White man assaulted by black teenager
Victim of assault by black teenager staggers as passerby tries to help.

Black Teenager Severely Assaults Man Over Litter Comment

Lewis Loflin

Another of President Obama's sons made headlines not far from the White House. In a nice and upcoming neighborhood near 14th Street a racist white male asked an unarmed black teenager to pick up a beer can he threw down. The white racist was apparently "profiling" the unarmed African American teenager and the fact he lived in the building where the can was thrown down is beside the point.

He said, "Would you please pick that up? I live in this building."

As he turned away to enter his condo sudden black attack syndrome kicked in and the "unarmed teenager" knocked the hell out of the white racist from behind. Then the real victim of racism, the black teenager, proceeded to kick and beat his face in after yelling some "expletive". (Probably F**king honky.) The "unarmed teenager" fled when a crowd of white racists intervened to help the hapless man.

He was taken to a local hospital by ambulance and got reconstructive surgery. His injuries were "extensive" including a broken jaw, multiple fractures in his face, and "stitches on his forehead and stitches on his chin." A neighbor further remarked, "I believe there are some teeth that are loose." That will teach him to "profile" and "confront" unarmed African American teenagers!

Why was the man a racist? He was white of coarse. Why was the black "teenager" a victim? According to Attorney General Holder he was a member of the "historically" victimized group. Hate crime protections don't apply to white people according to Mr. Holder. This guy in their view was probably "profiling" the "teenager" and caused the "confrontation" anyway as Holder sees it.

The incident was caught on security camera, but didn't get clear view of the face of the "unarmed teenager". Police describe him as a slim, light-skinned, black male, age 18-24, height 5-5 to 5-6. (Trayvon Martin was a puny 6-3.) He was wearing a black jacket, black pants, and a white shirt and police are offering a $1000 reward. The charges will be felony assault. Like the Martin incident this also occurred in an alley.

What if...

So why was this latest violent racist attack not in the national press? The victim was white, that's why. But what if the victim had a gun and killed the "unarmed teenager" who would have likely killed him if others hadn't intervened? In Washington D.C. he'd been arrested on gun charges. Like Zimmerman the full wrath of the racial victim industry, Federal and State governments alike would be there demanding murder charges. He would be tried and lynched in the press.

He too would be in hiding and facing economic ruin over lawyers fees. He would join the endless numbers of white victims of racial violence thousands of times greater than those ever inflicted by a few idiots on blacks a half century ago. I'm sure we'd hear more about damned Emmett Till or James Byrd on television for months.

The residents of the neighborhood are asking for foot patrols including the allies; won't happen. Do I really need to Google "crime by race in Washington D.C."? Does anyone think the police will risk accusations of "profiling" when they deal with this issue in a logical manner?

The Color of Crime

Well I did Google the term and NPR goes off about racial tensions (meaning white racism as usual) in 1968. The Sentencing Project whines about "racial disparities" with incarceration as if it's some racist plot to jail blacks. We get racial Marxist Van Jones at the Huffington Post going on again about white racism. I never could find the information after 30 minutes of searching.

Washington DC is almost 51 percent black (Wiki) so using the ratio for other states such as Virginia (about 20 percent black committing two-thirds of the violent crimes) it isn't hard to figure out that a large percentage of the criminal element is again black. I'd bet it's around 90 percent plus, but because most victims of violent black crime are black people, then most of the victims are also black. That is also true of every major urban area with large minority populations.

The political left is so fixated on finding white racism under every rock they are directly responsible for the very large numbers of black victims of black crime. By refusing to deal with this problem based on reason and facts, mostly black people will die.

The FBI released its hate crime statistics for 2010, and even with the silly expansions of the what is called hate crimes, only 6600 total incidents were reported. Most of those were property crimes, fist fights, or name calling.

Instead of dealing with crime and hell yes profiling to focus on who is likely to commit this violence, we get white guilt and fear of being called racist. Tell that to the over 50 percent of homicide victims that are black!

It's time to deal with facts and end political correctness. Otherwise incidents like this violent attack will continue, many will view the entire black community as savages, and the race hustlers will continue to incite riots.

May 27, 2012 www.myfoxdc.com/ 2012/05/13.


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