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Minority Behavior in Schools Mirrors Black-Hispanic IQ Gap

Compiled by Lewis Loflin

Fairfax County Virginia make excuses for morality and behavior closely relates to the IQ gap for Blacks Hispanics.

"Behavioral Study on Students Stirs Debate -- Fairfax Report Finds Possible Racial Bias" so screams the Washington Post and black racist' organizations such as the NAACP.

What the study revealed was failure in academics also mirrored measures of "moral character" right along racial lines and IQ differences. They claim again it has to be racism in the study, not that the study was correct.

This is another white minority school system, but if this was racism, why didn't Asians who outnumber Blacks-Hispanics fail the test? Asians scored the same as whites. As usual blacks and Hispanics scored the same as the measured IQ gap.

Studies show that low IQ strongly corresponds to factors such as impulse control. Instead of dealing with the facts it's play race card and suppress study.

To quote,

"The Fairfax County School Board...which oversees one of the country's largest and most diverse suburban school systems, is scheduled to vote on whether to accept a staff report that concludes, in part, that black and Hispanic students and special education students received lower marks than white and Asian American students for demonstration of "sound moral character and ethical judgment."

Such findings have prompted a debate on the potential bias in how teachers evaluate student behavior and how the school system analyzes and presents information about race..."

If it's bias then prove it's bias. They are afraid to. The report on student achievement under "Essential Life Skills," first presented to the board March 27, quantifies the moral-ethical gap this way:

"Grade 3 students who received 'Good' or better ranged from a low near 80 percent...for Black and Special Education students, to about 95 percent...for Asian and White students."

The report also indicated that Hispanic third-graders scored 86 percent on the measure.

The findings on third-grade morality reflected the number of elementary students who received "good" or "outstanding" marks on report cards in such areas as "accepts responsibility ... listens to and follows directions ... respects personal and school property ... complies with established rules" and "follows through on assignments."

Such categories, which draw mainly on teacher observations, are common.

For older students, the report's findings on moral character were based on the number of state-reported disciplinary infractions, a measure where Hispanic-Black students fail. While the gap dropped as they got older, no mention was made how many Black-Hispanic trouble makers dropped out of school.

The analysis also reported gaps among groups of students in skills such as being able to "contribute effectively within a group dynamic, resolve conflicts and make healthy life choices." Again this goes back to poor impulse control.

So what is the problem if the facts as presented are correct? It shows differences between races, a political correctness no-no. What is their solution? To change the test.

To quote,

"School officials said they were seeking to broaden the definition of student achievement and devise new ways to measure progress toward key goals to prepare a 21st-century workforce.

Officials acknowledge that their initial findings are not conclusive...There is a fundamental difference between looking at race vis-a-vis the achievement gap in academics, where you have hard data," and gaps in areas subject to possible teacher bias."

Utter rubbish. Teachers are mostly liberals and conservatives are rare. This gap reflects the attitudes and conduct of Black-Hispanics in the general population. Blacks alone commit about two-thirds of the violent crime in Virginia. (According to State police data.)

Hispanics commit on average 4-5 times the crime rate of whites. These statistics are hidden because Hispanic crime is counted as white. Over half of hispanic children are born out of wedlock. These are factors seen in public schools.

To quote,

"The Fairfax school system is the region's largest, with more than 165,700 students. About 48 percent are white, 11 percent black, 17 percent Hispanic and 18 percent Asian American, and 6 percent are listed as other or unspecified. Two of the board's 12 members belong to racial or ethnic minorities...

Schools Superintendent Jack D. Dale said some administrators were "surprised" by the findings that emerged from the analysis. He said looking more deeply into the data could lead to new understanding about social and cultural differences in students, something he views as critical in a system with students from about 200 countries."

What "cultural and social" views do we need? Putting all Blacks and Hispanics on the school board doesn't change the culture of crime and sloth within these communities.

In other words they refuse to acknowledge that students do differ, but again they were perplexed that disparities in measures of character education seemed to echo academic achievement gaps. Well they do deal with it.

Educators typically examine racial and ethnic patterns in academic data to spot problems and direct resources to students who need them most.

Members of the NAACP's Fairfax chapter criticized the school system's use of such methods for the character education analysis...the school system should take steps to ensure that teachers are unbiased in their assessment of study whether teachers "have a full understanding of whom they teach, and their different learning styles and family backgrounds."

In other words pandering to the culture of Black-Hispanic failure instead of dealing with it. American education must get back to education as a first priority and not pander and make excuses for minority thugs and brats.

If this was a matter of race, then Asian students prove that's simply wrong. It's not race it's bad conduct and Black-Hispanic culture to blame. They should promote the white culture of success followed by Asians instead ghetto and barrio culture in the name of diversity.

Ref Washington Post April 10, 2008

What about education fraud? Quoting Professor Walter Williams:

Some of the greatest fraud occurs at the higher education levels — colleges and universities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of white high school graduates in 2016 enrolled in college, and 58 percent of black high school graduates enrolled in college. Here are my questions to you: If only 37 percent of white high school graduates test as college-ready, how come colleges are admitting 70 percent of them? And if roughly 17 percent of black high school graduates test as college-ready, how come colleges are admitting 58 percent of them?