White James Byrd - Examining Black Crime Statistics

by Lewis Loflin

We've had the James Byrd murder shoved down the throat of every white person in America because we are all criminal racists according to the left-wing press. But that's not the only story from Jasper, Texas. Another race killing that apparently wasn't one according to the press was Ken Tillery. In 2002, to quote,

"a white man named Ken Tillery, hitched a ride in Jasper, Texas. He was given a lift by three black men who then murdered him to a deafening national silence. Like Byrd, Tillery was held hostage and beaten. Then he was run over and crushed to death.

The copycat nature of the crime made it a natural news story. But there was none, save a modest account in the Houston Chronicle, to which nobody paid any attention. This savagery was apparently nothing. The pigments were politically incorrect. It was only some white guy, whose ancestors probably owned slaves."

Ref. Black Racism: The Hate Crime That Dare Not Speak It's Name by David Horowitz FrontPageMagazine.com, July 16, 2002.

To quote the Chicago Tribune June 10, 2007 story What is a hate crime? by Howard Witt, he asks, "Some are asking why no media outcry over murders in which victims were white and those charged are black?" He seems to try to play it off as white racism again, but he presents devastating statistics that prove my case.

What the statistics say: African-Americans bear the brunt of violent crime in the U.S. In 2005, the most recent year for which statistics are available, blacks were more than twice as likely as whites to fall victim to serious violent crime, most often at the hands of other blacks.

Blacks are also the overwhelming majority of victims of attacks recorded by the FBI as hate crimes. In 2005, blacks were the victims in 68 percent of nearly 5,000 hate-crime incidents nationwide, while whites were the victims in 20 percent of the cases. Whites accounted for 60 percent of known hate-crime offenders, while blacks accounted for 20 percent.

But on the other hand, when overall cross-racial violent crimes are tabulated - including incidents not formally classified as racially motivated hate crimes - Justice Department statistics show that blacks attack whites far more often than whites attack blacks.

In 2005, there were more than 645,000 victims of cross-racial violent crimes between blacks and whites in the U.S. In 90 percent of those crimes, black offenders attacked white victims....contemplating that statistic, "when you said 'hate crimes, it was automatic - whites victimizing blacks...

Let's do some math here. 90% of 645,000 = 580,500 violent attacks by blacks were inflicted on whites, while only 3000 so-called "hate crimes" were committed by whites on blacks. That's a ratio of over 179 to 1! Yet whites commit (by their definition) almost two-thirds of hate crimes, the only thing we ever hear about. Is there something wrong here?

What is termed "hate crimes" is a political definition that is aimed at whites only and only in the most extreme cases are applied to non-whites. Second in many states such as Virginia and Tennessee, Hispanics are classified are whites because there is no crime category for Hispanics at all. This inflates white crime rates due to the high percentage of Hispanic gangs and criminals in these states.

This brings into question have many hate crimes committed by illegal aliens and Hispanics end up counted as white?

So the MS-13 gangs and illegal aliens creating havoc in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia or large numbers of illegal aliens in Morristown Tennessee are counted as white. This serves to further mask the ever growing level of minority crime ravaging much of the nation.