Press pandering to the NAACP.

Why Liberals-Progressives Became Racists

by Lewis Loflin

With the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming the next president it's vital we understand what she really represents. She is not a socialist like Bernie Sanders and is even right wing on foreign interventionism, Israel, and Wall Street. She is a statist and we have to understand how race plays into Democrat Party racial statism. They believe this is a moral thing do and reason be damned.

Since the fall of communism this discredited secular pseudo-religion has merely mutated and repackaged itself invading many other secular/liberal causes like a virus. All forms of socialism/Marxism must have a victim class and an exploiter class in order to grow and organize. The cultural divide between the conservative white majority versus leftwing white minority means that minority must seek non-whites to build its power base. Class warfare doesn't sell, but racism does.

In Hillary Clinton's 1969 thesis 'There is only the fight...Analysis of the Alinsky Model' she notes of Alinsky's tactics: "Some of his critics compare his tactics with those of various hate groups such as lynch mobs..." (P13) Alinsky never denied this, but his tactics were seen from the point of empowering people on the bottom.

Leftists today under various names such as liberal or progressive have no intention of empowering those on the bottom whatever their race or color, but to secure expanded state power at the top for themselves. 80 percent of whites in America oppose their agenda so they have to build a power base elsewhere. Alinsky and his ilk provides the answer.

First is the idea of identity politics and leftists in particular zero in on sex, gender, and in particular race in order 'to rub raw the resentments of the people' though inciting conflict, envy, and resentment. Race has replaced class.

As Mrs. Clinton notes, "in addition to aiding in the formation of identity, conflict between social groups plays a creative role by providing a process through which diverse interests are adjusted." In other words people whose only identify is within their own narrow racial or social group can be more easily manipulated and controlled.

This is why the Democratic Party follows economic and social policies that have destroyed the black family, while getting 90 percent of their vote year after year. The big craze now is Hispanics as the next legion of useful idiots mostly voting for the Leftists.

Mass immigration has pushed blacks out of the workforce into poverty, has kept many poor Hispanics poor, thus allowing liberals to focus the rage and resentment against the white majority who opposed this economic genocide to begin with. By focusing on race instead of class they give themselves, as a very affluent class, political cover.

Seeing 'conflict as the route to power' they have to unite these legions of social malcontents and racial economic losers to focus on a common enemy and that enemy is the conservative Christian white majority they themselves so hate. In other words they promote anti-white racism as a way to unite their non-white useful idiot racial identity groups to expand their power. This nonsense is so engrained as to becoming almost a religion.

But as Mrs. Clinton noted in her thesis this kind of hate mongering could spill out into open violence if control is lost. Think of the Donald Trump rallies in 2016 whose rally goers in San Jose were attacked by La Raza racists and leftwing thugs. The racist' shootings of police in Dallas by a black thug and similar racially motivated shootings in Bristol Tennessee are two examples of this spinning out of control. That doesn't count Black Lives Matter.

That is why the Left (Democrats) are so adamant for more social programs and government spending. Blacks for example while low academic achievers are heavily dependant on government jobs. Between that and welfare most blacks are wards of the state, thus a dependable voting block.

Almost 25 percent of postal workers are black while almost one-quarter of the black middle class depends on government jobs according to The New York Times. Public housing and welfare are heavily loaded towards minorities. Protecting large social programs and the associated government jobs, income redistribution, and affirmative action racism is vital to holding their racialist coalition intact as is their spewing endless anti-white racism.

Noting that all forms of fascism is socialism in economic terms, Progressivism-liberalism today has become a form of reverse racial socialism or reverse Nazism. Instead of the majority singling out and attacking a minority, we have a socialist led minority coalition seeking to destroy the majority. They use the same rhetoric once used against the Jews rife with conspiracy theories or blaming every self-inflicted failure or bit of bad luck on someone else.

Everything oddly they attack Donald Trump for they practice themselves, but are so blind to their hypocrisy they don't see it. Think of a celebrity that flies around on a private jet lecturing the public on climate change.

A Religion of State

Wikipedia defines pseudo-religion (or pseudo theology) as "a generally pejorative term applied to a non-mainstream belief system or philosophy which is functionally similar to religious practices..." Marxism in its various forms have led to the deaths of over 100 million people in the 20th century and is clearly the most deadly belief system ever invented. It's almost a fundamentalist religion to its followers that need a cause in their atheist lives. It's an irrational utopianism nightmare, a cult that never seems to die but mutates and changes form..

The center theme in Leftism's pseudo-religious diatribe is 'equality' (social justice) at any price. This is total nonsense because in the real world people have differing abilities which leads to differing outcomes. Technology changes are the main reasons for income disparity, not racism. The only way to achieve true 'social justice' is through force. It's another failed religion that will never work outside the barrel of a gun.

Leftism's roots are in the French Revolution and the Jacobins, the first modern example of a secular government committing state-sanctioned murder. to quote Mrs. Clinton, ...the strongest strains in modern radicalism is the eighteenth century Enlightenment's faith in human reason and the possible perfectibility of man...

