Idiot white racist in Knoxville
Idiot white racist in Knoxville

Disclaimer Against Knoxville Racists

by Lewis Loflin

From (above) is an idiot racist that showed up in Knoxville taking advantage of the Newson/Christian murders. To quote, "One protestor was arrested during the rally. Alex Linder, the man identified as the leader of the demonstration, was taken away in handcuffs before the protest got started.

The 40-year old is from Missouri, and is listed as the owner and operator of the Vanguard News Network. Linder faces charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault and vandalism for ripping an officer's uniform.
" Linder "Vanguard News Network" is a racist and anti-Semitic hate site. Most whites are not racist, but I'm sure the Leftmedia thanks him.

Just what I was afraid would happen just did. The story just made it to CNN, or the at least the stupid neo-Nazis and skinheads the liberal press was waiting for held a rally in Knoxville. The anger is at the way these issues are handled in the press and the growing fear of innocent blacks being used as pawns. The decent black people that have contacted me are as horrified as any white person at this crime. These neo-Nazi and skinhead scum have hijacked this issue for the wrong reason.

The website and writer, in the strongest possible terms, denounces racist and anti-Semitic groups such a s, etc. This issue about racism on the political left, but also facts and the failure of much of the so-called "mainstream press" in presenting unbiased and equal coverage of events. Let's kill any racist hysterics and give the system a chance to work. Stick to the facts, don't give the political left idiots the tools they need (racism charges) to divert attention from the facts. It's only fair to note that so-called "conservative" press (Fox News, etc) have also been silent.

Let me be clear this is no mass conspiracy. Most media big-wigs, politicians, etc. in leadership positions are products of ivy league universities and the associated culture that's out of touch with almost everything the typical American believes in. We have a mutated form of neo-Marxism that has gone from class conflict to racial conflict. All Marxists need an oppressed victim and an evil oppressor.

If the individual or group were responsible for their actions for whatever reason, that would undermine Marxist' pseudo-theology and undermine their political agenda. Thomas Sowell makes it clear that black culture is the problem and like him I blame wealthy white liberals (and their love of various racist' "liberation theologies") for maintaining and promoting that culture to fulfill a political agenda. The left is as racist as the fools that converged on Knoxville.

We also need to separate true liberals away from socialists and their radical allies. I'm a traditional liberal and a Democrat and proud of it. There's lots of angry Democrats on this issue as one visitor pointed out. Let's direct our prayers and support to the victim's families. Lewis Loflin, webmaster.

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