Arlene Peck

Fear, They Understand

by Arlene Peck

December 21, 2004

Sometimes, the sheer stupidity of my surroundings astounds me. Truly, I think, "Naw, they can't be that dumb." Recently, I read in the Los Angeles Times a feature entitled, "Who are the Enemy?" The next page had a column entitled, "Arab Issues Eclipse U.S. Agenda". Virtually the entire newspaper was filled with the latest disgusting atrocities caused by faithful of the so-called peaceful religion. And we have the nerve to ask who the enemy is?

We, in the United States, are bankrupting ourselves and making the world hate us because we are "attempting to launch ambitious reform programs across much of the Western and Muslim nations." The powers that be in Washington are thinking of ways to dissolve Social Security because the trillions that are going into defense in the Muslim war on civilization have to be paid somewhere down the road.

Have any of your seen the bill for the Home Security, which we never needed before the Muslim march over the hill? Billions and billions - and that is not counting what has gone into the secret shopping fund of Mrs. Yasser Arafat, Suha.

We have forums, and lots and lots of meetings, to discuss ad nauseum how every Iraqi child should have an education and a happy life. What about our children?

They discuss how much money we should set aside for funds to assist small business ventures and private-sector start-up projects in Arab countries. Our politicians sit in meetings planning (and I quote) "[to] make a first step toward a vision set out by President Bush of combating extremism and instability by helping to transform the Middle East and much of the broader Muslim world into an economically vibrant, democratic region."

Frankly, folks, I don't give a diddlysquat about giving these barbarians an "economically vibrant, democratic region". Repeat the mantra: they hate us. Much of their world is led by radical Islamists who want to kill us. They want to kill us. You cannot negotiate with the evil people who are trying to destroy civilization throughout the world. I am more worried about being able to buy toilet paper in our schools than about making sure every child in Iraq has their needs fulfilled.

Who do they think are the enemy? Virtually every war around the world is now being carried out by the leaders and followers of radicalized Islam. I used to think that everyone was just so bleeding-heart liberal that they would not accept the fact that we are in a World War. Now, I'm beginning to realize that much of the world is made up of "nice people". Unfortunately, nice people just cannot understand the reality of true evil. We have never experienced it.

The Jews knew it, though, when the Nazis slaughtered six million of them. Yet, even that was different. This is an entire Islamic culture of 1.3 billion people who have been carefully taught via their religion, their fanatical religion, to kill any and everyone that is not the same as them. And, that means Jews and Christians.

In addition, I am becoming more and more alarmed at how many people who you think are "nice" are simmering with hatred toward the Jewish State just beneath the surface. Recently, I wrote about a "nice Holland couple" at my gym that shocked me when they began to relate to me their concern about the Palestinians. That is, until their family began to move away from Holland because of the danger they now feel because of Arabs in their country.

Yesterday, I was at the taping of a national television show and sat next to a young man from Iceland. We began to speak of his travels and he told me how he had been visiting Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. When I asked had he been to Israel, he spoke of "a people who are torturing the Palestinians." He then began to list, erroneously, how the Israelis were murdering and taking away the Arabs land.

The day before, I agreed to have brunch with a man from Oregon who I had met. He told me that he owned a small newspaper there and I thought it might be interesting. It was. For about fifteen minutes, I bit my tongue while listening to him speak about how Israel is behind all the conflict that's happening in the world today and how the Israelis are receiving all of the aid from our tax dollars.

Finally, I erupted when he began to tell me what a "great statesman Arafat was and how much he helped his people." This man from Oregon, who earlier told me how he was a tree-hugger and fought to save the dolphins, represented a real danger. I felt that he would have had no trouble standing in a mob denouncing "the Jews".

No, I didn't hit him, but I angrily got up, telling him that I could not sit at the same table with an anti-Semite like him and how disgusting I thought he was.

The reason that I am so shaken by these isolated events is that they were all "nice" people". Until I began to delve into their inner thoughts, I would have walked away with a feeling of comfort that they would never be a danger to the Jewish people. I have been telling myself that there are a lot of people who are beginning to see what the real plan of the radical Muslims is: the destruction of our world, as we know it. Now? I wonder.

Unfortunately, the radical Muslims have a good propaganda machine in place. They are masters of "the big lie". Yet, from what I can see, other than a few organizations such as StandWithUs and Palestinian Media Watch, there is not much in the way of Jewish truth getting out to the masses.

I remember when the Israeli consul Yuval Rotem was here in Los Angeles. I never knew whether he didn't like me personally or considered it beneath himself to go on a local talk show and talk about Israel. Nevertheless, despite repeated requests, I could never get him or any representatives to come on my television show.

We actually believe, as Colin Powell said, "To defeat the murderous extremists in our midst, we must work together to address the causes of despair and frustration that extremists exploit for their own ends."

Well, I for one know the causes of despair and frustration. It is that their fanatical, radical culture teaches death, destruction and corruption. The only thing that is revered is death. Anyone that isn't like them must be destroyed. They laugh at our efforts to make their lives more comfortable. Their culture is based on submission. What makes us think that there is any alternative other than showing them what they understand most - fear and strength. That, they understand.

On Israel:

Jewish Refugees of 1948 The Palestinian refugee issue has festered for 70 years and remains a major stumbling block in reaching an Israeli-Palestinian accord. At the same time, there has been little discussion of the larger number of Jews that were forced out of Middle Eastern and North African countries where they had lived for thousand of years.

Who did what for Israel in 1948? America did nothing The universal belief, never challenged by the media, is that the United States was wholly or largely responsible for fully supporting Israel on the ground from the very beginning of its independence in May, 1948. It's a lie, in fact we and the British supported the Arabs.

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