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Let Racist Leonard Pitts Eat Cake

by Lewis Loflin

Re: Bristol Herald Courier January 29, 2015

For once the Miami Herald's Leonard Pitts isn't blaming whites for black violence and self-inflicted failure, but instead blames Christians, meaning white, for what he's calling The Cake Wars.

Across the nation gay fascists have gone out of their way to flaunt their deviant behavior in the faces of people they know will be offended. Targeting specifically Christian bakeries, photographers, etc. shoving homosexual marriage down their throats.

The fact is there is no right to homosexual marriage anywhere in the Constitution. Our right to be left the hell alone and stop having atheist left forcing their agenda on others is constantly violated. The basis of individual liberty and equality under the law is crushed every day under the guise of manufactured non-existent "rights" for every malcontent and crybaby in society.

This is part of a widespread campaign of the atheist progressive left to demean and destroy traditional culture. By concocting special rights for selected groups the goal is more than violating the civil rights of those they despise - the ultimate goal is to destroy the culture.

This case concerns a bakery in Denver Colorado. Across the nation the perversion of homosexual marriage is being slammed down the throats of Christian bakeries demanding homosexual wedding cakes, etc.

Several states have passed laws to protect citizens from this kind of predatory nonsense. Colorado unfortunately is not one of those states.

Bill Jack, co-founder of a Christian youth camp decided he wanted a cake. He wanted it to depict two men in homosexual marriage with a big red X through it. He of course was refused: Marjorie Silva refused to fill his order and he filed a civil rights complaint.

In what racist Leonard Pitts calls Jim Crow 2.0 he's attacking states that dare to protect the civil liberties of its citizens from the gay fascist jackboot.

Earlier a Colorado judge ruled against a bakery that refused a cake to two homosexual males.

Leonard Pitts sarcastically goes on about the so-called rights of homosexuals, but at the same time derides the liberties and rights of those not pandering to what they consider deviant behavior.

As usual with Pitts being an atheist progressive he is hostile to Christians just as he's hostile white people in general and traditional values in particular. The rest of the article is simply another rant on the usual people he despises and looks down on.

While he talks about equality like everything else on the atheist left it is a lie. It's special treatment for special protected groups in order to tear society apart.

This is not about equality anything, but double standards and hypocrisy as the next two stories illustrate.

18-year-old Brian Milligan had a black girlfriend, trouble was a gang of feral black teenagers nearly killed him for it. This obvious hate crime would be ignored.

His injuries were so severe the back of his skull was nearly caved in. He almost died at the hospital and still suffers after effects today.

His father said, "If this was a black guy who was beaten by a group of white guys for dating a white girl, people would be up in arms," he said. "There's a double standard."

His girlfriend Nichola Fletcher and his family testified "every time they walk the streets, people stopped him and call him 'cracker' and asked her why she's not with the black guy." Nichola is fearful to walk the streets.

As usual this every day black on white violence is ignored. Later news reports claim the teenage assailants got only six years in prison. Likely they would be out in two years.

April 18, 2011. The story from Rosedale, Maryland was completely different. A video showing black teenagers violently assaulting what appeared to be a white girl went viral on YouTube. Finally millions of people were hoping for hate crime charges in this latest black racist attack - but it didn't turn out that way.

Chrissy Lee Polis turned out to be Chris Polis a sexually confused cross-dressing male. At first police didn't even want to prosecute the case as a hate crime. After all the assailants were members of a special protected group being black, and the victim was just a heterosexual white female or so we thought. At most it would be another slap on the hand misdemeanor charge.

But at the insistence of local homosexual activist organizations and their apologists in the press hate crime charges were going to be pressed on the basis of Chris being a member of a special protected victim group. The quandary for police was how to handle the violence from one special protected category victimizing a member of another special protected category.

In the assault while looking nasty on video left Mr. Polis with no real injuries. Yet his black female assailant, even after he commented it was about race, got only five years (which should have been ten years and would be if she was white) based on him being some sexually confused transgender deviant.

What is wrong with these two stories? Where would the Miami Herald's Leonard Pitts come down this one?

In closing Leonard Pitts is another race-baiting racial socialist, but he has the right to spew his garbage anywhere he wants. I got news for you Leonard, go eat cake.

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