Black mob menbers arrested Chicago
Just some of the 15 feral black teenagers attacking whites in Chicago.
See (Black) Mobs Attack Whites on City Buses, Elsewhere in Chicago

Black-on-Black Crime Widely Ignored by Racist Press

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Update Aug. 4-5 weekend in Chicago 71 shot, 12 dead. 1,785 shot so far in 2018.
12,601 people shot since 2012. Most victims and shooters are Black.

The Daily Caller - Mar 26, 2012

"Without a doubt, Obama's decision to highlight the February inter-racial shooting is a distraction that will likely spur increased turnout for the 2012 election, T. Willard Fair, president of the Urban League of Greater Miami Inc, told The Daily Caller on Mar. 23.

But "the outrage should be about us killing each other, about black-on-black crime," especially in Chicago, rather than a single wrongful killing in Florida, he said.

"Would you think to have 41 people shot [in Chicago] between Friday morning and Monday morning would be much more newsworthy and deserve much more outrage?" he asked.

From Mar. 16 to Mar. 19, 41 people, mostly African-American, were shot in Chicago, Obama's adopted hometown. Ten were killed, but there was little reaction outside Chicago, say several African-American leaders and commentators.

One of the victims was only 6 years old. She was killed in a drive-by shooting conducted by two members of the "Latin Kings" gang.


Also, the efforts by Obama, Plouffe, Sharpton and their allies to elevate Martin's death are meeting criticism from other leaders in the African-American community, who say Obama and his deputies haven't done enough to curb black-on-black crime.

Obama's focus on the Tayvon Martin death at the hands of George Zimmerman is misplaced, said Fair.

"It reinforces the notion [among African-Americans] of the evilness of white people ... that white people are killing black people,' said Fair. But "the outrage should be about us killing each other."

In 2009, completed law-enforcement investigations showed that 352 African-Americans were killed by known whites - a category that includes Latinos - and 4,094 African-Americans were killed by African-Americans, according to FBI data.


"The epidemic is truly black on black crime," Bryant told TheDC. "The greatest danger to the lives of young black men are young black men."

Phillip Jackson, a black community leader in Chicago, defended Obama's intervention in the Martin case, but demanded he do more than focus on the Martin case.

"The president didn't have a choice on this - this Trayvon Martin thing is huge across the country," said Jackson, who formerly held top positions in city government, and now runs the Black Star Project, which advocates for improved education and a greater parental role in education. The shooting is part of a "much larger issue that the president has not addressed - what is happening to young black boys across the country," said Jackson, who plans to support Obama in November.

"We don't need soul-searching. ... We need action from our government," said Jackson, who wants federal support for fathers and families, for job creation and for training.

However, the Martin murder has prompted a great reaction among African-Americans because of their fear about white people, not fellow African-Americans, said Fair.


By playing political correctness lies and misinformation the left-wing press leaves black people vulnerable to rampant, violent black crime. I'm sick of news reports where yes they report the little black children caught in the crossfire, then hide the identity of the shooters or won't address why they act this way. Most victims of black savages are innocent blacks.

Typical is 12-year-old Detroit girl Kade'jah Davis. She was shot when two I assume animal blacks the news reports won't identity fired five bullets into her house with three hitting her. She was in her front room doing homework. "Detroit Police announced officers apprehended two suspects in within 5 hours of the shooting. They are holding a mother and son, 35 and 19, in custody." So says the Huffington Post February 1, 2012.

According to (2-2-2012) the shooting was over a cell phone dispute that someone had with her mother. Read the full story. To quote,

Police say five bullets sprayed the front door of after mom had an argument with two people. Talton said she had just returned home from checking on her tax return when a woman from the tax service showed up with a man. She said the two did not believe that she turned in a cell phone she had found in the bathroom of the tax service and thought she still had it. She closed the door thinking the argument was over, but apparently, they did not and she said they fired away.

All of this over a damned cell phone. Why is nobody asking why does this culture so permeate black communities? In further developments, let's interview Trayvon Martin's hamster...

Political correctness and looking for a "white" race angle won't save the next Kade'jah Davis.

Crime in Chicago

According to on their crime index where 100 is safest, Chicago is a 6.

Annual crimes per 1000 people: 10.54 violent (state of Illinois 4.35) and 44.75 property for a total 55.29. Most of the statewide average is due to Chicago.

Quoting The Chicago Sun-Times July 15, 2012:

Fueled by a 39 percent spike in Chicago's homicide rate that has become a media obsession both locally and nationally, African-American aldermen were demanding the return of specialized police units disbanded to put more officers on beat patrol...

