Mixing religion, government, environmentalism explosive device.

Critical Review Regressive Liberalism

by Lewis Loflin

Note classical liberalism has no connection to modern liberalism.

In 1913 a certain communist wrote the following in regards to the nation state that communism seeks to destroy, "a nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological makeup manifested in a common culture."

Those were the words of Joseph Stalin. Vladimir Lenin certainly agreed and wrote, "the ruling classes should be passing through a governmental crisis which would draw even the most backward masses into politics...(to) weaken the government and make it possible for the revolutionaries to overthrow it rapidly."

For the political Left be it the neo-Communists, or the regressive Liberalism of Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton destruction of our core culture, ideals, and very identity are key to the their agenda as promoted by the hijacked Democrat Party. To the political party of the Ku Klux Klan and FDR that imprisoned thousands of Japanese Americans, they inverted their racist roots and applied it to an all new level with insanity as public policy.

Multiculturalism, invented by a Nazi Martin Heidegger, isn't the only weapon in their arsenal. Open borders, mass Third-World immigration, and discouraging the assimilation of millions of incompatible immigrants forms a balkanized and divided society. From these people they hope to form the "backward masses" that Lenin spoke of hoping to impose what Hillary Clinton calls modern Progressivism.

See Progressivism as Democratic Totalitarianism. it's no wonder Hillary lost the 2016 election.

A 1958 book "The Naked Communist" written by former FBI agent was read into the congressional record in 1963. This book noted the another tactic used by the left to tear society apart. Besides creating endless victim groups they also invented special rights applicable to only selected people. These manufactured rights and manufactured victim groups were used to violate the rights of the majority of Americans and undermine our institutions.

No better example of this is affirmative action racism. It's purely state sanctioned racism that hands out rewards and benefits based on nothing more than race. A recent Supreme Court decision in 2016 upheld the use of this racism in college admissions.

To cut off the obvious argument that this is racism, they redefined racism to be the belief that one race is superior to the other. Apparently, treating people differently due to race or applying differing standards based on race suddenly isn't racism.

That same definition was then expanded to include culture and religion - excluding of white people, Christians, and Western culture. It is fine to call Christians bigots and racists for opposing homosexual marriage, but to criticize Islam for the murder of homosexuals is declared racist and Islamophobic.

This is obviously a tactic to silence critics. Islamic culture is not a race and is clearly inferior in every way to Western culture. And if we can be skeptical of Christianity, then why is being skeptical of Islam or any other third world backward religion or culture somehow a crime? To buy into this nonsense requires a complete rejection of reason.

Dissenting on the majority opinion on affirmative action racism justice Clarence Thomas who called this what it really was - a complete violation of the Equal Protection Clause. The one thing the Left can always be counted on to do is complete hypocrisy.

How can they talk about banning racism, then employ government sanctioned racism?

How can they talk about women's rights, then cover up or ignore how Islamic fundamentalists treat women?

How can they be for gay rights, but ignore Muslim fundamentalists that murder them?

The mindless killing of 49 homosexuals at an Orlando nightclub by an Islamic fundamentalist is censored by much of the liberal press and the Justice Department claiming guns or Donald Trump or whatever. They went to the point of even altering the 911 police recordings.

Is the Left insane and blind with political correctness or just simply liars covering up for a political agenda? The Left has taken political correctness to the point of a mindless fundamentalist religion in itself. They can't fathom reality, they manufacture the world as they want to be in their minds, an unrealistic utopia that will never be. Leftism is both a rejection of reason dominated by political correctness dogma - it's Alice in Wonderland on steroids and hallucinogenic drugs.

The Orlando nightclub shooting puts the Leftists into a mental dilemma. If this had been simply a conservative white pulling the trigger we would be hearing about white racism and homophobia for months. Unfortunately for the Left we had a member of one special protected victim class, a Muslim, murder 49 members of another special protected victim class, homosexuals.

With many of them being Latino does that make them double special protected victims? The Left must be downing handfuls of Xanax - liberals blamed this on Christians! I hope they can find a safe space before they have a mental breakdown.

And aren't murders, attacks, etc. based on religion a hate crime? Yes it is, but the Left desires to keep Islam out of the discussion at any cost. So they treat it as gun issue to avoid the obvious hate crime charges. This is the same reason they avoid the use of the term "fundamentalist" in favor of "radical" to remove the Islamic cultural and religious aspects.

They quickly diverted the conversation to guns, Christian homophobia (another nonsense manufactured term), etc. The President won't even acknowledge the true identity of the shooter. For your information Mr. Obama the FBI says there's no evidence of homosexual behavior with the shooter. He murdered as a Muslim in the name of fundamentalist Islam. His father is a sympathizer of the Taliban.

Another example was the number of little boys molested by Catholic priests. It's okay to say Catholic priests molested children, but factually saying homosexual pedophile priests molested children would be decried as racist and homophobic. Sorry but "racist" or "racism" seems to be the first word a Leftist always screams - it's a programmed reaction. These criminals were in fact homosexual pedophiles, but homosexuals being a special protected victim class can't possibly be guilty of anything even as individuals. This would call into question homosexual Boy Scout leaders.

Another example of this mental disconnect is the subject of guns. Black inner-city Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore, etc. account for hundreds of shootings of blacks every weekend and have stringent gun-control laws that are not enforced. The Left demands massive gun control laws on law-abiding citizens to stop the carnage.

The fact is stopping most gun violence would involve the arrest and incarceration of tens of thousands of young feral blacks and Hispanic gang members. In their minds this would be racism and must be avoided at all cost.

Or is it in their minds that these minority criminals and thugs really are victims of slavery and racism or whatever the new fad is this week? In the Leftist mind they are victims merely for their race, and as stupid little children, can't be treated like adults or held responsible for their actions.

Once again we must ask, is it mental illness or political pandering and posturing?

Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court upholding affirmative action racism:

I write separately to reaffirm that "a State's use of race in higher education admissions decisions is categorically prohibited by the Equal Protection Clause. Fisher v. University of Tex. at Austin, 570 U. S. (2013) "The Constitution abhors classifications based on race because every time the government places citizens on racial registers and makes race relevant to the provision of burdens or benefits, it demeans us all." That constitutional imperative does not change in the face of a "faddish theory" that racial discrimination (racism) may produce "educational benefits."

Social justice (or climate justice) is just Marxism. To quote,

CRITICAL THEORY is rooted in Marxism, and SOCIAL JUSTICE, as social justice warrior Joan Alway admits above, is application of Critical Theory "affecting revolutionary social change." That revolution may be labeled liberation, cultural transformation, or Christian Social Justice, but it begins with Progressives "deconstructing" traditional Western values and culture by redistributing wealth and power. Traditional Marxists tried and failed to accomplish redistribution by establishing class equality. Twenty-first century Progressives are attempting to accomplish it by establishing "identity" equality: sexual, gender, racial equality. These Progressive efforts are evident everywhere in American culture.

Ref. Critical Theory & Social Justice, URL 10/27/2022: https://jude3pca.org/critical-theory-and-social-justice/

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