Post Modernism Attacks Reason, Science, and Culture

by Lewis Loflin

Science and reason are a vital part of our culture as is liberty and free inquiry. In fact they really can't exist without each other. With liberty the West has undergone startling scientific and technical achievement only dreamed of in the past. Today, it's all in danger of ending. Today we deal with anti-reason and anti-liberty and that destructive agent is called postmodernism.

"That postmodernism is indefinable is a a set of critical, strategic and rhetorical practices (used) to destabilize other concepts such as presence, identity, historical progress, epistemic certainty, and the univocity of meaning." Ref. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

In other words to undermine rational thinking, sow confusion, and destroy 18th Century rationalism our culture is built upon. This emerged in 1979 in "The Postmodern Condition" by Jean-Francois Lyotard and has spread like a plague since the fall of communism. states postmodernism is "characterized by broad skepticism, subjectivism, or relativism...a general suspicion of reason" Reason is the very basis of science itself. It's described as "hyper-agnosticism" - nothing really can be known. Thus you might not be reading this and your computer might not exist. That your computer in fact is "a social construct" of racist' white males designed to foster racial and gender oppression. Printing this out on white paper with black ink is racist because white is the dominant color. I'm serious, that is how these people think - they make up utter nonsense and see esoteric rubbish as hidden in everything.

As a Deist I've had to fight this nonsense for years without knowing its origins. Deism has a very definite meaning, yet many try to claim things as Deism it couldn't possibly be. As J. Donald Butler in "Four Philosophies" (1951) defines Deism and pantheism:

"Deism, God exist quite apart from, and is disinterested in, the physical universe and human beings. But He created both and is the Author of all natural and moral laws."


"Pantheism, all is God and God is all. The cosmos and God are identical."

These postmodernist' "Deists", will claim all day long these are the same thing, or will come up with silly sleights of hand such as pandeism or panandeism. For people that claim to value reason, many just cannot seem to utilize it, in particular if they've been in college in the last 30-40 years.

The use of reason requires clear definitions of words and concepts, not making up what one feels it should be - that's postmodernism.

The American founders while accepting many tenants of Deism, nonetheless held onto several Christian tenants as well, in particular that God was active in the universe in a limited manner. They would be better called deistic Christians or Unitarians. Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were Unitarians. Postmodernism seems to be the origin of the internet Deism confusion.

Postmodernism has been used by the Left to address their problem that Stalin identified in 1913 when he defined the nation state. To quote, "the historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological makeup manifested in a common culture." I'd also add the underpinning of 18th century rationalism as the glue that holds this together in Western culture.

Postmodernism in the hands of liberals seeks to undo all of that; by irrational thought and sowing mental confusion they seek to destroy the nation and culture by killing the very roots that support the tree. Political correctness is one facet of postmodernist' irrational thought that has poisoned academia, law, media, and liberal politics in general. The racist' underpinnings of postmodernism and its offshoots of multiculturalism originate with Nazis like Martin Heidegger.

See Multiculturalism's Nazi Roots

February 2011 James Bennett writes in New Criterion in regards to Britain, but it applies here as well:

Postmodernists deliberately embraced mass immigration without assimilation – specifically suppressing assimilation, in fact - in order to break down adherence to a common culture and to subvert prevailing family systems. A population without a common language, common assumptions, or indeed any means of generating a genuine polity is easier to manipulate and turn into the common clay from which a new transnational order can be moulded.

As few outside of the minority recruited in the universities find such a future attractive, postmodernism has cultivated (or imported) as allies groups that holds or can be taught to hold grievances against the mainstream societies. They include racial, ethic, religious, and sexual minorities who do not accept one or more shared premise or cultural characteristic of the common culture. Concepts of racial and ethnic authenticity and grievance narratives are used to bind these groups as allies against the majority culture, no matter how divergent the actual practices of the minorities are from the preferences of the postmodernists.

Science is indeed a vital part of our culture. Import primitive people and encourage primitiveism as a virtue, we will have problems. Now this irrationalism is also attacking science - those "groups" are out in force. In "Scientists Should Fight Postmodern Public Values" (October 20, 2106) Alex Berezow asks,

"How should scientists respond to the rising tide of anti-scientific sentiment in the world? The backlash against modern technology is widespread: Protests against genetic engineering, vaccines, chemicals, modern agriculture, neuroscience, nuclear power (and almost any other form of power), animal research, and embryonic stem cell research threaten to hold back, if not reverse, decades of progress. What can scientists do to address this problem?"

Dr. Marcel Kuntz, Director of Research at the prominent French institution CNRS voices concern over this issue:

"Postmodernism considers that scientists cannot be trusted, and that their research must be subject to a democratic process, more precisely to a 'participative democracy'."


"Postmodernism is often confused with values of respect and democracy. However, science is not a matter of democracy – it is about the application of a method, and it is an elitist activity, open to all provided that one learns and applies the scientific method. Scientists should be able to 'reflect upon and revise their own opinion without injunction from postmodern political correctness.'"

Many legitimate avenues of research such as genetics, IQ, etc. are met with near riots on college campuses. Open discussion on climate change, etc. are barred from public discourse. When they claim scientific "consensus" that man-made climate change is real, that is not science or the scientific method, but postmodernist' 'democracy". Science doesn't work by consensus or vote.

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While some scientists constantly criticize religion, the real enemy of reason and science, along with liberty and individual merit, is atheist postmodernism illustrated by political correctness. It underlies environmentalism and has poisoned discussion on issues such as the natural phenomenon of climate change, which isn't about polar bears, but about rejection of modern technology seen by many as a tool of evil capitalism.

The same irrational political correctness that invades public discourse with its insane views on race and gender pose an equal danger to science and technology itself. It's time to crush political correctness and postmodernism in all forms.