Press Ignores Long Beach Hate Crime Travesty

Compiled by Lewis Loflin

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Contrast two "hate crimes." In the second case at the bottom of the page, some "white nationalist" types got into a fight with an Indian and Hispanic in a bar in Salt Lake City. It got termed a "hate crime" landing the fools to years in prison for mostly a mere "conspiracy".

In case number one, three white women were savagely assaulted, knocked unconscious, and left with serious injuries by as many as forty blacks in Long Beach, California on Halloween 2006. Ten were arrested, nine convicted of hate crimes. They got probation, the black community sues Long Beach for violating their "civil rights."

The idiot judge faces a recall petition. The Press Telegram is the only real press following this story. One can bet if race was reversed it would be a national sensation.

To quote ABC, "It is not uncommon for the national spotlight to glare down on race-related crime in the nation: Reginald Denny. Rodney King. Abner Louima. The Duke Lacrosse team. So why the relative uninterest in this crime?" That's a good question.

Nine were convicted of felony assault along with hate crime charges. There was threats of rioting by blacks, schools were called off, police helicopters were in the air. (NPR 1-26-07) An NPR interview with Brian Levin (1-25-2007) he admits hate crime laws are aimed at whites, but under the Constitution they have to apply to everyone.

He claims 37% of hate crimes nationally are against blacks, but blacks are even more likely to commit hate crimes. In LA, the vast majority of hate crimes are between Hispanics and blacks, only 7% of hate crimes in LA County are aimed at whites. When whites are attacked, it's far more violent and against persons, not property. A lot of so-called "hate crimes" consist of name calling.

This is from Ref: R. Cort Kirkwood May 2007 issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture:

On Halloween, three white girls approached a haunted maze in the backyard of a home in Long Beach, California. A group of a dozen black boys, according to newspaper accounts, began taunting them. The boys grabbed their crotches, asking, "Are you down with it?" The girls went through the maze, but when they returned to the front yard, the boys were waiting to taunt them again.

Then they heard another male voice declare, "I hate white people." "White bitches," others shouted. The girls started to leave, but a mob of about 30 blacks, including young girls, gathered and pelted them with pumpkins and lemons. "We hate white people," they hollered, "f-king white people."

When the defenseless girls tried to flee, the mob attacked in full force, beating and stomping the first victim to the ground. When she tried to fight back, a black man smashed her head with a skateboard, then hit her again when she was on the ground, unconscious.

The mob kicked her anyway. When one friend tried to rescue her, the mob swarmed, punched her until she dropped, then stomped, and kicked her on the ground. She received 12 facial fractures and severe damage to one of her eyes. The third girl also tried to help, but the mob beat her to a pulp-again, kicking and stomping her when they got her on the ground.

The following from expresses my view on this matter. Details follow below.

Justice takes a beating in Long Beach racial hatred case

By Joe R. Hicks 2007-02-16

The nine black youths who beat three young white women have now been sentenced by a Juvenile Court judge, and there's only one problem. While these "kids" could have killed their victims, the judge slapped them on the wrists lightly and sent them home. Astoundingly, after finding the nine defendants guilty of intent to cause bodily harm, with hate crime enhancements, the judge then reversed direction and gave them probation? A tenth youth was acquitted.

The basic facts of the case are that last Halloween, a pack of black youths, with no evidence of any provocation, set upon three young white women who had come to an upscale part of Long Beach known to attract trick-or-treaters. Out of the larger crowd of attackers, 10 were identified and placed on trial. After a lengthy process, that saw witness intimidation from gang members (one was forced to move; another had her car totaled), the expectation was -- that if found guilty -- a verdict and sentence would be handed down that delivered a strong message of intolerance for such uncivilized acts.

Instead, another message was delivered -- that racism in its black guise will be treated with leniency and "understanding," since this kind of racial retribution is an undesirable but understandable outgrowth of historic mistreatment at the hands of whites. What complete rubbish. In case you wondered, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Affairs, out of the 1.2 million cases of interracial crimes each year, 90 percent involve a black perpetrator and a white victim. The interests of law and order and a civil society were not served well by this judge's sentences.

