The Obama Society Fact or Fiction?

James H. Lilley

President Barack Obama announced that in light of his recent successes, rescuing the auto industry, the banks and mortgage companies by making them government controlled entities, halting terrorism by winning the hearts of Muslims around the world, and saving America, he would now end prison overcrowding. With staunch supporters Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill and Hillary Clinton kneeling by his side, Obama said he would pardon and give absolution to all incarcerated inmates in America and return them to society.

He went on to say that he is certain that by his absolving them of their sins and pardoning their crimes, they will quickly begin to lead productive lives in the newly formed Obama Society. To support this, he pointed to his release of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay and how they loved and adored him for his heartfelt kindness. Also, absolving them of their sins only bolstered their goodwill toward America and its people.

To assist prison inmates in their return to freedom, he has ordered the Federal Reserve to have new money printed, emblazoned with his holy countenance, and give each of them one million dollars-tax free of course. This will serve as partial retribution for the many years of mistreatment they suffered at the hands of a prejudicial justice system.

In addition, they will be provided homes, condominiums, town houses or apartments, which will be paid for with taxpayer dollars. Many of the homes and condos will be given to the former inmates from the foreclosure market. To aid them in their adjustment to life in the Obama Society, and not create undue stress upon their fragile psyche, certain housing provisions will be made.

All pedophiles will be moved into neighborhoods surrounding daycare centers, preschools, kindergartens and elementary schools. Furthermore, their homes will have new computers with hundreds of hours of Kiddy Porn previously downloaded for their viewing pleasure, and a free five-year subscription to all Kiddy Porn magazines, Rapists, serial rapists and registered sexual predators will find their new homes to their liking, as they will be located within walking distance of all female only high school and college campuses.

They too will have computers installed in their homes, complete with endless pornography sites, and complimentary five-year subscriptions to all sexual deviate magazines available in the current market place. When Nancy Pelosi whispered that she would be moving immediately to one of those neighborhoods, Bill Clinton fell to the floor in a fit of laughter. When he lapsed into unconsciousness due to a lack of oxygen, paramedics revived him.

When asked what the prisons would be used for, President Obama said not to worry, as he had a plan already in place. Prisons and jails, emptied of inmates, would be utilized as mandatory housing units for every American citizen over the age of 70 and those that had been refused medical treatment under the new Obama Health Care Plan.

Thus, under his formula, they would have a place to die and be disposed of. He pointed out that his Health Care Czar and Health Care appointees would determine who would and would not receive medical care and treatment. The Health Care Czar would also have the authority to lower the mandatory elderly housing age to 65 if he or she saw it as beneficial to the Obama Society. And on a side note, the residences vacated by those being interned within the elderly housing units would be presented to the illegal aliens that had been granted blanket amnesty, and were having difficulty finding suitable housing.

The next question raised was regarding sure to come complaints from the people opposed to his plan. Once again, Obama assured reporters that he had anticipated this and a predetermined scheme was ready to be enforced. Under his direction, the United States Constitution would be declared null and void, as he believed it no longer served a useful purpose. With his declaration firmly in place he would order the police and military to begin around the clock raids on the homes of citizens in possession of once legally owned firearms.

Firearms in the hands of right-wing extremists and potential terrorists would be seized and forfeited to the Obama Government to prevent outbreaks of armed violence. All seized firearms would be stored in a central location under command and control of the Attorney General. Those firearms forfeited would later be distributed by his Weapons Czar to the recently pardoned prison inmates, along with 1,000 rounds of ammunition. President Obama viewed this as a necessity for those inmates to protect themselves from retaliation by angry right-wing extremists. And, in another sidebar, he said that only he and his Weapons Czar would decide who could possess a firearm in America.

Another reporter raised the following question. "What happens if the military and law enforcement officers refuse to enforce your declaration?" "Then they will arrested by my Civilian Militia," Obama calmly replied. At this time he told the assembly that he had appointed a Civilian Militia Czar to head up his handpicked loyalists organization, which outnumbered the police and military by a ratio of three to one. In addition, they were fully armed and capable of dealing with any and all outbreaks of mass violence.

Their arsenal provided them with firepower greater than the police and equal to, or better than that of the military. The armories for the militia also included chemical, biological and low-yield nuclear weapons, which they would not hesitate to utilize to quell violent opposition to the Obama Regime. He went on to say that The Obama Civilian Militia had been training in top secret locations throughout America.

