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Introduction Intellectual Origins Of America-Bashing

by Lewis Loflin

In The Intellectual Origins Of America-Bashing Lee Harris explains how Marxism mutated once again in an attempt to overcome and explain why it continues to fail. Harris discusses a little used term being applied to newest strain of Marxism called immiserization. An online dictionary defines it (a noun) thus: "a making or becoming miserable, as through pauperization..."

To quote another source,

The most famous usage of the term "immiserization" comes from translations of Marx, for whom the immiserization of the proletariat was central to his argument for the inevitable overthrow of capitalism by a swollen and immiserated working class.

This has never worked in particularly in America among whites because of their tradition of self-reliance and belief in God has made atheistic Marxism a no go. As Paul Kurtz of the Humanist Society says "Marxism was an effort to apply humanism to practice..." and no amount of failure seems to deter these dogmatic humanist' fanatics. Now the Humanist' intellectuals have gone further applying "immiserization" on a global scale and America (the West in general) as the evil exploiter of the world. The workers/people in first world countries are evil and exploitive of the whole world.

What Harris doesn't really go into is Marxism or applied Humanism has taken on a racist theme against whites whose countries are seen as exploiting the non-white Third World. For further proof of racial Marxism we merely turn to President Obama's healthcare bill. To quote Washington Times August 11, 2009,

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says some little-noticed provisions in the House health care bill are racially discriminatory, and it intends to ask President Obama and Congress to rewrite sections that factor in race when awarding billions in contracts, scholarships and grants...the group raises constitutional questions about giving preferential treatment to minority students for scholarships... (etc.)

Their excuse for the latest blatant anti-racism is the idea white society and culture is the cause of the "immiserization" of low achieving minority populations whose behavior is the problem. But what is Marxism (or applied humanism) without an exploiter and a victim?

I have broken Mr. Harris' long essay into seven parts and it would be wise to understand the origins of the racial Marxism we are dealing with on the far left today.


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