What highlights the crass, crude and bigoted nature of this ugly mass attack is the fact that Loren Hyman, one of the three victims, is both Jewish and Latino, but like a pack of hyenas converging on some yearling antelopes, this crowd was in no mood to parse out the finer points of ethnic and religious identity. However, while these defendants have escaped culpability, others have not been brought before any judge. Ten black youths were put on trial, but it has been estimated that between 25 to 40 black teens surrounded Hyman, Laura Schneider and Michelle Smith last Halloween.

This was no routine youthful fracas -- the attacks left Loren with more than a dozen facial fractures, a serious injury to her jaw, partial loss of sight in one eye and a recessed eye socket. Schneider was knocked unconscious and suffered a concussion. One male attacker knocked one of the girls unconscious with a skateboard, while another was stomped as she lay unconscious. According to both victims and witnesses, the attackers hurled anti-white slurs while beating the girls.

And to add insult to injury, on the day that four of the defendants were being released from custody to the comfort of their homes, Hyman was undergoing a seven-hour surgery to repair her shattered eye socket -- the outcome of which is still unknown.

The rationale for giving probation, say Juvenile Court officials, is to promote rehabilitation -- something presumably a harsher sentence couldn't have accomplished? But, how can rehabilitation occur, when the parents and the teens have remained defiant, without any remorse. Yes, they admit they were there but claim somebody else beat the girls. OK, I get it. They're not guilty of an ugly assault; they're actually, uh, victims.

But then the whole affair is bizarre, lodged squarely in the midst of the politics of racial identity. What if the scenario were reversed? For instance, what if the pack of black thugs who attacked these girls was white skinheads and their victims had been several young black youths? Would the national media have virtually ignored the incident?

Would every nationally known black leader have swooped into town, set up an encampment at the Long Beach Courthouse and demanded justice for the victims? Wouldn't everybody from the mayor to the governor and beyond be demanding that the judge send a message against racism?

And, what if a judge handed down a sentence of probation for the skinhead scumbags -- would the city have escaped massive "social justice" marches, with its leaders lustily yelling, "No justice, no peace"? Get the picture?

Some of us still remember the ugly incident on the first day of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, you know, the one where white trucker Reginald Denny was set upon by several black thugs and nearly killed, simply for being white and in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some excused the actions of the thugs who beat Denny, saying it was misdirected black rage, but in no way was it racism.

Fast forward that tape to 2007, and we find Farai Chedeya, a black National Public Radio show host, saying shortly after the Long Beach attacks that "... some people say black folks cannot be racists because the root of the issue is power." What a convenient dodge. I wonder if that came to the mind of the victim as a black thug broke a skateboard over her head, sending her into unconsciousness. Now that's power.

Joe Hicks is the former executive director of the L.A. chapter of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He is currently vice president of Community Advocates Inc. and a KFI-AM talk show host.

Victims Speak In Long Beach Hate-Crime Case

Joe Mozingo, Los Angeles Times, Feb. 1, 2007 (Extract)

Three white women beaten by a black mob in Long Beach told a court they were physically and emotionally devastated and asked the judge to give "the harshest punishment possible" to nine minors convicted last week for the Halloween attack. The trio-Loren Hyman, 21, and Laura Schneider and Michelle Smith, both 19-sobbed through much of their statements, saying they did nothing to provoke the beating and have been scared to leave their homes ever since.

"I hope they're still in jail when our injuries are finally healed," Schneider said. Hyman, who sustained multiple fractures in her nose and around her eye, is scheduled to have 4 1/2 -hour facial reconstruction surgery Friday. "Perhaps the only thing worse than suffering 13 facial fractures was seeing my friend Laura lying on the ground lifeless," she said...several defense attorneys have expressed frustration that none of the minors on trial admitted any involvement in the melee.

Defendants who had been in the scrum could have pointed out who was not involved, the lawyers said. Instead, by closing ranks, they perpetuated the sense that the 10 were on trial as a group, not individuals. Another defense attorney, Frank Williams Jr., called the victim statements "heart-wrenching."

Hyman, who was the only victim to testify during the trial, told the court Wednesday that it was particularly shocking to be the target of a racial attack..."I couldn't believe my ears when I heard them yell 'I hate ... white people!'" she said. Schneider said she has recurring nightmares and now sleeps with her mother. And she said she was dismayed by people who tried to characterize the violence as a fight. The victims said they were sure that all the minors on trial were involved in the attack.