There is also the influence of the industrial revolution, technology, etc. The Enlightenment was atheistic and rejected any notion of God except in the most abstract and remote sense. The state becomes the ultimate power they claim through the people and even becomes god itself often headed by a messiah figurehead. Examples are Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, FDR, Kennedy, Obama, etc. This in no way means President Obama is a Hitler or Stalin, but to some of these figures can have a Christ like awe.

Think back to Soviet Russia when the icons of the Saints were replaced by the icons of the Russian Revolution. Or think back to the pictures of Mussolini or Hitler in every office and on every street corner. I know people that still have pictures revering Kennedy, FDR, or even Ronald Reagan by the political right. Don't forget Hitler and Mussolini were elected to office while FDR was a in many respects was a fascist jailing thousands over his economic policies (including one man for growing his own wheat) and sending Japanese Americans to internment camps.

FDR socialist style central planning caused the near starvation of millions of Americans by ordering the destruction of live stock and crops to artificially boost farm prices. Following the war socialism of Woodrow Wilson FDR wanted a war with Japan that he instigated by cutting off Japan's access to oil and raw materials. That doesn't even count attempting to overthrow the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court, etc. While he might have been popular, he was still a racist, anti-Semite, and fascist tyrant regardless of his goals.

All of these god-men sought to perfect society as they saw it, society representing the masses-people. This 'perfectibility of man' leaves no room for the individual and certainly not individual liberty.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau invented the term "the general will" referring to the desire or interest of a people as a whole and often "associated with socialist traditions in politics." Rousseau was somewhat a mystic and this ideas are ill defined, but have no doubt the welfare of the individual is subordinate to the "will" of the masses. Rousseau was the father of the bloody French Revolution and Marxism.

One would do well to study Rousseau because he is everywhere around us. In his The Discourse on the Origin of Inequality to quote, "that human beings are basically good by nature, but were corrupted by the complex historical events that resulted in present day civil society." Thus the secular "Original Sin" is society in general, not human weakness. Society is broke and must be "fixed." This delusion has the characteristics of religious dogma - it's true because we have to authority to prove it.

These beliefs do not rely on empirical proof or logic, but on authority alone. Central planning based not on reality, but on the beliefs and authority of "experts." The expanded welfare state and "we'll fix the problem" state is a job machine for well educated "experts" that couldn't get a Wal-Mart job in the real world as their often liberal educations are useless otherwise. It's in their best interest to promote the power structure.

Again let's turn to the 2016 election cycle and comments used against the working class such as "less educated" and similar attacks from the elite in both parties even Republicans.

See Left vs Right, Montesquieu, Corporatism

H.G. Wells coined the term "liberal fascists." To quote Wells in a speech given to the Young Liberals at Oxford in 1932, "Progressives must become liberal fascists and enlightened Nazis." This is what we have today. H.G. Wells was a Fabian socialist.

This is the nonsense that fills the minds of those in our elite colleges. And fascism and socialism are really the same thing in practical terms differing only in culture from country to country. Nazi means National Socialist German Worker' party and Mussolini (his fascism was neither racist nor genocidal like Hitlerism) was a former communist and staunch atheist. Mussolini was not a racist or anti-Semite like Hitler or the milder version of FDR.

Our form today is milder, preferring to "remake" society by destroying it from the inside. They invent new "rights" creating a myriad of laws and government regulations to secure them then strip citizens of their most fundamental rights in the process. In the Declaration of Independence the Founders believed our rights derive from God while the secular-leftist god state determines what your "rights" are and revoke them at any time. Who needs firing squads and gulags when they have the "enlightened" use of the IRS and the courts o ruin anyone?

So we have a situation where Leftism, in particular in America, simply doesn't appeal to thinking white people. There is a great deal of indoctrination in universities and the professional ranks such as education, law, etc. they fill. These are the only large number of whites they can attract. They need the support of the 'downtrodden' to win power. The New York Times article "The Future of the Obama Coalition" November 27, 2011 points this out:

For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class...The 2012 approach treats white voters without college degrees as an unattainable cohort...


All pretense of trying to win a majority of the white working class has been effectively jettisoned in favor of cementing a center-left coalition made up, on the one hand, of voters who have gotten ahead on the basis of educational attainment - professors, artists, designers, editors, human resources managers, lawyers, librarians, social workers, teachers and therapists - and a second, substantial constituency of lower-income voters who are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic.

This wealthy, left-wing professional class to get and hold power must gain the support of those whose economic interests and often conservative family values they are directly at odds with. So they resort to the "race card" and target working-class whites and conservative whites as the cause of the their problems. Give us your vote and through "redistributive change" we will make the world a better place and hand out some of that "Obama money".

So modern Progressivism or liberal fascism is a type of pseudo-religion to its followers with the state as god headed by some messiah figure. To these "useful idiots," these beliefs are articles of a secular fundamentalist' faith. If the "faith" can preached loud enough, long enough, and they can silence the skeptics, then the faith must be the truth.

The new Progressive-liberal trinity of diversity, multiculturalism, and affirmative action is the center of their 'social justice' dogma. They make the Religious Right look like atheists and like all fundamentalists are tyrants.

Social Justice Marxism