Black College Graduation Rates Under 50 Percent

Black college graduation rates from BLACK EXCEL Listing. Most graduate under 50 percent of their students, so what does racism have to do with that in black controlled colleges? Their dropout rates mirror high school dropout rates. In fairness the problem could be financial.

To quote one opinion,

Scientists and Educators are beginning to realize that low intelligence is possibly due to genetic inheritance of historically low African American IQ levels...

Some have suggested intermarriage with whites to raise black IQ levels, but many in both groups have found this to be a distasteful solution with fascist underpinnings. So, it is generally opposed. This leaves African Americans with a permanently low IQ with no hope of remediation, because IQ is not a function of education.

The tragedy is found in the mere 17%-25% graduation rates in African American high school statistics as children with low IQ who are forced to act as though they have high IQ predictably fail, giving them feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness, and may precipitate their later tendency toward violent criminal behavior.

Black IQ is 85, Hispanic is about 90 as are American Indians north and south of the border. Thomas Sowell believes the IQ problem is culture and cites some valid examples. The problem that remains is IQ gap, which immigration isn't helping as Asians cause the same problems for both Hispanics and blacks that whites do. To quote another writer,

(data)...shows that European Americans are not the smartest people in America is the fact that the Asian Americans are smarter as a group than European Americans. Asians have an IQ of 103 IQ compared to 100 IQ for European Americans. Jews are the very highest. Jews have an IQ of 115 points. Probably as a result of their higher IQ, Jews have been the most productive people in the world for the size of their population.

[If Hitler had utilized the Jews in Germany, he would have won World War Two. Einstein, Oppenheimer, Ferme, and Teller, who were Jews, developed the atomic and hydrogen bombs that ended World War Two and kept the United States and Europe secure since 1945 when the first atomic bomb, developed in large part by brilliant, high IQ Jewish scientists, was exploded on Hiroshima.]