The Case of Three Young Women Attacked by a Mob on Halloween Has Torn Apart a Town

Jan. 12, 2007 ABC News extract

"An alleged hate crime, a violent attack fueled by racial slurs. The "F" word. The "B" word. Parents of the suspects accuse prosecutors of making a rush to judgment. Meanwhile, a virtual stable of defense attorneys is accused of putting prosecution witnesses at risk by leaking their names. There are reluctant witnesses and those facing intimidation by reported gang members.

A witness known as the Good Samaritan may now be too afraid to return to the stand. And then there's the race card. Defense attorneys charge that the case is being tried in the media by an aggressive local newspaper." (I believe they refer to the Post Telegram)

The victims are white and the suspects are black. Last October 31, the festive evening turned into a brutal nightmare for three young women attacked by a mob outside a haunted house. Trial testimony during the past two months indicated the three young white women had some exchange of words with a group of black revelers outside the haunted house...the three victims were pelted with lemons and small pumpkins by a crowd that grew to about 30 people.

Racial epithets were reportedly hurled at the victims as well: "We hate white people, f------ whites! A black witness dubbed the Good Samaritan because he came to the aid of one of the victims testified: "I heard 'all right b----, all right b----, what it do?!" The mood of the crowd grew darker and darker, according to testimony.

Eventually, fists and feet replaced angry words and the mob set upon the women, even using a skateboard as a weapon. One witness for the prosecution -- an 18-year-old black woman -- said she was driving away as the attack began but returned and called 911.

By the time police started making arrests, the women had suffered broken bones in their faces and cuts and bruises on their bodies. The victims are between the ages of 19 and 21. The suspects are minors: 12 youths -- 12 to 17 years old when the crimes occurred. Of the 12 young people arrested, 10 cases are currently being tried by veteran juvenile court judge Gibson W. Lee.

They include nine girls and one young man, who have since turned 18. All are charged with felony assault and most face an additional hate crime charge. A Double Standard? It is not uncommon for the national spotlight to glare down on race-related crime in the nation: Reginald Denny. Rodney King. Abner Louima. The Duke Lacrosse team. So why the relative uninterest in this crime?

Long Beach teens get probation in hate-crime case Sentences trigger outrage in victims

COPLEY NEWS SERVICE February 3, 2007 extract

Angering one victim's family, a judge yesterday sentenced four black youths to probation with 60 days of home detention in the racially motivated Halloween beatings of three white women. The sentences by Juvenile Court Judge Gibson Lee touched off another series of bitter words in a case that seems to spark outrage at every step...

"The juvenile system is a joke," said Barbara Schneider, as her 19-year-old daughter, Laura, sobbed on her shoulder. The defendant is 18, but was 17 on Halloween. Prosecutors contended that he was the most culpable of all the convicted defendants. "If these nine were tried in adult court, which some of them should have been, they would have gotten 13 years for what they did," Barbara Schneider said.

(The judge) said in court that he appreciated the severity of the attack - one victim, 21-year-old Loren Hyman, suffered multiple fractures of her nose and around her eye - but he reminded those in attendance that it was a juvenile court. He noted that juvenile court judges "must pick the least restrictive disposition that can lead to the rehabilitation of the minor." Even while this was going on while one victim "underwent surgery related to the beating..."

The three women said they were out in the neighborhood when a group of about 40 black teenagers began taunting them and throwing lemons and small pumpkins at them. Prosecutors alleged that someone yelled, "I hate (expletive) white people!"

Members of the group then began to beat the women. Schneider suffered a concussion. Yesterday, the victims' families claimed that the judge's sentences were political. But the defendants' families were pleased with (Judge) Lee's actions, hugging outside court.

Recall on Judge Lee

Post Telegram June 27, 2007 extract

Outraged by Judge Gibson Lee's decision to sentence the nine youths convicted earlier this year to home on probation, friends and family of the victims swore earlier they would seek a recall against the juvenile court jurist...

Organizers for the recall received the certified petition from the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorders Office last week and began gathering signatures Saturday and Sunday at different locations in Bixby Knolls, near the site of the attack. The group is also making petitions available on a Web site dedicated to the recall - In his answer to the notice of intent, Lee said the "stated reasons for the recall petition are untrue."

"All of the court's decisions have been based upon evidence and arguments officially presented to the court, and upon the court's understanding of the law," he wrote. "I have consistently upheld and enforced the law. I am fair and impartial to all who appear before me.

