery theory seem like nonsense. There is no real connection anyone can find between victim and attackers.

So why would an obscure student living in an obscure house be the target of such an attack? The police and press want to disparately attribute this to robbery, but to quote, "We just don't know the why." All were banned from campus and suspended from the team following their arrests. The one factor not mentioned or considered by the press was this was a race crime.

The five were attending a college they likely weren't academically qualified to attend, most likely on affirmative action quotas. I'd bet most of them were having academic problems and as is too often would never complete college. That can create of lot of pressure and resentment. This was an opportunity many poor whites never get here and these young men had everything going for them. There was no indication they needed money and as a robbery this made no sense. They're all facing several charges including malicious wounding and felony breaking and entering. Yet nobody can find a reason why.

All were far bigger and stronger than the victim, but were determined to injure or kill Mr. Riner and anyone else in the house. If the couple had submitted to the attackers, there's a possibility I believe they would have been killed and the girl sexually assaulted. They could have been the latest statistics of sudden black-attack syndrome.

This is a recurring pattern where groups of young black men for no obvious reason violently attack and/or murder whites. While the political correctness crowd hides this troubling pattern, it's very real and should be looked at when people are attacked for no real reason other than their race. Yes this was a racial attack and is the only explanation that makes sense.

This is not exclusive to blacks, it can occur in any largely violent and dysfunctional group of people. Because of the self-inflicted problems of crime, drugs, out of wedlock children, etc. could be explained by poverty I suppose, but that still doesn't make sense here or in many other cases. These five hoodlums were from different towns and had fairly clean criminal records. They had everything going for them including a free education most whites in this area can never dream of.

Even if it was some vague notion of robbery or whatever, these kinds of violent and unstable groups of people can explode into massive violence without notice. Here they seemed to have planned this out in advance, so it was premeditated.

The other problem is instead of dealing with the self-inflicted failure of these low-achieving demographic groups, we have a culture where liberals run a constant "whites are racist and caused their problem" propaganda campaign that focuses this pent up failure and rage on innocent whites they often never even met before.

They along with most other non-Asian minorities either due to IQ or culture simply can't succeed in a system based on education and merit. (What liberals refer to as cultural racism.) They can't hack it and efforts to integrate them into a first-world society that many will never succeed in only makes matters worse. This further inflames hatred and frustration as this constant liberal tirade seeks to demonize white people for things that happened before most of were even born and had no part in as being the problem today.

There's just some tendency towards violence among many blacks due to their dysfunctional culture and when they get together what self-control they have seems to fall apart. While society likes to write this off as gang activity, there was nothing street gang about these guys. The real culprit here besides the criminal tendencies of dysfunctional and low-achieving demographic groups such as blacks and Hispanics is the racist tirade against whites from self-hating white liberals. It seems this could drive these already unstable people to racist' attacks on whites. (Note they also commit a lot of violence against other blacks as well. White on black violence of this type is rare.)

Before we start screaming "racism" for bringing this up, let's look at the other side of the coin. In the American South we had a large and often abused and exploited white lower class. They had many self-destructive tendencies and along with culture created another pressure cooker ready to explode. The elite and just plain racist' bigots focused that rage on blacks people leading to violence against them. The South was itself a dysfunctional society and in many cases still is as racism has been replaced by outright class warfare. (What I call social apartheid.)

As the standard of living in the South went up, along with civil rights laws, the problem of racist' attacks on blacks is nearly absent today. At the same time the black family was destroyed by the welfare state and their inability to integrate into first-world culture in large numbers created the dysfunctional black culture of today.

In addition the importation of millions of low-achieving (but slightly more achieving than blacks) Hispanics are used by business to drive down wages and displace a disproportionate number of black workers. White liberals cheer this on as diversity and are indifferent to the economic devastation on low-income people regardless of race. White liberals only see a new Hispanic "victim" class they hope to exploit for political gain and to expand their racist' multiculturalism agenda.

The solution to this problem is to end this constant racist tirade against white people from mostly self-hating white liberals. To be realistic and open to the problems in low-achieving minority communities are not due to something that ended over half a century ago. We also need to end this racist affirmative action system that so inflames white anger and to pass strong laws (and equally enforce existing ones) that make all cross-racial violent crimes into hate crimes with severe penalties proportional to the crime. In this case this scum got off with slaps on the wrist. Next time they might kill somebody.

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