Grave sites of American veterans vandalized U. S. Flags Replaced with Swastikas

James H. Lilley

Spineless cowards sneaked into a graveyard on Orcas Island off Washington's northwest coast and burned dozens of small American Flags that had been placed to honor veterans who had served our country.

Members of the American Legion replaced the burned flags with new ones on Sunday afternoon May 27th, but the vandals struck again, creeping back into the graveyard on Memorial Day shortly after a guard departed at sunrise. This time they replaced the American Flags with hand drawn swastikas.

The actions of you spineless bastards aren't your right to free speech as you might think or claim it to be. You desecrated the graves of those who so gallantly answered the call and served our nation. Yet, your actions go far beyond defiling the graves in a single cemetery on an island off our West Coast. By your cowardly act you've spit in the faces of every man and woman who has served or fought for this nation all the way back to George Washington.

America became a free land because of those who were willing to sacrifice everything-including their very lives to guarantee our freedom. And vermin like you sneak around in the darkness and dishonor their memory and mock their bravery. You don't deserve to breathe the same air or walk the same grounds as these men and women who died to make it free air and ground.

I only wish that a combined Military Honor Guard had arrived at the Orcas Island Cemetery to pay homage to those servicemen and women buried there and caught you in the act of desecrating their graves. I doubt that you would've stood your ground and faced angry Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen. No, the sniveling cowards that you are, you would've run away crying and begging for mercy, hurrying to find an ACLU lawyer to defend you. Still, it would've been a pleasure to watch a Marine, Ranger or Seal stomp the snot out of you. Indeed it would've been a much better form of homage for those men and women whose graves you debased.

Once again this was a transgression overlooked by our mainstream media. I only learned of this act of cowardice from a military newsletter I receive weekly. The mainstream media made their obligatory appearances at ceremonies around the nation and vanished to cover car races, ballgames and the latest exploits of Lindsay Lohan. It seems they always have a camera crew ready to go anywhere in an instant when one of Hollywood's stars or starlets pukes or makes a fool of themselves in public. How many hours have been devoted to Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Mel Gibson and others?

But, FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS will hurry to the funeral of a serviceman or woman killed in Afghanistan or Iraq-not to cover their burial or to honor them, but to publicize those who attend to protest and degrade a fallen hero. They are more than willing to keep the cameras rolling while protesters jeer the family and friends of a Marine or Soldier who gave their life in service of their country.

They make sure the crude, vulgar signs held by the protestors fill our screens while a family tries to the mourn the loss of a loved one. And they have the nerve to call this news when it's nothing more than openly supporting terrorist nations. Yes, by airing this trash the media is giving our terrorist enemies ample free propaganda for their anti-American training videos.

It seems that news, which would outrage a great segment of our nation and bring cries for justice falls by the wayside. Surely every veteran, their families and friends and so many others across the country would have been angered by the desecration of the graves on Orcas Island-if only they were informed.

Instead citizens around the nation will be choked by the Lindsay Lohan soap opera, while families weep as they bury a fallen hero amid the jeers of well-publicized anti-war activists. If it's true that our country is spiraling into the depths of hell, the liberal media is doing its share to speed the process.