They also trained in certain foreign countries friendly to him and those that supported his programs, for months prior to the election, which he was certain he would win even before voters went to the polls. He added that now that he was in complete command of the country, those who opposed his polices would be taken, under armed guard, to the Obama Labor Camps.

There they would be indoctrinated into his work force and sent out to repair roadways, harvest cotton and peanuts, plant crops and raise livestock and poultry to fill The Obama Food Markets. Some would work in his markets, distributing food and other goods to those loyal to him. Those hostile to him and/or his policies would have to fend for themselves, but should be forewarned that his militia would be given orders to shoot to kill on sight anyone caught in the act of stealing to feed themselves or their families.

When questioned regarding the role law enforcement and the military would play in the future in his regime, Obama said, "Within the next two years the military and all law enforcement agencies will be absorbed into the Civilian Militia. All law enforcement and military functions will fall under the command of the Czar of the Civilian Militia. We will have a nationalized police and military, functioning under a single commander, who will work directly on orders from my office." He continued by saying that those law enforcement and military personnel who refused to be absorbed into the Civilian Militia, would be sent to the Obama Labor Camps.

Obama then announced that his "Spread the Wealth" program would begin within a matter of weeks. All savings accounts and retirement funds would be seized, along with stocks, which would be liquidated and all acquired cash redistributed to those more deserving of the monies. Households across America would henceforth be limited to one automobile, and all vehicles over that established limit would be seized and forfeited to the government.

Only the newest cars, trucks and SUV's would be seized. The Auto Czar would then be authorized to give seized vehicles to those he deemed less fortunate. Keep in mind that all vehicles will be required to have operational GPS systems installed by the end of the year. The Road Use Tax will become law on January 1, and drivers will be taxed according to the mileage driven. The Road Use tax will increase by two percent annually, unless the Auto Czar discovers that more money could be squeezed from the American taxpayer. Then, The Road Use Tax would be increased accordingly.

Mr. Obama was interrupted by a reporter at this juncture, who said, "In other words, you plan to take from those who have worked all their lives for what they have, and give it to those who have sat on their lazy backsides since birth. The ones who have sucked the welfare system dry, the ones who have had 10 children, all by different fathers and think they are entitled, not only to every cent they've screwed the system out of, but even more. That's your true objective, isn't it?"

At this point, six men dressed in black BDU's rushed into the room, yanked the reporter from her chair and dragged her away. Going on, as if nothing had happened, Obama said that all national, recreational, theme and vacation parks, such as Disney World, Disneyland, King's Dominion, Sea World, Six Flags and others will come under control of his Recreation and Entertainment Czar. These parks would then be immediately opened to people from all over America who could never afford the lavish vacations and excesses of those that had held gainful employment.

A separate Entertainment Czar will oversee the entertainment industry, regulating movies, music, documentaries and the entire television enterprise. The Entertainment Czar must approve all movies, music, documentaries and television shows before they are permitted to broadcast.

No movie, music, historical documentary, or television program, which contains material opposing, or derogatory to the Obama Regime will be allowed to air. Furthermore, those involved in the making; manufacturing and/or distribution of such materials will face harsh consequences.

The Media Czar will govern all news media sources. The Czar will strictly monitor every newspaper and Internet article, and all news broadcasts. No features will be disseminated that attempt to undermine, criticize, or belittle the Obama Regime. Any media origin attempting to circumvent the rules of broadcasting enacted by the Media Czar will be permanently removed from their position. This will encompass everyone directly or indirectly connected to the plot to thwart the rules dictated by the Media Czar. Consequences for such actions will be severe.

At this point Mr. Obama paused and smiled. He then reminded everyone that with his declaration that the Constitution of the United States is Null and Void, the 22nd Amendment is also invalid. Therefore, he will not have time limits imposed upon his tenure in office.

He quickly stepped away from the podium and his teleprompter, as dozens of his heavily armed Civilian Militia rushed into the room and surrounded him. Secret Service Agents where disarmed, while Mr. Obama was ushered from the room by his "newly anointed" security detail, as reporters and onlookers sat in stunned silence. The New America-The Obama Society firmly entrenched and in control of the country and every facet of your life-fact or fiction?