"I'm over 21 years on the bench, and I have never been accused of a pattern of weak sentencing of criminals," he added. "Quite the contrary, I enjoy a reputation of being a fair, impartial, and even tempered judge of this court." Organizers for the recall have 160 days to gather the necessary signatures. Although there is some disagreement on the number of signatures needed, they said they are confident they will meet their goal.

Youths file claim against the city
Nine minors allege their civil rights were violated.

By Tracy Manzer, Staff writer 05/01/2007 Press Telegram extract

LONG BEACH - A group of local youths found guilty in a hate crime attack last Halloween served city officials with a claim for damages Tuesday, the first step in the process for a civil suit...against the city, county and state officials for the wrongful arrest and conviction of their children...

The Press-Telegram did not name the youths involved during the trial because they were involved in a juvenile criminal proceeding, but the paper has decided to name them now because they have voluntarily taken a civil action. In the claim, the minors allege their civil rights were violated in almost every step of the investigative and judicial process. The claim includes a request for damages "in excess of $50,000."

Court employees denied the minors their right to due process and Long Beach police arrested and investigated the minors knowing they were innocent and withheld evidence that would have cleared them of the charges, according to the document filed with the city clerk's office Tuesday.

The nine youths were arrested and convicted on a felony charge of assault in connection with the beating of three young white women by a group of black youths as hundreds of people gathered in an area in Bixby Knolls known for its lavish Halloween displays.

Eight of the nine minors were also found guilty of a hate-crime allegation, stemming from victim and witness accounts that the attackers hurled racial slurs at the victims as they pelted them with newspapers, fruit and miniature pumpkins, then beat them to the ground with their fists, feet and a skateboard. All nine youths were sentenced to home on probation.

Tracy Manzer can be reached at or (562) 499-1261.

Contrast the above with this case.

White-separatists get prison time for hate crimes

Three were convicted of trying to intimidate nonwhites into staying off the streets in SLC

By Pamela Manson The Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake Tribune Posted September 13, 2007

Two members of the white-separatist National Alliance were sentenced Monday to prison terms for plotting to intimidate minorities into staying off the streets of Salt Lake City, an offense that a judge called "one of the ugliest things we can encounter."

Shaun A. Walker, the group's national chairman, was ordered to spend 87 months behind bars and Eric G. Egbert, an associate, was given a 42-month term. "The ugliness of this case is the racist nature of it," U.S. District Judge Dee Benson said in meting out the punishment. The defendants - Walker, 39, of Hillsboro, W.Va., who once lived in Utah, and Egbert, 23, of Salt Lake City - were convicted in April by a federal jury of conspiracy to interfere with civil rights and interference with a federally protected activity in connection with the 2002 and 2003 beatings in Salt Lake City of two minority men.

The sentencing of a third defendant, 30-year-old Travis D. Massey of Salt Lake City, was delayed because he was granted permission to get a new defense attorney. Massey, who has served as a spokesman in Utah for the group, was convicted of the same two counts as his co-defendants. Prosecutors say the crimes were designed to send a message that the Salt Lake community is meant for whites.

A grand jury indictment issued last year alleged that the trio conspired to provoke fights with persons perceived to be "nonwhite" to make them afraid to work, live or appear in public. In seeking the indictment, law-enforcement authorities said hate crimes will not be tolerated.

"We're going to continue to be aggressive in this area," U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman said Monday. The indictment claims that Walker, Massey and Egbert threatened minority patrons on Dec. 31, 2002, at O'Shucks, a Salt Lake City bar. The three then allegedly assaulted a Mexican-American bartender "because of who he was and had been enjoying employment," which is a federally protected activity.

According to the indictment, Massey and another man on March 15, 2003, also assaulted an American Indian man at the Port O'Call bar in Salt Lake City. That other man, Keith Cotter, testified at trial against the three defendants.

The West Virginia-based National Alliance complains of "out-of-control" immigration by minorities, an alleged Jewish monopoly of the mass media and political correctness in education. The group was founded in 1974 by William Pierce, a former associate of the American Nazi Party and the author of The Turner Diaries novel about a race war in the United States.

The book inspired acts of domestic terror, including the 1995 Oklahoma City bombers, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama organization that tracks hate crimes. The center says the National Alliance had 1,400 members at one point, but went into decline after Pierce died in 2002, with its membership dwindling to about 200.

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