Researchers get $705,000 to study parenting behaviors of stressed-out birds

compiled by Lewis Loflin

February 16, 2012 BLACKSBURG, Va., Virginia Tech biologists recently received a $705,000 National Science Foundation grant to study bird stress. (tree swallows) That's right, to study birds...The experiments could provide groundbreaking insight into the effects of stress on organisms, as well as the evolution of biological systems. The Virginia Tech researchers share the total $800,000 grant with Mark Haussmann, assistant professor of biology at Bucknell University, who will be measuring molecular markers of stress in the birds.

"The grant is going to dramatically change the scope or our research project, increasing our ability to answer important questions," Bonier said. Meanwhile, as part of the grant's outreach component she will offer annual public workshops on box-nesting birds in Ontario. Participants will learn how to build and maintain a nest box as well as identify nesting species...

The researchers are affiliated faculty members with the Fralin Life Science Institute. The Fralin Life Science Institute strategically invests in targeted research areas within the life sciences according to the Virginia Tech website.

To quote the WSLS in Roanoke on this nonsense:

We called the National Science Foundation, and sent several e-mails to them, asking how a study on the parenting behaviors of stressed-out birds has any impact on humans. They sent us back an e-mail with this to say: "It would be inappropriate to comment on this specific proposal as it is still under consideration and an award has not been finalized"

The organization also said in a statement, they believe no other funding agency in the world comes close to NSF for giving taxpayers the best return on their investment. A researcher and a university spokeswoman tell WSLS the news release should have never been sent, until the grant was finalized.

The Virginia Tobacco Commission has also awarded similar useless grants to Virginia Tech that was supposed to create jobs and opportunity for the regions multitude of low-income and displaced workers. Nothing has ever come of those grants and nothing will come of this one. Government, you just can't fix stupid. Wonder where the other $95,000 came from?