Black mob menbers arrested Chicago
Just some of the 15 feral black teenagers attacking whites in Chicago.
See Black Mobs Attack Whites on City Buses, Elsewhere in Chicago

Race no longer called factor in bus attack Belleville West suspends 7 students

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A violent attack on a Belleville West school bus led to at least seven suspensions. At first police said it was a racial attack, but later said it wasn't. I first saw this on Lou Dobbs Tonight. "It's not necessarily race-related. It's just bullying and that's where it is," said Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax.

One student, Steve Raines (who is black) is seen stepping in and stopping attack number three. "He was getting beat and he wasn't even defending himself, so I felt like I had to help stop it," Steve said. At least five other students in addition to the attackers were suspended for their behavior on the bus.

Police Capt. Don Sax said Monday that the attack appeared to be racially motivated. There were only a few white students on the bus at the time when two separate beatings occurred, but later changes his mind. "It's a combination of reviewing the fight and the interviews," Sax said of the change. "There's a couple of boys, including the two involved, and they're dictating and determining where people are sitting and things."

The two black suspects (14 and 15) that beat the white kid, that the video shows never tried to defend himself, were released to their parents. Other students claim they are on the junior varsity football team and have no history of violence. Well now they do and I'd bet there will be more to come from them. It isn't likely they will suffer any real penalty for this attack. To quote Sax, "They were picked up and processed and released to their parents, which is standard protocol." Because they are under 18 they refuse to release the names of the thugs.

To quote the press, The 17-year-old victim was one of just a few white students on the crowded bus about 8 a.m. Monday. A surveillance video from a camera mounted inside the bus shows the victim trying to sit down in one of the few available seats and being choked and punched by a student who tried to stop him from sharing the seat. He sat down. It all erupted.

Four minutes passed after the first attack before the second student attacked the victim. The video also shows students standing to cheer on the attack and using a cell phone to take photos of the bleeding victim...In the video, the bus driver can be heard yelling at the students to "sit down" and using a radio to report a fight. He did not pull over and kept the bus headed toward school. When a student told the bus driver the victim is bleeding, the bus driver can be heard saying that a nurse is waiting at the school.

The victim's mother picked him up from school shortly after he saw the school nurse. Ref. 2007 Belleville News-Democrat Sep. 16, 2009

Whites protesting black attack on whites called racist by press

(AP) BELLEVILLE, Ill. - Hundreds of spectators watched two rival rallies outside the St. Clair County Courthouse, held Saturday in response to a recent attack on a Belleville West High School bus. Nearly two dozen white supremacists attended to denounce the Sept. 14 incident where two black students allegedly beat a white student. (Allegedly???)

Footage of the attack has circulated widely online. At the same time, the Rev. John Curry, of Conqueror's Christian Center in Belleville, held a silent demonstration across the street. Attendees say the mood was tense as some rally-goers yelled insults and spectators yelled back. Police presence was heavy. The rally, which police broke up after about an hour, was promoted on Web sites including No arrests were made.

White Girl Attacked on a School Bus by blacks: Black Mother Joins In

The video, which was recorded in October, shows three girls throwing punches at the back of a school bus as a woman in a white shirt, Rita Gooden, walks back.

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Florida mom convicted of simple assault after a school bus camera caught her beating a student who had gotten into a fight with her daughter didn't show up for her sentencing Tuesday. The video, which was recorded in October, shows three girls throwing punches at the back of a school bus as a woman in a white shirt, Rita Gooden, walks back.

The camera shows Gooden push her daughter out of the way, then strike another girl, Cassandra Ross. Ross appears to be pinned to a back seat out of view of the camera as the apparent beating continues. Gooden walks off the bus in full view of the camera shouting, "One more time." Ross then walks up to the front of the bus and can be heard telling the driver, "I'm bleeding because of her. Look what she (expletive) did to me."

Ross's mother was furious Gooden failed to show up for court. "This woman's being charged with simple assault. There's nothing simple about it. She tried to kill my child," she said. Gooden faces up to a year behind bars. She reportedly defended her actions by saying she was protecting her child from a bully. December 15, 2004

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