The Chicago Sun-Times turned up the heat with an analysis that showed nearly two-thirds of Emanuel's City Hall cabinet is white. And the mayor was forced to explain why he authorized a $5.7 billion school budget that leaves the Chicago Public Schools without a penny in the bank..

After the Sun-Times wrote about the shortage of African-Americans in policy-making jobs, black aldermen took a beating on radios with mostly black audiences for failing to take a stand against Emanuel. (Part of the racial spoils system of hiring unqualified blacks for political reasons.)
Read the full story.

To quote the US Dept. of Justice:

Blacks were victims of an estimated 805,000 nonfatal violent crimes and of about 8,000 homicides in 2005. While blacks accounted for 13% of the U.S. population in 2005, they were victims in 15% of all nonfatal violent crimes and nearly half of all homicides.


Whites/Asians the Targets of Black Mobs

In 2011 whites have been the target of a number of attacks by gangs of young feral blacks on Chicago mass transit, elsewhere. Those that reported these facts were targeted as racists by the Southern Poverty Law center. So why is the press so damned determined to hide the race of minority criminals when whites and even other minorities are the victims? The Chicago Tribune article When a news story omits race, do we really know any less? June 08, 2011 has this to say:

It happened Saturday night.

A dozen or so teenage males went on the prowl near North Michigan Avenue in Chicago's toniest shopping district. They attacked five people, ages 20 to 68. Their loot included a backpack, a wallet, a bike, an iPad, a BlackBerry and an iPod Touch. The cops quickly arrested five alleged assailants, at least three of them from the South Side, and vowed to find the rest.

If you've followed the story - and who hasn't? - there's another fact that you also know, but it's one you haven't read in the Tribune or seen explicitly stated by most of the official media: The young men were black.

"Shame on you and the Chicago Tribune for your politically correct crap when doing these type of stories," one reader emailed several Tribune writers. "This is a diverse city and when you don't physically describe them, we don't know who to protect ourselves from."

I've omitted the portion of his note that referred to "them" in ugly language.

Another reader wrote: "I can't imagine that if a gang of white teenagers went to the South Side of Chicago and began attacking African-Americans including a 68-year-old that the race card would be left out of your coverage. ... I see a media double standard here."

So why would a news organization avoid a fact? This fact? It's a reasonable question, even if many of the people asking it on Internet comment boards have wrapped it up in irrational, irresponsible venom.

I'm ambivalent about the omission of the attackers' race in the news accounts, but I think I would have decided to leave it out too.

As an editor pointed out when I asked about it, the crimes don't appear to be racially motivated. There's no sign the criminals picked victims because they were of a certain race. They picked them because they had certain stuff. "People see it as a media conspiracy," he said of the decision to leave out their race. "It's a media quandary."

Here's the quandary, for editors, for cops, for all of us:

Race alone doesn't predict or explain behavior. Just because this mob was young and black hardly means that all young, black people in groups are a violent mob. Knowing the race of these attackers is no form of protection.

And yet race is an aspect of what happened Saturday night. It's a piece of the story simply because we notice. Young men from poor black neighborhoods create mayhem in a wealthy, predominantly white, touristed neighborhood? In the image capital of this historically segregated city? Of course we notice. By "we," I mean everybody...

What a bunch of nonsense. The press doesn't ignore the endless intractable problems in the black community when calling for welfare and handouts, but sees anything negative to be attributed to all whites in some form as racism, poverty, etc. (Notice the phrase 'historically segregated city'.)

But that has nothing to do with anything. Poverty doesn't create this kind of savage behavior. Come here to Appalachia and states such as West Virginia that are 90 percent plus white, has among the poorest population in America, and likely eight out of ten people own guns. We have a fraction of the violent crime Chicago does and are often praised for our low crime rates.

Their claim the attacks weren't "racially motivated" doesn't change the fact that certain violent crimes such as shootings, robbery, murder, and carjackings are almost exclusively black/Hispanic crimes. Oddly the same press sees racism as an exclusively white problem loathing to report the shear volume of cross-racial violence that's over 100 to 1 black/Hispanic on white/Asian. That's your racial connection.

Yes blacks have high unemployment because millions of immigrants, including large numbers of illegal aliens living in sanctuary cities such as Chicago have driven/displaced them out of the workforce. Yet when this website or anyone else brings up the destructive effects of mass illegal immigration they are attacked as racists and smeared by the same Southern Poverty Law Center.

In most cases even when the police are searching for suspects the press will not even give a description to the public! And refusing to warn people of violent black/minority tendency towards crime whatever the cause has led to number of tragedies for visitors not knowing local conditions.

It's time to end political correctness racism if we ever hope to provide black Americans any chance of bettering their condition. We can't hope to solve problems if we can't address the problem itself.


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