Sinking Ship of America

James H. Lilley

America has become much like a ship foundering in wind swept seas. Tragically, the waters the good ship America is sinking into, are those filled with political pledges, and the anger fueled by those promises. What's happening in America? It seems as though our nation has become a land of turmoil, and our elected officials are feeding that turbulence. In truth, those elected officials are firing the torpedoes into the bow of the good ship America.

Unquestionably, I can't be the only person who believes that our governors, congressmen, senators, our president, and those now running for office, have turned their backs on the American citizens. By that, I mean citizens born and raised in the United States, or immigrants who have traveled here and become citizens through legal process. The American People have been, and are being, slapped in the face time and again by those we've elected to public office.

The House of Representative passed a resolution recognizing the Muslim Faith as one of the great religions of the world, and the Muslim feast of Ramadan. In doing so, they spit in the faces of the families of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. I haven't seen, or heard of the Muslims recognizing Catholicism, Judaism, and the other faiths of the world, and I don't expect that I will.

Why? Because Muslims swear an allegiance to Allah, and no religion is accepted by their Allah except Islam (Koran 2:256). Their allegiance to Allah/Islam forbids them to become friends with Christians and Jews. And, the Muslims must submit to the Mullahs (spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel, and destruction of the Great Satan, America. Yet, our elected representatives genuflect before those who would destroy us by any means possible.

Elected officials continue to heap benefits, such as medical care and welfare, upon illegal immigrants, all at the expense of the American taxpayer. Again, that taxpayer is the born and raised citizen, and those naturalized that are forced to foot the bill. Add to that, social security benefits, which our government insists it's okay for illegal aliens to collect, even though they haven't contributed a single dime into the system.

And, now our politicians want to give them the same tax rebate promised to the American taxpayer. Once more, another benefit given away to illegal immigrants who haven't paid a cent in taxes. Can one elected official step forward and tell me, and the rest of the tax paying citizens of this country, why those here illegally deserve the same tax rebate without ever having paid taxes?

Then there's the cry for blanket amnesty for those who've crossed our borders illegally. Why should there be amnesty for those who continually break our laws? But, the amnesty would go hand in hand with the payments they are receiving for breaking the laws, right? Yes, with every free benefit our government hands to the illegal aliens, they are in fact paying them to break our laws. The more free handouts we offer, the more we encourage others to rush into the country, break the law and get paid for doing it. Hell, we don't even offer our own criminals that benefit.

Let's look at the price tag being paid, by the U. S. taxpayer, to support illegal aliens in this country. How does $338 to $348 billion annually sound to you, especially as one of those paying this expense? And, it might surprise you to know this yearly price tag is higher than the funding for the Iraq War.

A few other facts and figures regarding illegal aliens in our country:

Of course, there are the Clintons, Obamas and McCains who cry, "How can we possibly deport 20 million illegal aliens?" A good question, especially with the price tag listed above for their deportation. Well, I have a solution you can begin with. Since we have so many businesses that insist on hiring them to save money, we can hit them where it hurts-in their wallets. How about a fine of $100,000 per day, per illegal immigrant hired by these companies?

A microscopic examination of these businesses by the IRS should be in order, because they've certainly been violating the tax laws. I'm sure the IRS would find that these businesses owe a great deal in penalties and back taxes. If those businesses that hire the illegals were put under such a microscope, how long would it take them to send these illegal aliens back to the pasture?

Naturally, our politicians will rant that treating them in such a harsh manner will drive them to a life of crime. Well, in case you've missed the point, they're already breaking the law every day simply by being here. And, surely our politicians can't be so ignorant as to believe that every alien here is gainfully employed.

They are already actively pursuing a life of crime by selling drugs, stealing cars, robbing stores and committing rapes and murders. Go back and look at the facts above. Of course, if methods are employed to send them packing, the illegals will probably threaten to turn our streets red with blood, which they have already threatened in Furnace Branch, Texas.

For those who might have missed the news broadcasts, Furnace Branch passed legislation prohibiting the rental of apartments and homes to illegal immigrants. The people of Furnace Branch said they were sick and tired of their drugs and crime, and want them out of town. At least elected officials in Furnace Branch have the brass to take a stand.

But, an illegal alien responded that if they tried to enforce this law, there'd be trouble in the streets. Now, a warning to all of you here illegally-you might find in choosing that course of action that the fed up American people will fight back with a vengeance. The blood filling the street might be more yours than ours.

On December 9, 2007, members of the Mexican Consulate opened a mobile Mexican Metricula Consular ID center on United States public school property in San Juan Capistrano, California. Matricula Consular Cards are ID cards issued by the Mexican government, to mainly illegal immigrants living in the United States. And, currently there are more than 350 financial institutions which accept Matricula Consular Cards as proof of identification, thereby allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to have access to mainstream U. S. financial services. They were issuing these cards to everyone, including gang members, who were flashing hand signals and yelling, "This is our Territory."

When members of the Minutemen learned of the activities on U. S. public school property, they showed up to protest, and photograph the goings on. A Mexican Diplomat ordered them off of public property, saying it was a Mexican only event, and that they were not permitted to take pictures. Others informed the Minutemen they were on Mexican territory. The Mexican Diplomat assaulted a woman, who was protesting with the Minutemen, punching her in the face.

Of course, the Diplomat couldn't be arrested because of the Diplomatic Immunity Statutes. Police were called, and the Mexicans demanded that the Minutemen be ordered off the property. Officers informed them that the Minutemen could be present, and take photographs, because they were on public property. Police then asked members of the Mexican Consulate if they had paperwork authorizing them to use the school property. They replied that they did, but when asked to produce it, said they didn't have it with them. So, in the end we have a standoff.

Here we have yet another example of Mexicans thinking that they can do as they please. And, it seems the Mexican Diplomats are willing to aid those here illegally, in any way they can. They come to our country and defy our laws, while holding out their hands and demanding more free benefits. They ridicule our National Anthem. They spit upon and trample our flag, or fly it upside down and below their own, on U. S. soil. But, if we entered Mexico and acted in the same manner, we'd be jailed, and without any of the rights afforded to those here illegally. Still, our politicians act as though they are clueless as to what's going on around the nation.

When will our elected officials, and those running for office, understand that the continued giving away of benefits, isn't the answer? Somebody is paying for those "free" benefits, and it's the American taxpayer. Aren't these "new" political ideas of sharing the wealth with everyone, the same foundation of socialism, or Marxist doctrine? Didn't we see the complete failure of this principle in the Soviet Union? What makes our political leaders think this ideal will work here?

And, are the American people ready to accept being an experiment of our narrowed minded politicians, which in essence will make them citizens of the newly formed Socialist Republic of America? If so, the final torpedo has been fired into the bow of the sinking ship America, marking it as a nation doomed to the fate of the former Soviet Union.